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Head Kore 97 W Skis · Women's · 2023 · 156 cm

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The 2023 Kore 97 takes a ski that was already one of my favorites and continues to improve on it's reputation as a feather weight ski that's capable of tackling the entire mountain as well as venturing outside of the resort.

This ski is ideal for the intermediate, advanced, and expert skier who wants to be able to make quick cutting turns through moguls and trees, lay down crisp carves, and still have plenty of float for the powder days.

What really sets head apart from any other ski on the market is the Graphene core material. Graphene is a one-atom-thick layer of carbon that is the building blocks of graphite. It's flexible, light, and incredibly strong, giving the ski a unique backbone and performance.

There's always a give and take though when it comes to skis and the Kore is a good example of that. Graphene for all of it's benefits lacks dampening so it can feel bouncy at times on skied out crud. That lack of dampening doesn't encourage a lot trick throwing either. The short turn radius that makes it easy to whip around, can lack stability for long drawn out high speed GS style turns.

These small drawbacks certainly don't outweigh the benefits for me on this ski though and it's one I'm happy to ski any day of the week. For the right skiers, for the right reasons, it's a great pick for a one ski quiver.

Ideal for
  • This one of the lightest weight all mountain skis on the market making it a great choice for resort and touring
  • It's very versatile to all conditions and designed to be an effortless one ski quiver
  • It has a short turn radius for a ski of it's class making it easy turn
Not ideal for
  • This ski has a directional and stiffer personality that's less ideal for freestyle
  • The Karuba wood and Graphene core don't offer a lot of dampening through skied out frozen crud
  • The quick turn radius combined with the light construction can reach it's limits for long high speed GS turns

The Head Kore 97 W Skis are the perfect choice for adventurous freeride skiers who want a one-ski quiver that can handle all-mountain adventures and touring. These skis are buttery light yet have a strong backbone, thanks to their lightweight construction and blend of materials. The rockered tip and tail feature light Graphene fused into the design, while the core is made from stiff Karuba wood sandwiched by triaxle woven carbon for added responsiveness. With a new durable topsheet shape, these skis offer great touring capability and more energy for all-mountain adventures.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight construction with a blend of materials reduces weight without sacrificing performance.
  • Rockered tip and tail with light Graphene fusion enhance maneuverability in varied terrain.
  • Stiff Karuba wood core sandwiched by triaxle woven carbon adds responsiveness.
  • Durable topsheet shape ensures long-lasting use in rugged conditions.
  • Perfect one-ski quiver for adventurous freeride skiers looking to tackle all-mountain adventures.
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This guy is super knowledgable when it comes to finding the right skis for your needs. He listens to your specific needs and the type of skier you are and will hand select multiple options all while keeping your budget in mind. Really appreciate his expertise and will definitely recommend him and Curated to all my friends looking to upgrade their gear.
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Exceptional Personal Shopper Support for Ski Gear
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