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Armada N Warden MNC 11 Ski Bindings · 2023

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I've demoed every alpine ski binding on the market and the Warden for years has remained one of my top favorites because the reliable retention and power transfer are best in class. My ski style at times can be described as a linebacker being shot out of a cannon. Because of that, I have a habit of exploding out of bindings when I'm getting a little too excited, even when I have them cranked up accordingly. The Warden however has never let me down in that sense. I've always stayed securely connected to the ski right up until the point where I actually do need it to release and when it does, it feels smooth, safe, and crisp. It's everything you can ask for. On top of that it's versatile to any discipline, any ski, and even any boot thanks to it's MNC rating, making it one of the most capable options in it's category. The one only flaw that I've found with this binding after years of hard use on both my personal skis and the rental fleets that I've managed, is that the very front of the toe piece, where the plastic of the DIN window wraps around has a tendency to crack with hard use. It's more aesthetic than anything and never a deal breaker for me but worth considering when looking at the options.

Ideal for
  • The Warden 11 is versatile to all styles of skiing with great power transfer
  • The Warden 11 has reliable release and an easy step in
  • The Warden 11 is MultiNormCertified to take any mainstream bootsole
Not ideal for
  • The plastic housing of the DIN window that wraps around the front of the toe piece has a tendency to crack with hard use
  • Not the lightest binding in it's class
  • User should avoid over tightening the toe height adjustment

The Armada N Warden MNC 11 Ski Bindings are the perfect choice for modern freeride skis. With a wide toe piece and mounting pattern, these bindings are designed to drive wide skis better than traditional bindings. They also feature a lighter weight and easier step-in, making them an excellent option for those who want to spend more time on the slopes and less time fiddling with their gear.

Key Features:

  • Wide Toe Piece: The wide toe piece of these bindings is specifically designed to provide better power transmission to wider skis.
  • Lightweight Design: The Armada N Warden MNC 11 Ski Bindings are made with lightweight materials that won't weigh you down on the mountain.
  • Easy Step-In: These bindings feature an easy step-in design that makes getting in and out of your skis a breeze.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The Multi Norm Certified (MNC) design of these bindings means they can be used with both alpine and touring boots, making them a versatile choice for any type of skiing.
  • Strong Mounting Pattern: The strong mounting pattern of these bindings ensures that your skis will stay securely attached no matter how hard you push them.
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As a first timer trying to figure out my new snowboarding fit and gear, I was lost and didn’t have the time or heart to figure it out. Here comes Bobby, he walked me through the whole process down to tech specs, best fit for purpose and skill level, and most importantly the sickest look I could’ve ever put together. Very grateful for the experience and hats off to Bobby 🤙🏾
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I was hesitant to use this website and service thinking it was going to be more of a sales pitch platform but boy was I wrong! Not having a clue on what to purchase for my two kids and for myself, Elizabeth made a stressful, overwhelming experience EASY. I answered basic questions, gave her my budget and she recommended 1-3 options for me to choose from! Ordering three sets of skis, boots and poles would have taken me months to determine “the right ones” but with Elizabeth I ordered all three packages in one evening, at great discount prices and will be here in time for Christmas to put huge smiles on my children’s faces. I highly recommend this service, more companies should do what Curated does! Thanks again Elizabeth 🖤
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I had the pleasure of receiving exceptional assistance from Kevin while picking out my snowboard. Their expertise and passion for snowboarding were evident from the moment we began discussing options. Not only did they patiently listen to my preferences and skill level, but they also offered invaluable insights and recommendations. Their knowledge of the equipment and understanding of how different boards suit various styles and abilities truly made the selection process enjoyable and educational. Thanks to Kevin , I ended up with the perfect snowboard. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone seeking guidance in choosing the right snowboard.
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He was very helpful and replied fairly quickly! It made the shopping process way easier. I am a totally knew to skiing. So his help was greatly appreciated. The only thing that may have made my decision making process easier would be if Soren provided some background on the suggested brands when he made the recommendations. I was just so new that I didn’t know what I was looking at
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