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Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis · 2023 · 176 cm

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Ski length (cm)
176 cm
184 cm
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Heath Kelso, Ski Expert
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Perfect for those who enjoy buttering, smearing, or jibbing around the mountain, especially in soft snow.

Great for
  • Turn easeMakes quick snappy turns.
  • PlayfulnessPerfect for buttering or jibbing around the mountain.
  • FlotationSki will float whether it's 2 inches or 2 feet.
Good for
  • CarvingCan make any type of turn.
  • VersatilityThrives in soft snow, regardless of depth.
Avoid for
  • DurabilityTop sheet isn't very durable.
  • High speed stabilityFlex can make it difficult when skiing moguls.
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The 2023 Line Sir Francis Bacon (SFB) Skis, largely unchanged besides graphics from the past few iterations, is a ski designed for the all-day-play kind of skier (intermediate to advanced). Ideal for those who want to slash, butter, jump, and dance their way down the mountain, the SFB is a staple for those seeking powder, spins, and prioritize fun over high edge angle carving.

Key Features:

  • Full Twin Tip with Early Rise – Twin Tip allows for easy transitions between riding forward and backward (switch) for those seeking turns and tricks. Early Rise allows for easy and consistent turn initiation, as well as plenty of float when it finds the fresh stashes of powder.
  • Thicker Base and Edges – 30% thicker bases and edges allow for a longer and more useful shelf life of the SFB. It increases lifelong durability by providing a stronger ski that is capable of more frequent tunes and park sessions.
  • Convex Tips and Tails – A truly 3-D shape to both ends of the skis allows for more soft snow displacement and livens up the tips and tails of the skis, creating a more apt to turn, surfy feel of skiing.
Curated, Winter Sport Expert
Peter R., Ski Expert
Turner Gamache, Ski Expert
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4.98 average rating

Ski length (cm)176 cm
Age GroupAdult
Includes bindingsNo
Model year2023
Ski typeAll Mountain
Skill levelIntermediate, Advanced
Rocker profileRocker/Camber/Rocker
Tail profileTwin tip
Tail width (mm)139
Tip width (mm)143
Turning radius (m)16
Waist width (mm)107
TerrainAll mountain
FlexSymmetric Flex

Heath Kelso owns this product
This is the perfect ski for the days when you just got some snow whether it's 1 inch or 1 foot this ski will thrive. The best way I can describe the feel of this ski is butter. With the skis 5 since cut geometry, this ski can make any type of turn you desire whether it's long or quick... Read more
Ideal for
  • The ski is amazing for anyone looking to butter smear or jib on anything around the mountain.
  • Does an amazing job at making quick snappy turns.
  • When the snow is soft this ski thrives, whether its 2 inches or 2 feet this ski will float.
Not ideal for
  • The top sheet isn't very durable.
  • The flex the ski has can make it difficult when skiing moguls.
  • Not the best ski when on ice.
Reviewed by:
Heath Kelso
Ski Expert

Popular questions (4)

What was your favorite moment with this gear?My favorite moment on this ski was when I was riding at Bridger Bowl when we had just got 8...read more
Heath Kelso
Ski Expert
What do you love about this product?My favorite thing about this product is how playful it is. When riding this ski I felt like there was...read more
Heath Kelso
Ski Expert
What is the value for the money versus other options?It's hard to compare this ski to others on the market because it truly has a truly unique design and...read more
Heath Kelso
Ski Expert
Why did you choose this product?I chose this ski for the float as well as the amount of play it has. When I was looking...read more
Heath Kelso
Ski Expert

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6 customer reviews

Great skis but dried out

Originally posted at lineskis.com on Dec 11, 2023
Had the same pair last year but got a nasty core shot so I bought a new pair. Obviously they have been in storage for a year but still a lil dried out and got white residue on the base. All good tho nothing a shop wax won’t fix.
Killian B.
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What a SKI

Originally posted at lineskis.com on Oct 14, 2022
I have used the Sir Francis Bacon my last two ski seasons in France. They blew my mind. Having a ski that can rip up the piste, float through powder and shred in the park, a one off really. Another apart of this is they are pretty rare in France, I only saw two other dudes ridding them. If anyone wants to have fun on the mountain I would highly recommend the Sir Francis Bacons. My only down fall is that I should off gone for the 184cm.
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5 /5
I really appreciated Gregory’s help. I would’ve been flying somewhat blind on my own. He probably saved me countless hours in internet research. I really appreciate his thoughtful recommendations, patience, and guidance through the process. I feel great about the choices I made and can’t wait to shred with my new gear 🏂
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Holly Verified CustomerMay 17, 2024
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Unbeatable experience
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Spencer helped me throughout the whole process of getting my perfect setup. Not only did he help me pick exactly what would best suit me, but also helped me understand the differences in gear and why he picked these options for me. I could not have had a better experience and could not have asked for someone better to help me. Thanks a lot Spencer.
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Huge Thank You Spencer! 1000/10
5 /5
Spencer was super responsive and patient while I was trying to work from home but also purchased new snowboard gear. I had a lot of specifics I wanted to see with a new snowboard, bindings, and boots. Spencer was extremely knowledgeable and created a video to help me work through my available choices. Thank you for your honesty and experience. I can’t wait to go riding!
Alyssa Verified CustomerMay 16, 2024
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Mark won't steer you wrong!
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This is the second year in a row I've come to curated to recommend me a pair of skis. Last year, I submitted for all mountain skis with a focus on carving and Mark recommended me a pair of Atomic Maverick 95ti 172. I've absolutely loved them. Mark nailed it on the head with these as I was easily able to accomplish my carving goals for that season. He/She/They provided quick responses, detailed technical explanations when asked, and an overwhelmingly pleasant experience. This year, I submitted for a freestyle ski and they paired me with Mark again! I'm not sure if curated does that by design but it was very convenient as I had access to our chat history from last year to look at the previous discussions we had. This time, Mark recommended a pair of Armada ARV 94 171. Once again, he/she/they provided quick feedback and solid technical advice about ski length and binding mounting positions. I have purchased these skis for next season so I have yet to try them, but many other reviews seem to agree with Mark's recommendation. I will return by the end to next season to document my experience, but I have full confidence in Mark's recommendation of these skis. Mark won't steer you wrong!
Aaron Verified CustomerMay 15, 2024
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Franky made my re entry to boarding not only easy after 15 years. He made it fun. And he got me a killer deal on a 2024 board! Hope to see ya out there some day Frankie!!!!!!
5 /5
If you don't know. Ask. I was clueless cuz the tech has changed since I stated. Frankie helped me get the exact board I wanted for the kind of terrain I was headed to. These are people who know what they are talking about. And are more than friendly. I got a collection of curated boards and all were winners. Only 1 came home.
Roen Verified CustomerMay 12, 2024
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A long time comin!
5 /5
I’ve been contemplating buying skis for over a year now and reached out to Bernard initially. A year and some later I was finally ready to bite the bullet. I messaged Bernard again hoping he would respond and give me a few more up-to-date suggestions and he responded immediately!! I was so appreciative as the thought of shopping for skis is so time consuming and such an investment!
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Henry Backs up Recommendations with Knowledge
5 /5
As an advanced skier, but somewhat out of practice with buying ski equipment I found Henry to be very knowledgeable and useful in picking out the right gear for my needs. He did everything an expert could do online to check to make sure the gear would fit me and explained why he made his recommendations even when I questioned it. I'm excited to get my equipment and can't wait to test it out! Would definitely recommend Henry to anyone looking for a downhill ski set!
Jason Verified CustomerMay 10, 2024
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