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K2 Mindbender 89Ti Skis · Women's · 2023 · 152 cm


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Leo Cocchiara, Ski Expert
Daniela A, Ski Expert
By the Expert Community

Best for skiers who prioritize carving and high speed stability.

Great for
  • Turn easeEasy turn initiation, energetic from one turn to the next.
  • High speed stabilityVery stable at high speed with zero chatter.
  • CarvingExcellent carving ability, strong bite underfoot.
Good for
  • DurabilityTop sheet showed slight signs of peeling.
  • VersatilityHas limitations in off piste terrain.
  • FlotationCan handle light powder dumps.
Avoid for
  • PlayfulnessNot suitable for freestylers looking to throw tricks.
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The K2 Mindbender 89Ti Skis for women are the ultimate freeride skis that combine classic construction with cutting-edge technology. These skis are equipped with Titanal Y-Beam technology, which ensures consistent turn entry and enhanced power transfer. The 89Ti's are optimized for hardpack performance, providing confidence-inspiring stability and high-speed edge hold. With the All-Terrain Rocker profile, you can explore off the beaten path while still maintaining control.

Key Features:

  • Titanal Y-Beam Technology: Equipped with this advanced technology, these skis offer consistent turn entry and enhanced power transfer.
  • Hardpack Performance: Optimized for hardpack performance, these skis provide confidence-inspiring stability and high-speed edge hold.
  • All-Terrain Rocker Profile: The All-Terrain Rocker profile allows you to explore off the beaten path while still maintaining control.
  • Classic Construction: These freeride skis feature a classic construction that combines durability with performance.
Curated, Winter Sport Expert
Peter R., Ski Expert
Michael Cunningham, Ski Expert
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4.98 average rating

Ski length (cm)152 cm
Age GroupAdult
Includes bindingsNo
Model year2023
Ski typeFreeride, All Mountain
Skill levelAdvanced, Expert
Rocker profileRocker/Camber/Rocker
Tail profilePartial twin tip
Tail width (mm)114
Tip width (mm)130
Turning radius (m)13.1
Waist width (mm)89
TerrainAll mountain
Core/LaminatesMetal, Wood

Daniela A tested this product
The K2 Mindbender 89Ti is a good ski for an advanced intermediate to advanced skier who prioritizes a stiff, stable, powerful all-mountain ski. This ski performs best when skied more aggressively. When driving into the turns, I found the Mindbender 89Ti to be more snappy & energetic, but when I skied it less aggressively, I found the response to... Read more
Ideal for
  • Stability at speed
  • Good on hardpack
  • Great edge grip
Not ideal for
  • Requires skier input
  • Less forgiving
  • Not best in terms of floatation
Reviewed by:
Daniela A
Ski Expert
Leo Cocchiara tested this product
If you're all about the carve but still want an all mountain ski that can take your through the bumps, trees, and light powder dumps, the K2 Mindbender 89ti will leave you breathless! This ski got on edge and up to top speed with no hesitation and sprang energetically from one turn to the next! The Y shaped metal inlay... Read more
Ideal for
  • Excellent carving ability with easy turn initiation
  • Very stable at high speed with zero chatter
  • Really responsive and nimble in moguls
Not ideal for
  • The top sheet showed slight signs of peeling
  • This ski has it's limitations in off piste terrain
  • This ski is not for the freestyler looking to throw tricks
Reviewed by:
Leo Cocchiara
Ski Expert

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5 customer reviews

Not in love

Originally posted at k2snow.com on Apr 22, 2024
I was really excited to try these skis after reading positive reviews, and making my own best guess based on the ski's dimensions and construction. I have skied them in most conditions now, and while I keep trying to like them, it's not happening. Pros: I do really love the short turn radius and this is definitely a fun ski for carving quick turns on edgeable, smooth and predictable snow surfaces at moderate or even higher speeds *if the conditions are just right. Cons: I am not comfortable pushing this ski in pretty much any other condition. The tips chatter and I do not find the level of stability I was hoping for. Admittedly, most of my skis are very damp and planted, so I knew these would edge toward more "playful" than I am used to, but that's what I thought I wanted. Guess I was wrong. I am skiing these in 170cm which is appropriate for me (5'5", 120lbs, advanced skier) and is in my typical range of ski sizes for this category of ski, but I feel at times like I could go over the bars. It is inhibiting my desire to drive the ski in choppy or rough conditions. Probably a great ski for many, but just not for my style and goals.
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Excellent Pair

Originally posted at k2snow.com on Feb 29, 2024
I love the Mindbender skis! Everything from K2 is always good quality. I’m always impressed.
Ashley H.
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