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Full Tilt Pro Liner

Full Tilt Pro Liner

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Product details

The Full Tilt Pro Liner is an aftermarket liner for those looking for precision fitting and increased performance. The wrap–around style liner increases power in the boot as it’s generally stiffer than stock liners. Thermo–molding these liners is necessary, but once done, every nook–and–cranny of the skier’s foot will be perfectly molded, making the boot feel like a glass slipper and preventing any internal slippage throughout the day.

Key Features:

  • Intuition Liners – 100% authentic closed–cell foam Intuition Liners provides the ultimate in fit and control.
  • Wrap–around Style – By wrapping the liner around the ankle more power can be transferred directly to the boot’s cuff, increasing stability and performance out of the boot.
  • J–Bar – An additional j–shaped piece adds stability in the ankle region to minimize heel lift once molded.
Expert product review
Ski Expert Jake Renner
Review by Curated Expert Jake Renner
The Full Tilt Intuition Pro Wrap Liners are ideal to get a comfortable fit without creating hotspots or having any issues with mobility. Easy to get in and out of, comfy, warm, and lightweight.
Claimed Stiffness Accuracy
Heel Hold
Three skiers walking uphill.
A skier stands with his skis and boots.
Close up of the Full Tilt Pro Liner.
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
How do you heat mold a full tilt liner?
Most of the Full Tilt liners are Intuition liners that can be heat molded at home or at a shop. If done at home, you'll need a pair of ski socks, toe caps, and an oven. You'll first put in the liner in the oven until its warm and malleable, then you'll place your foot with the ski sock on and keep it in their for 20 minutes. Then, repeat for the other liner. However, for best results you'll want to take the boots and liners into a ski boot fitting shop where a professional can handle this.
Ethan Rudyk
by Ethan Rudyk on July 20, 2022
Are Intuition liners good?
Eliminate shin bang and lower leg discomfort with Intuition liners. Heat moldable and pliable liners keep your boots in form with your feet, offering supreme comfort and customization while also remaining lightweight and warm. Intuition liners are a great option that several brands of ski boots tend to use. The one downside to Intuition liners is that they may 'pack out' relatively quicker than an option such as, Zipfit.
Ski Expert Jake RennerSnowboard Expert Ethan Rudyk
by Jake Renner on July 11, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Do Intuition liners need to be molded?
Intuition liners are intended to be heat molded. They would fit in most ski boots out of the box and are usable, but they would create a low-volume fit and may be uncomfortable. For the best experience it is recommended to mold Intuition liners before using them.
Ski Expert Will ShawSnowboard Expert Ethan RudykSki Expert Ben Bialek
by Will Shaw on July 4, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Full Tilt Pro Liner
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