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Stix Golf Iron Set Silver

Stix Golf Iron Set Silver

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Product details

The Stix Golf Iron Set (5 - PW) is a great entry-level club set. Its minimalist design is aesthetically pleasing, as well as reliable and forgiving for any beginner starting out on the course. The clubs included in this set are irons 5 to 9, as well as a Pitching Wedge; 6 clubs to start off one's golf journey.

Key Features:

  • Minimalistic Design – Nothing flashy, just a chromatic finish for a no-frills design.
  • High-Quality Golf Club Technology – Usually found in more expensive brands, breaking down the barrier of entry for new players; Using titanium, stainless steel, and graphite.
  • Huge forgiving Sweet Spot – The sweet spot is the the area that transfers the most amount of energy from the club to the ball upon impact.
Club Type
Grip name
Stix Golf Grip
Iron Set Type
Iron Set
Model year
Shaft launch
Shaft name
Stix Ultra-Light High-Elastic Graphite Shaft
Shaft spin
Shaft weight
Stix Golf Iron Set Silver
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Travis Gray
Travis Gray
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Aug 26, 2022

Players looking for a great set of irons that perform well, are easy to hit, and get around the course with without breaking the bank.