Smith Level MIPS Helmet

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The Curated Take

By the Expert Community

The Smith Level ski helmet is a highly regarded choice, offering several advantages along with a minor drawback. Comfort is one of its standout features, providing a pleasant fit for long days on the slopes. The helmet's adjustability is another notable strength, allowing for easy accommodation of balaclavas or other layers underneath, ensuring warmth and a snug fit.

When it comes to protection, the Smith Level helmet incorporates MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, enhancing safety by reducing rotational forces in the event of an impact. This feature provides peace of mind and added assurance on the mountain.

However, the helmet's breathability is its main drawback, being average at best. While it may not provide the highest level of ventilation, especially during strenuous activity or in warmer conditions, it still offers a reasonable amount of airflow to prevent excessive heat buildup.

In summary, the Smith Level ski helmet offers exceptional comfort, allowing for long-lasting wear. Its adjustability ensures versatility for layering underneath, accommodating balaclavas and other accessories. The incorporation of MIPS technology enhances protection by mitigating rotational forces. Although breathability is average at best, the helmet still provides sufficient ventilation for most conditions, ensuring a comfortable skiing experience.

Ideal for
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustability for when balaclava are needed underneath
  • Good Protection - MIPS
Not ideal for
  • Breathability is average at best

The Smith Level MIPS® helmet is a reliable helmet loaded with safety features. Its low profile design is comfortable and stylish.

Key Features:

  • MIPS Technology – MIPS technology allows the frame of the helmet to move without applying torque to the head, which minimizes the risk of neck injuries.

  • Aerocore™ Construction – Smith’s Aerocore construction is a lightweight, breathable, and impact-resistant honeycomb matrix.

  • Ventilation – Adjustable ventilation via a slider system allows you to control airflow to keep warm on snow days and cool off when the sun comes out.

  • VaporFit™ – VaporFit system allows for superior adjustability and comfort.

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5.0 average rating

Steve Roberts owns this product
The Smith Level ski helmet is a highly regarded choice, offering several advantages along with a minor drawback. Comfort is one of its standout features, providing a pleasant fit for long days on the slopes. The helmet's adjustability is another notable strength, allowing for easy accommodation of balaclavas or other layers underneath, ensuring warmth and a snug fit. When it comes... Read more
Ideal for
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustability for when balaclava are needed underneath
  • Good Protection - MIPS
Not ideal for
  • Breathability is average at best
Reviewed by:
Steve Roberts
Ski Expert
Henry Kvietok owns this product
I believe this helmet is best for skiers looking for advanced features and top of the line safety. It has a ton of vents which are great for those super hot spring days. Also, with MIPS you can be confident that your head is well protected in the event of an impact. I personally really like the style of the... Read more
Ideal for
  • Skiers looking for good ventilation
  • Downhill skiers that want a customizable helmet fit
  • Great MIPS protection for falls and collisions
Not ideal for
  • The chin strap is hard to adjust but once it is in place it is very secure
Reviewed by:
Henry Kvietok
Ski Expert

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235 customer reviews

Great Helmet and Love the Audio Compatibility

Originally posted at on May 7, 2023
I decided it was time to upgrade helmets this season and wanted an audio compatible one. This is my first Smith helmet and first audio compatible helmet, so I wanted to used it for several ski days, in a variety of conditions before my review. Overall, it is a great helmet, in a variety of conditions, from cold mid-winter to warmer spring skiing. The one drawback I noticed is the ear flaps let a fair amount of air by versus my old helmet, which led to cold ears during colder and windier ski days. On the other hand, the adjustable vents were great during warmer ski days to keep from overheating. I wear a 7-1/2 fitted baseball cap, and the Large size fits well either with nothing else on, or with a balaclava on the colder days. As for the audio, now that I figured out how it works I love the ability to have background music without having ear buds in my ears that hinder my ability to hear other skiers or snow equipment. Since this was my first audio helmet, I did not know that there were removable foam pads in each ear flap that need to be removed so your music chips fit better. On my first ski day, I unzipped the access pocket and put the chips in each ear flap, but left the pads in (totally my fault but not explained in the very brief instruction manual that came with the helmet). Of course the sound was very muffled and the ear flaps were uncomfortable after a couple hours of skiing with the extra bulk. When I got home, a buddy explained the removable pads (he has a Smith helmet) to me. Once I removed them, which was very easy, sound is great at low volume, and the helmet is all-day comfortable as expected. I mention this issue for anyone new to Smith audio compatible helmets, as I was, since it makes a huge difference but is not explained in the instructions. It seems intuitive now, but as a new helmet owner I was hesitant to start pulling stuff out of the flaps if it wasn't supposed to come out. All together I put roughly a dozen days on the new helmet this season, and would definitely purchase it again for its comfort and high quality safety features.
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runs small and a bit heavy but nice tech

Originally posted at on Apr 11, 2023
bad: i've worn a size L my entire life in smith. for some reason this helmet runs super small and gives me a massive headache. so SIZE UP. it's also a good bit heavier feeling than my previous variance. the great: the helmet is super tech heavy. the venting is great, and the thing just *feels* so much more solid and secure than any helmet i've ever worn. i hope to never test it out in an accident, but if i do, i feel good about how it will treat me.
Was this review helpful?
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Aaron Verified CustomerSep 30, 2023
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Leo’s not a robot!
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I was super skeptical of this website at first I assumed the suggestions were just from an AI generated bot, but Leo is definitely a real human and a knowledgeable one at that! He knew the area i ski in maine and made suggestions based off my skill level and northeast conditions. Can’t wait to take my new gear out in a few months!
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John Verified CustomerSep 25, 2023
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Nothing better than having your own personal expert!
5 /5
Having some experience snowboarding but never owning my own equipment, I had lots of questions and needed a lot of help. I’m so glad I found curated and Josh! He was able to educate me and guide me through the process…and made sure I got a super deal. He always responded promptly and was patient with my never ending questions. All the gear is perfect, we can’t wait to hit the mountain!
Miller Verified CustomerSep 25, 2023
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