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Sage R8 Core Fly Rod · 10' · 5 wt

Sage R8 Core Fly Rod · 10' · 5 wt

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The Sage R8 Core Fly Rod is a fast-action fly rod designed for multiple applications. Built with R8 core technology, this rod features a two-way feedback loop for increased sensitivity during all aspects of the casting stroke. Zircotta wood (3-5wts) or corrosion resistant aluminum (5-9wts) up-locking reel seats secure the reel to the rod. This rod would be used by intermediate to advanced anglers.

Key Features

  • Lifetime Warranty – This rod comes with a lifetime warranty against breakage and defects.
  • Protective Case – Includes an aluminum rod tube and rod sock to protect the rod while not in use. The rod sock has a cord lock for quick and easy storage.
  • Hard Chromed Snake Guides – The lightweight line guides assist with line management.

Use Cases

  • 3wt 9ft (R8 Core 390-4) is a great rod for ultralight situations or small streams.
  • 4wt 8ft 6in (R8 Core 486-4) is a trout rod for smaller streams.
  • 4wt 9ft (R8 Core 490-4) is a rod for trout fishing.
  • 4wt 10ft (R8 Core 4100-4) is a trout rod for longer casting and easier line management.
  • 5wt 8ft 6in (R8 Core 586-4) is a trout rod for small to medium streams.
  • 5wt 9ft (R8 Core 590-4) is an all-around trout rod.
  • 5wt 9ft 6in (R8 Core 596-4FB) is a trout rod with extra length for extra casting distance. This rod has a fighting butt.
  • 5wt 10ft (R8 Core 5100-4FB) is a trout rod for larger bodies of water. This rod has a fighting butt.
  • 6wt 9ft (R8 Core 690-4) is a trout rod for larger streams or throwing streamers.
  • 6wt 9ft (R8 Core 690-4FB) is designed for streamer fishermen. This rod has a fighting butt.
  • 6wt 9ft 6in (R8 Core 696-4FB) is ideal for throwing streamers or larger flies in larger streams. This rod has a fighting butt.
  • 6wt 10ft (R8 Core 6100-4FB) is a trout rod designed for larger bodies of water and ease in line mending.
  • 7wt 9ft (R8 Core 790-4) is good for throwing larger streamers, or bass fishing.
  • 7wt 9ft 6in (R8 Core 796-4) is designed for steelhead fisherman using indicators.
  • 7wt 10ft (R8 Core 7100-4) is good for bass fishing and throwing larger flies.
  • 8wt 9ft (R8 Core 890-4) is good option for stripers, bonefish, or bass.
  • 8wt 9ft 6in (R8 Core 896-4) is a good rod for throwing heavy sinking lines for stripers or other saltwater applications.
  • 8wt 10ft (R8 Core 8100-4) is a good beach rod for stripers or other saltwater species.
  • 9wt 9ft (R8 Core 990-4) is ideal for larger fish such as permit and stripers.
Single hand
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Silver Pine
Rod weight (oz.)
Rod material
Fly fishing type
Dries, Nymphs, Streamers
Fishing type
Fly fishing technique
Dry flies, Nymphs / Wet, Streamers
R8 Core 5100-4FB
Sage R8 Core Fly Rod · 10' · 5 wt
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