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Flair Espresso Flair Neo Espresso Maker

Flair Espresso Flair Neo Espresso Maker

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Product details

The Flair Neo Espresso Maker is simple and easy to use for someone looking to produce great espresso at an affordable price. Just add up to 60ml of boiling water and up to 18g of ground coffee to produce great espresso shots.

Key Features:

  • Flow-Control Portafiler – This allows for the use of pre-ground coffee and a variety of grind sizes while producing rich crema and full-bodied shots.
  • Fully Manual – Pull down on the Flair Neo lever to control the time of extraction.
  • Easy to Clean – The brewing head can be detached and easily taken apart to rinse off with water for cleaning.
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Flair Espresso Flair Neo Espresso Maker
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Adam L.
Adam L.
Verified coffee & espresso expert
Reviewed Aug 25, 2022

The Flair NEO is a simple, environmentall-friendly, cost-effective, and fun espresso machine; Totally powered by the user!

It features an upgraded flow-control 2 portafilter, with a removeable spout for simplified cleaning, and further simplifies the brewing process through flow control.

Simply put - this allows users to use any beans with any grinder, and still manage to pull high-quality shots from this manual machine.


Weight - 5lbs

Dimensions - 12x10x4"

Head - Standard

Reservoir Capacity - 60ml

Portafilter - 4mm

Max Output - 40ml

Dose - 17g