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Icelantic Nomad 95 Skis · 2023 · 171 cm

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This ski has some camber underfoot and fairly deep rocker lines in both the tip and tail, which makes it ski a little shorter than the length indicates. This makes throwing the ski sideways at any speed super easy, allowing you to dump speed and smear the ski all over the mountain. The fairly soft flex pattern and deep rocker lines are symmetrical for the tips and tails, which makes it ski really well switch. For someone wanting to get into butters, this would be an excellent option. The flex pattern, while being on the softer side, is very snappy and feels like these skis are spring-loaded for popping off of jumps.

Really heavy or expert skiers hitting larger features may find it to be a little unsupportive. When landing large drops in softer snow, the tips and tails will flex up, and I have found you can crater into the snow. When landing larger jumps in the backseat, the tails are soft enough to not be there to catch you and will flex out of the way. This will quickly teach you to maintain a strong, centered stance on these skis.

So, who is this ski for? They will be most at home in the hands of a modern freeride skier with a centered stance on days when the snow is less than 6 inches deep. These will be a really fun ski for beginners all the way up to advanced skiers.

Ideal for
  • Nimble and playful with a light swing weight.
  • Springy flex makes popping off jumps and doing butters feel great.
  • Symmetrical shape and flex means they ski great switch.
Not ideal for
  • Soft flex makes it not the best option for heavier or larger riders.
  • Does not carve as well as a more dedicated on piste ski.
  • When to far in the backseat the skis are not super supportive.

The Icelantic Nomad 95 Skis are the perfect choice for those seeking a versatile ski that can handle any terrain on the mountain. With its award-winning design, this ski is the narrowest option in the Nomad Freeride Collection, featuring a 95mm platform and rockered tip and tail. The Hybrid Flight Core made of poplar and paulownia wood makes this collection lighter and more poppy, allowing you to effortlessly play all over the mountain.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: The Icelantic Nomad 95 Skis are designed to handle any terrain on the mountain with ease.
  • Rockered Tip and Tail: The rockered tip and tail provide added maneuverability in deep snow while maintaining stability on hardpack.
  • Hybrid Flight Core: Made of poplar and paulownia wood, this core provides a lightweight yet durable construction for optimal performance.
  • True Versatility: With 2mm of camber underfoot, these skis offer true versatility all over the mountain.
  • Playful Performance: Whether you're hitting up the park or exploring off-piste terrain, these skis offer playful performance that will keep you entertained all day long.
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I was in the market for a new snowboard and bindings for the 2024 season. I have had the same set up for about 10 years now and was ready to invest in a solid set up. I filled out the Curated questionnaire and was lucky to land Dave as my Curated expert. I chatted it up with Dave on what I like to do on the mountains and within 20 min I received his recommended line up of boards and bindings. Dave took the time to provide a detailed description for each board/bindings along with a personalize video as well which was so cool! Literally feel like I’m friends with the guy now, ha! I ended up going with the T. Rice Pro with the Union Falcor bindings. PUMPED for the 2024 season to rip it on my new setup! Dave is the man 🤙🏼
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Hayden was super helpful
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I came onto this website not sure what to expect, and I'm walking away with a new pair of skis and bindings that I am confident will work great for me. Hayden was super knowledgable on the many types of skis and helped me with the many many questions I had for him. He was also super fun and light hearted which made my buying experience that much better. I will definitely be recommending Hayden and this website to others looking to buy skis, and will appreciate all he did for me :)
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I needed to get some snowboards for my boys for Christmas. Christian recommended a few different options then he explained in a video why he chose those products so I could make a decision. He was very knowledgeable and I appreciated him finding me the best deal he could. He was awesome and I would recommend him to everyone!
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Vince and I went back and forth for over a week finding me the perfect gear. He was dedicated to finding me the best deals for my needs, and he was always great with giving me multiple recommendations. When things I wanted went out of stock, or when my original boots didn't fit, he made sure to find me an equally amazing product. I felt cared for and valued as a shopper, and what is the best in my book, is that it was all so humanized as I NEVER felt like I was being pressured into buying anything, which so many retailers do. This guy knows what he is talking about and will make sure you feel confident in your gear purchases!
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This was our first time not going into an in person shop to purchase gear. Jennifer was knowledgeable and gained my trust to purchase online rather than in person. Would highly recommend (and actually already have) to friends because the experience was effortless and seamless. Thanks Jennifer!
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Really appreciated Jennifer knowledge and guidance in helping me make my purchase.
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I wanted to get my son set up with all the gear for snowboarding. I had no idea what to get him or where to start. Jennifer was so helpful! Her confidence and knowledge helped me tremendously. I feel I was able to make the best choices in products because of her. Excellent!!!
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Kelly nailed my preferences of what I was looking for in my new outwear set up. She gave me great options that matched right away at what I was looking for. Made my purchase same day. Kelly was super helpful and responsive, I can't wait to set out with this new setup! Thank you Kelly!
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