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K2 Mindbender 120 LV Ski Boots · 2023 · 25.5

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Color: Blue/Brown
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By the Expert Community

This product is great for someone who loves skiing, in the resort and in the backcountry, but doesn't have enough space or doesn't wanna spend the money for 2 setups. The boot liner did tear after a few uses, however K2's warranty department was wonderful and there were new liners sitting on my front porch less than a week later! They are stiff enough to allow you to command your skis, but not so stiff that they become uncomfortable over bumps. I've used these boots at Bridger Bowl and Big Sky, as well as in the backcountry of the Bozeman area, and I can say with confidence that there isn't a much more versatile boot on the market.

Ideal for
  • An "All in one" boot, ripping the resort, then getting off into the backcountry the following day.
  • Someone who wants a strong boot, but a controllable one as well
  • Super Explosive boot, ready for any terrain it's put on
Not ideal for
  • Snow can get caught in the walk mode clips.
  • The liners can rip
  • NOT a pure ski touring boot, on the heavier side.

The K2 Mindbender 120 LV boot is a great option for hard-charging skiers looking for a boot that is home in and out of the resort. LV stands for Low Volume, so these boots are built for feet that are on the narrow side, or for skiers who really like a "Performance Fit." Soles are equipped with "GripWalk" and the cuff can be unlocked for hiking/touring/walking, which allows for cruising the lodge without looking like a zombie. Like most boots, the Mindbenders are equipped with heat-moldable liners, but K2 has taken the next step by making the shell heat-moldable as well to create the perfect fit. 120 Flex is on the high end of the stiff spectrum, so they are plenty stiff enough for strong skiers, big skis, and aggressive lines.

Key Features:

  • Binding Compatibility - The boots are compatible with ISO GripWalk bindings, as well as backcountry Tech bindings.
  • Ski/Hike Mode - This added feature gives ankles the freedom of 50 degrees of fore/aft movement for walking and skinning.
  • Cam-Locking Power Strap - This high-cuff strap works like a fifth buckle for added support and performance.
  • 120 Flex Index - This boot is stiff enough to ski hard and fast over any kind of terrain.
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Soren is awesome!
5 /5
He was very helpful and replied fairly quickly! It made the shopping process way easier. I am a totally knew to skiing. So his help was greatly appreciated. The only thing that may have made my decision making process easier would be if Soren provided some background on the suggested brands when he made the recommendations. I was just so new that I didn’t know what I was looking at
Trey Verified CustomerNov 29, 2023
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Johnny was such a great help!
5 /5
I was new the Curated experience, but Johnny was SO helpful! He had answers to every single question I had and was very open to hearing more when I had a concern. I feel like I was set up with the best board, boot, and binding bundle. I could not have done that on my own. I look forward to using this site, as well as Johnny's expertise for any other future snowboarding purchases I make.
Grace Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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Amazing to have a rider recommend proper gear
5 /5
Sarah took all my concerns and made sure that each piece of equipment was exactly what I wanted. Even though I had an idea of what I wanted, it was nice to have someone give feedback on most of the pieces. This professional is NOT money motivated and will not make you spend on the highest piece of equipment if they don't see it fitting your needs. Glad to have Sarah get me fitted for this season and especially grateful for the board set up tips! Also the conversations don't feel like a support chat. It's almost like being in a small snow shop with someone that actually wants to help and wants to see you enjoy what you're spending on.
Arthur Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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Tommy was amazing!!
5 /5
Tommy helped me so much when picking new skis, boots n bindings. He was in constant contact, talked to me live to learn about what type of skier I am, sent me several high/medium cost options including cyber Monday deals. He is truly the reason I found my new equipment and bought through Curated. Thanks Tommy!!
Nesha Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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Eli is THE man
5 /5
I had been renting ski's for years and figured it was time to get a pare. I'm not very knowledgeable on ski brands and equipment so I was a bit nervous to get some online. Eli however quickly came to my rescue, he quickly and expertly answered any questions I had and I could definitely tell he knew what he was talking about. At the end of the day, I am super grateful for his help and couldn't be happier with his recommendations. Everything fits perfectly and the quality is outstanding!
Conrad Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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Helped by:
Tommy is the man!
5 /5
I searched the internet to find out more info about buying skis and I stumbled upon curated and got paired up with Tommy. Tommy was more help than I could have ever imagined going into this experience. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding of all my need and questions that I had. I would highly recommend anybody looking into getting skis to hit up Tommy for a great detailed experience in buying what’s just right for you.
Andrew Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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Helped by:
Amazing customer service with Sammy!
5 /5
My overwhelming feeling getting started was "I don't know what to buy," as I'm sure many people feel. Sammy not only made extremely specific recommendations based on my skill and interests, but she also sent everything to me in the size that I need and confirmed the boots/bindings/skis are all compatible. There was a killer black friday sale that Sammy helped me take advantage of. I plan to exclusively buy from Curated in the future because this was a great experience.
Lauren Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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