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K2 Diverge SC Ski Boots · 2023 · 26.5

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I'm really impressed by the feel of this boot for charging both on resort and in the BC. They feel as reliable as stiffer boots that I've had in the past, but as someone who spends time in the park, they have the softer feel that K2 advertises for the FL3X series.

I've also been impressed by how comfortable the stock Intuition liner is. With a simple liner mold, I was able to get a really solid fit that hasn't packed out or lost its form.

The walk mode of this boot isn't quick to enable, but it works shockingly well. With the tongues removed, I feel like I have a similar range of motion to some of the touring-specific boots I've owned. The buckles allow for a stiff boot for downhill and a flexible cuff for hiking.

In terms of downsides, I can see how these might be a bit much for a more backcountry-focused skier. I use a different boot for larger objectives in the backcountry, and I think the weight of these would slow me down. Also, the cables for the lower buckles sit in a spot that gets smashed around by ski edges in moguls. The cables haven't shown any signs of breaking yet, but I can see this being a durability issue in the near future.

I'm excited to continue pushing these both on resort and in the backcountry. This is a perfect boot for my style, which mixes touring, backcountry jumps, fast resort charging, and park.

Ideal for
  • Super solid construction for a stiff feel
  • Comfortable and durable Intuition liner
  • Surprisingly functional walk-mode for a hybrid boot
Not ideal for
  • A bit finicky for short backcountry lapping
  • Interesting placement of buckle cables that allow for fraying

The K2 Diverge SC Ski Boots are the perfect choice for skiers who demand high performance and versatility. These boots are designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding skiers, with features that make them ideal for backcountry kickers, sled rides, and technical lines. The Intuition Pro Tour Wrap ensures a comfortable fit, while the removable 120 Flex Tongue allows you to customize your level of support. The lightweight Diverge Tour 3-Piece Shell provides excellent durability and protection against harsh conditions.

Key Features:

  • Intuition Pro Tour Wrap ensures a comfortable fit
  • Removable 120 Flex Tongue allows for customization of support.
  • Lightweight Diverge Tour 3-Piece Shell provides excellent durability.
  • Ideal for backcountry kickers, sled rides, and technical lines.
  • High-performance design meets the demands of even the most demanding skiers.
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Absolute pro in customer service
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I had been on the same gear for over a decade, and therefore had no idea what to buy as all my gear started to fail at the same time. Henry asked me a lot of questions about my experience, terrain preferences, ski style, and gear history. Also what I was looking to do. He then made some recommendations including both his opinions about the gear, and why he thinks they're great options for me personally. To be honest, curated is a new concept to me, and I'm not quick to trust a complete stranger, so i didn't. I have a lot of buddies who are long time avid skiers, pro skiers, and gear heads. I checked Henry's recommendations with them, and they all said I was on good hands. Psyched to try out my new setup! Thanks for everything, Henry!
Scott Verified CustomerDec 11, 2023
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Elizabeth was perfect!
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I was looking for some all mountain/powder skis and bindings to add to my current collection of just park skis. Elizabeth was responsive and asked all the right questions to make me feel totally confident that what she recommended was fine tuned to my personal preferences and exactly what I needed :)
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Cooper phenomenal
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I am a newbie when it comes to snowboarding, so I didn't want to make an uninformed purchase. That's when I found curated and was linked with Mr. Cooper who has helped me pick my first setup. He gave me recommendations based on his experience. If something doesn't match your style just let him know and he will work his magic to fund you something closer to your desire.
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Leo has an amazing depth of knowledge and the patience to share it! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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If you need someone who goes the extra mile, patiently explains all the nuances to all your family members, and then even steps in when deliveries go awry, go with Leo. Leo has helped me get the right gear for my football athlete son, fashionista daughter and me. Each of us had unique skiing needs and concerns and Leo nailed it for all of us. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
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I had an absolutely amazing experience with Edward! Going in to buying skis I had no idea what to look for and super anxious about finding the perfect skis. He gave me great recommendations and guided me every step of the way. Super attentive and overall a great resource! If you are paired with Edward you’re in great hands! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you, Edward for everything! You truly made the experience amazing for me from offering recommendations, answering questions, and supporting me throughout the process! You’re the best!!!
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Passion and patience HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
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This guy will answer as many questions as you can throw his way- even if you ask the same question 5 different ways. NEVER felt like he got annoyed with me. Super knowledgeable and if he didn't know the exact right answer he said he'd find out and did quickly. I don't expect anyone to know everything, and I respect when someone can admit it and know where to find it. I'm still asking him questions even after my purchase lolHighly Recommended!!! Thanks Brenden.
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