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Callaway Jaws Raw Chrome Wedge · Left Handed · Steel · 52° · 10

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Dominant hand
Left handed
Right handed
Bounce degrees
Loft degrees
Shaft Material
Shaft name
Project X Catalyst Wedge
True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner
True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115
Wedge grind
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Best for intermediate to low handicap golfers seeking maximum greenside spin and shot versatility, with multiple grind options.

Great for
  • Greenside spinRaw face provides maximum spin around the green.
  • SpinRaw face and Jaws grooves produce high spin rates.
Good for
  • FeelTungsten weight optimizes center of gravity for improved feel.
  • SoundSounds pure, but some issues noted on full swings.
Avoid for
  • Full shotsNot the best wedge for full shots, light swing weight.
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The Callaway Jaws Raw Chrome Wedge delivers a large array of low to high-handicap golfers a forgiving wedge with 17 different loft and bounce combinations to specifically fit each player's wedge game. Aggressive grooves and a raw face, along with four grind options in the soles, work with tungsten weight in the higher lofted wedges to provide maximum spin control and powerful forgiveness, instilling confidence in whoever puts these in their bag.

Key Features:

  • Four Grind Options – Meticulously ground soles create four attack options at impact to accentuate or protect against various player attack angles, provide tactical approaches to each golfers wedge shot techniques, and work ideally in various turf types.
  • Offset Groove-in-Groove Technology – Giving players incredible control over the flight of the golf ball, razor sharp milled micro-grooves within the grooves are positioned at a 20 degree angle, imparting maximum spin even when opening the clubface.
  • Tungsten Weight Ports – Variable length hosels and the use of tungsten weight in the sand and lob wedges allow for ideally placed center of gravity behind the face, producing impeccable forgiveness and trajectory manipulation.
  • Raw Face – A raw, non-plated finish on the club face allows for rusting over time and preserves spin in damp conditions, while a muted toe pad works to reduce glare at address.
Curated, Golf Expert
Zac P., Golf Expert
Michael Schmitz, Golf Expert
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4.96 average rating

Dominant handLeft handed
Loft degrees52°
Shaft MaterialSteel
Used (Y/N)No
Club TypeWedges
Shaft flexStiff
Bounce degrees10°
Shaft launchMid
Shaft spinHigh
Shaft nameTrue Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115
Grip nameLamkin UTX Grey/Black Grip
Shaft weight115g
Wedge grindS-Grind
Model year2022
Club length35.5''
Lie angle64°
Shaft torqueLOW
Swing weightD3
Shaft kick pointMid

Brady Falk tested this product
I would recommend this wedge to the mid to high handicap players who are looking for a wedge that spins a ton around the green. The raw face really grabs on to the ball and promotes maximum spin. The tungsten weight is a new feature to the Callaway wedges and it helped optimize the center of gravity to increase feel... Read more
Ideal for
  • Raw face provides maximum spin around the green
  • Sounds pure
  • Offered in chrome finish and black finish
Not ideal for
  • Very light swing weight
  • Entire face rusts, including the toe area that does not have grooves
Reviewed by:
Brady Falk
Golf Expert
Eric Granata owns this product
The Callaway Jaws Raw wedge is a great wedge for the player who is looking for versatility. With 4 grinds available the Jaws Raw wedge has a grind that will suit your game around the green, in the bunkers and from the fairway. New to the wedge this year is the addition of tungsten to control the center of... Read more
Ideal for
  • The Jaws Raw wedge offers spin when needed
  • This wedge is all about control and feel
  • The Jaws Raw wedge is all about versatility
Not ideal for
  • This wedge is compact in shape and is not the most forgiving wedge on the market.
  • This wedge will also rust and show some wear and tear.
Reviewed by:
Eric Granata
Golf Expert
Ryan Hernandez owns this product
This wedge is top notch in performance but also price. Each one rings in at $180 which is not cheap. But it is worth every penny. I have used the Vokey SM9, TaylorMadeMG3, and the TaylorMade Hi-Toe and these will go up against any of these as far as performance. It is made with the best players in the world... Read more
Ideal for
  • new features and a wide array of grind options.
  • made for tour level specifications, which provides feedback on mishits.
  • adjustment on grooved tech makes for cleaner strikes and performance.
Not ideal for
  • Not the best wedge for full shots. Had issues hitting the center of the face even with the W grind.
  • Sound off full swings also felt off a bit at times.
Reviewed by:
Ryan Hernandez
Golf Expert
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What are the different grinds on the Callaway Jaws Raw wedge? Callaway is offering 4 different grinds. They the following: - S grind -- For players that prefer a square...read more
Jason Starkey
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Do any Tour players play the Callaway Jaws Raw?The Callaway Jaws Raw wedge made its appearance at the 2022 PLayer's Championship. Tour players such as Marc Leishman, Xander...read more
Jason Starkey
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Is the Callaway Jaws Raw wedge forgiving?The simple answer to are the Callaway Jaws Raw wedges forgiving is yes. Playing out of the thick rough or...read more
Jon W.
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What is a raw faced wedge?A raw faced wedge means that it is unplated. This option is typically popular for low handicap players and professionals....read more
Christopher Thompson
Golf Expert
What handicap is the Callaway Jaws Raw wedge for?In my opinion, the Callaway Jaws Raw Chrome Wedge is ideal for 15 handicaps or lower — although players of...read more
Benjamin B
Golf Expert
Does the raw face spin more?The Callaway Jaws Raw Chrome Wedge provides an impressive amount of added spin, especially on lob shots and short-range pitches....read more
Benjamin B
Golf Expert
How does Callaway Jaws Raw compare to Callaway MD5 Jaws?The Callaway Jaws Raw Chrome Wedge outperforms the MD5 Jaws in green side shot control and overall spin. The MD5...read more
Benjamin B
Golf Expert

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would recommend this product

50 customer reviews

Great club exceeded my expectations.

Originally posted at www.callawaygolf.com on Jan 4, 2024
This wedge has helped my drop several shots per round even my playing buddies noticed and were crying.
Happy 10 indexLocation: Tulare Ca
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jeff gubernick

Posted on Dec 30, 2023
not as good a wedge as I had anticipated
JeffLocation: Scottsdale, AZ
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I just started golfing last year with a hand me down driver. Video after video swing after swing I never got better, never consistent hits. I had bought blades (irons) off a friend and once I actually dedicated time to golf I realized as a beginner I didn’t need blades (yet) so I found some more forgiving clubs. I took the same logic and applied it to my driver. That’s when I stumbled upon Evan, I explained my problem and he broke it down easy for me, I was using a 92 Corolla and he was recommending a 2022 Mercedes (not the latest and greatest but good enough). I found the driver locally and bought it the next day and hit the range. I was in aw, I couldn’t hit a bad ball if I tried. All my practice paid off once I got the right driver thanks to Evan. Afterwards I felt bad that I bought it local taking his free advice so I came back and bought some other things he recommended…. Once I get those I am sure they will be perfect.
James Verified CustomerMar 1, 2024
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I was blown away. definitely not what I expected.
5 /5
I am sure there are many other golfers like me that are looking for ways to improve our game. I have been golfing for the last 30 plus years. I am self taught and never had any lessons but I am an avid student of the game. I purchased my first expensive set of Callaway clubs around 12 years ago. I figured for what I was spending, these would last me a lifetime. I was wrong. Now these clubs are still in great shape but as I grow older, my swing speed is slower and my distance has decreased. I started to analyze my game and I came to the conclusion that maybe I needed a new set of clubs. I was looking online and searching for answers. I thought I knew what I needed but I was not sure. I found curated through a website and the site said to enter your contact info and an expert would contact me. I was hesitant to do this because I thought this was just another scam. I left my information and within 30 minutes Robert contacted me. I really liked the questions that he asked. These questions were specific and direct. He never once tried to push anything on me. He asked questions about me, my game, my abilities and what I wanted to achieve. Robert told me up front that he was going to ask me some questions and then after we were done, he would make some recommendations for me. Robert recommended STIX. I never heard of them before and to be honest I was stuck on Callaway. Robert reviewed these clubs with me and answered all of my questions. He recommended these clubs because he felt that they would fit my current needs and abilities. He was spot on. After much hesitation, I ordered the clubs. I was Leary but excited at the same time. Could it really be this easy? Trust me, I tried to get advice from many people but no one really wanted to know about me and my abilities, they just wanted to sell me some high dollar clubs. This experience was the total opposite. I purchased these clubs because I believed in what Robert was telling me. I trusted him and I took his advice. I even had a 30 day warranty he said. If you don’t like them, send them back for full credit. I placed my order and I received the clubs in 5 business days. These clubs are high quality at a much lower price. I used these new clubs the very next day and I was blown away on how they felt and performed. I was sold the first time I saw them. I could tell immediately that these were the clubs I was looking for. Well done Robert. Here is the highlight of this review. I searched the web over and over looking for answers and I could not find anything. Anyone who has done the same knows what I mean. There was no one to talk to until I found Curated. Robert helped me through every step of this process. He was always available and the videos he sent me eased my mind. He did not try to sell me high dollar clubs. He recommended clubs that were suited to my abilities. No pressure, no gimmicks, he was sincere and he listened. How often does that happen in todays world. Long story short. These clubs are fantastic, the experience was fantastic and Robert is awesome. I have told many people about this experience and I have recommended Curated and Robert to others. I will not hesitate to buy again if the need arises. Thank you Robert. Keep up the great work. Ken
Ken L Verified CustomerFeb 27, 2024
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Helped by:
Quickly addressed my question and led to my new driver!
5 /5
Asked Andrew a question regarding an article he wrote, he quickly got back to me and guided me to a significantly better choice than I was going to make for myself. Definitely recommend Andrew and the other curated guys for your decision making process.
Kyle Verified CustomerFeb 27, 2024
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Helped by:
Very educational
5 /5
Not only does Jon spell his name correctly but he was very patient and thorough with his recommendations. I’m a beginner and he walked me through on measurements to find the best clubs and glove to get me started. If I get good enough for the senior tour in a few years I’ll definitely be contacting Jon to be my caddie.
Jon Verified CustomerFeb 27, 2024
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Ryan is the best!!
5 /5
I was in need of improving my putting game and clueless what type of putter I should be using. Ryan gave me great advice and suggested what would be best for me. I was so impressed with the entire process. Made the purchase and looking forward to improving on the green. Thanks again Ryan!!
Steve E Verified CustomerFeb 25, 2024
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Kyle is awesome!
5 /5
I frankly don’t have enough time to research the right club for me. Kyle’s expertise has been instrumental in allowing me the time to improve my game. I sent him my information, he had several follow up questions about things I didn’t consider, and he suggested the right club for me. It is super motivating to know I got the right clubs for me. Thank you again Kyle for all your help!
Jay S Verified CustomerFeb 24, 2024
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