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Smith Squad Goggles

Smith Squad Goggles

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The Curated Take

The Smith Squad Goggles are an all-around great google - stylish, affordable, and great quality. The Squad Goggles come with their first lens, typically a bright/sunny day lens and also include a low light lens, so no need to purchase a second pair. The goggles come available in multiple different band styles/colors, so you can choose one that fits your style. The Squad is also available in a XL size, for those that prefer a wider fit.

Snowboard Expert Aaron HysellSki Expert Chris Grant
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Overall ratings
(4.0/5) 4 Expert reviews
  • Great field of view
  • Comes with two lenses - for bright and lowlight days
  • Affordable
  • Switching between lenses can be timely
Snowboard Expert Aaron HysellSki Expert Chris Grant
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

These Smith Squad Goggles are the 2023 version of one of Curated's most recommended goggles in 2022. A lightweight, semi-rimless frame creates a stylish and cylindrical fit without feeling bulky, and a dual-slide strap makes it easy to adjust these goggles for any size of head or helmet. Equipped with Fog-X technology and ChromaPop lenses, these goggles will provide the wearer with clear vision in any conditions.

Key Features:

  • ChromaPop Lens Technology – Smith's propriety ChromaPop lens tech helps wearers to see better color and detail. It filters out two wavelengths of light that cause color confusion and as a result, this lens brings a clearer, crisper and more vibrant field of vision.
  • Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lens – Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lenses prevent fog better than other lenses. They use a micro-etched surface that absorbs moisture and disperses it over a wide area to prevent fogging. Unlike other anti-fog coatings, this is a surface treatment that cannot be wiped away. This anti-fog durability means that Smith Squad lenses will keep fog out away for longer than other googles.
  • Responsive Fit Frame Design – This design allows the Smith Squad's frame to flex to fit the specific facial contours of the wearer, no matter the face shape.
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Frame size
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Helmet compatible
Lens tech
Not Polarized, ChromaPop™
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Expert Reviews
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Chris Grant
Chris Grant
Ski Expert
104 customers helped
Chris Grant tested this product

I absolutely love this goggle! This is my go to pair for any in bounds day of ripping. This goggle comes in at a fair price and is quite durable. I would recommend a goggle with an easier lens changing system for somebody who swaps their lenses frequently or for somebody looking for a backcountry touring focused product. This is an all around great goggle for somebody looking to not break the bank and typically uses the same lens for the day.

  • This goggle is best for somebody who appreciates a simple yet effective goggle
  • Inbounds shredding with the homies
  • A great goggle at a better price
  • Difficult to swap goggle lenses
  • Be gentle with lenses when changing
  • Wear on lenses from changing
Alpine Meadows
Aaron Hysell
Aaron Hysell
Snowboard Expert
165 customers helped
Aaron Hysell tested this product

The Squad goggles are amazing goggles at an unbeatable price. I have worn these hiking to side country access points and features in the park without them ever fogging. They are extremely comfortable for all day use. They are a smaller frame google, so they do not have the large field of view, but you can get the exact some google in the XL if your after more field of view or need a larger frame to fit your face correctly.

  • Etched anti fog for the hottest of faces
  • Comfortable 3 layer foam
  • All snow conditions
  • Smaller frame, not great for large face profiles
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Smith Squad Goggles
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