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Head Kore 99 Skis · 2023

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By the Expert Community

I had a chance to test these out last April at Powder Mountain in Utah. For a ski with a 101mm waist (in the 184cm length I was testing) these felt incredibly easy to carve with, and skied like a much narrower ski, and in off-piste terrain the wider platform kept things fun and (relatively) floaty. These would make a great one-ski quiver for a western skier or a pow-day ski for an Eastern skier. They are stiff from tip to tail, so they reward skiers who like to ski aggressively through the tips of the skis and charge down the fall line -- so stiff that I would not suggest them to skiers who spend a fair amount of time in the terrain park or like to do "butters." And while using Carbon instead of titinal to provide stiffness keeps the weight down, the Kore 99s are not as "damp" as other, heavier directional chargers. In other words, you will feel more vibrations (of the bad kind) when skiing over re-frozen, firmer terrain. That's especially a concern for East ("Ice") Coast skiers on many days.

Ideal for
  • Fantastic mid-fat all-mountain ski for aggressive advanced ot expert skiers
  • Very light for how stiff it is tip to tail (and vice-versa)
  • A nimble directional charger that can double as a 50/50 in-bounds/backcountry ski
Not ideal for
  • Not as damp as heavier skis on re-frozen surfaces.
  • Stiff tips and tail make these skis suboptimal for park/freestyle skiing.

The Head Kore 99 is built to maximize performance and versatility without adding any unnecessary weight. With the use of stiff, lightweight materials like carbon and graphene, the Kore 99 Skis are shockingly light for how strong they ski. Wide enough to attack tree runs and deep powder bowls, and stiff enough to really lay over on edge and carve nice long turns. The Kore 99s are made to handle speed whether on trail or off and they can handle a variety of conditions in the resort or back country.

Key Features:

  • Karuba/Poplar Wood Core – The Kore 99 is built around a wood core that consists of Karuba and Poplar wood for a nice balance of energy and strength in the skis.
  • Graphene Reinforcement – Graphene is an extremely lightweight yet strong material used by Head to reinforce their Kore series skis. Graphene keeps the skis damp and stable at high speeds, while keeping the ski extremely lightweight for uphill travel.
  • Multi-Layer Carbon Construction – Head adds two layers of carbon to the Kore 99, sandwiched over the wood core and layer of graphene to further stiffen the ski, and help dial in the precise control skiers have over the skis.
  • Structured UHM C Base – The same material from Head's racing ski line is used to create the bases of the Kore series skis. The end result is an incredibly smooth on-snow feel on groomed runs or in powder conditions.
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5.0 average rating

Rob G. tested this product
I had a chance to test these out last April at Powder Mountain in Utah. For a ski with a 101mm waist (in the 184cm length I was testing) these felt incredibly easy to carve with, and skied like a much narrower ski, and in off-piste terrain the wider platform kept things fun and (relatively) floaty. These would... Read more
Ideal for
  • Fantastic mid-fat all-mountain ski for aggressive advanced ot expert skiers
  • Very light for how stiff it is tip to tail (and vice-versa)
  • A nimble directional charger that can double as a 50/50 in-bounds/backcountry ski
Not ideal for
  • Not as damp as heavier skis on re-frozen surfaces.
  • Stiff tips and tail make these skis suboptimal for park/freestyle skiing.
Reviewed by:
Rob G.
Ski Expert
Jesse Gantt owns this product
There's absolutely nowhere this ski can't go and perform exceptionally well. Hardpack snow / ice, waist deep powder, slush, groomers, variable / skied out snow conditions, this ski can handle it all. Which is particularly surprising in the crud as it is super light ski so it would be easy to feel like it would get knocked around, but thanks... Read more
Ideal for
  • Maximum Versatility
  • Master of the bumps and crud
  • Ultra lightweight
Not ideal for
  • Jack of all trades, master of none
  • Topsheet is visually boring and scratches easily
  • Not exceptionally stable at high speeds
Reviewed by:
Jesse Gantt
Ski Expert

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2 customer reviews

Versitile, Incredible power to weight ratio

Originally posted at on Mar 7, 2023
I purchased the Kore 99 in 184 based on input from several staff who own either one or more models. This is a store that carrys a huge range of brands and where staff can pro deal pretty much any brand. My reference Ski in this width is a Kastle MX99 (2 layers of metal, 1 carbon almost 2x the $) The Kore is a very interesting ski and one that a quick demo might not do justice to. I was a bit uncertain at first but after a few days I really see why so many staff and other high level skiers in my area (PNW) own them. First off their lighter than most skis in this catagory and much lighter than those with simular power and edge hold but skiing them they feel super planted and damp. I'm not slowing down on the Kores coming off the MX99 which says a lot. In soft snow they float even better and are looser and change direction with a thought. The rear biased mount means no tip dive in deeper snow which is great for when you leave the 110+ skis at home or find a good stash. If you want more quickness than top end stability I think a lot of people would be well served by mounting +1 or more. Same if you want even more ease in trees and podwer go Kore 105 - it has more tip and tail taper and more rocker. This ski is a bit of chamelon which I say in part becuase when you get it on a firmer groomer and really have something to push against it deleivers huge energy and rewards an aggressive race like style but you can also back off and enyoy them as well. I see how a high intermediate likes this ski but I think it rewards an advanced to expert skier with skill and either speed or more weight who can bend the skis and activate the energy in it. For back or side country - it would be ideal for someone aggressive or who is tired of getting knocked around in poor or heavy snow on traditional touring skis. You will find the weakness in tech bindings, boots etc well before this ski breaks a sweat.
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Kore 93 and Kore 99

Originally posted at on Mar 1, 2023
I have skied 7 days this year so far as of 2/28/23. current skis 10yo Mantras. demo'd M6 mantra 184, Kore 93 and Kore 99 in a 177 in Beaver Creek. Dusting of snow night before but a little warm and it firmed up over time and the next day. Skied the Mantra first, fun ski great carver pushed through some of the chopped up groomers no problem, did not like to run flat, definitely preferred to be on edge. super energetic ski when you push it. Skied the Kore 99 next. The ski overall and the tips of ski were noticeable lighter, I did not think i was going to like this ski at all. Halfway through the first run i started to push the ski and i was very surprised at how well it held an edge on medium fast sweepers, busted through day old powder stashes, tracked through some sun baked crud. Kore 93 was next, took them out at the end of the first day and beginning of next day, was a definitely the quickest of the bunch, did everything else about 8-9/10ths of the Kore 99. Ended up purchasing the Kore 99, for me it was a lighter and more forgiving then the Mantra M6 but not giving much if anything in terms of performance. It was an easier for me to ski fast on the groomers, "Confident and Comfortable" yet light enough to pop out some turns when needed. Hope this review helps someone else out.
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Kyle gave me one of the best online shopping experiences I've ever had! Will highly recommend
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Kyle was extremely helpful and patient in guiding me through the shopping experience. He sent me multiple videos reviewing snowboards, boots, and bindings based on my needs. He was open to feedback and questions, and ensured that I made the best choice for my needs. I'd highly recommend Kyle for anyone looking for a friendly expert to guide them through buying their snow gear!
Mubarak Verified CustomerSep 30, 2023
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Very Helpful and Knowledgeable
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I had many questions, and after a few days we finally got stuff figured out. Throughout the whole process he was very helpful and knowledgeable which is defiantly better then going to facebook marketplace. I tried that, but the information from an expert just helps much more. I would defiantly recommend Ryan to other customers.
David Verified CustomerSep 28, 2023
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Knowledgeable and listens too!
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I very much enjoyed working with Leo on my ski purchase. I had done some research on my own but had not settled on a particular ski. I came across Curated by accident and did not know I would be connected to a live person - and someone who is quite knowledgeable as well! Leo listened to what I was looking for and put together some recommendations personalized for me. I was able to review these on my own schedule and later discuss my questions with Leo to finalize my selection. I’ll definitely recommend Leo and Curated to friends and will be back for my next pair of skis!
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I was super skeptical of this website at first I assumed the suggestions were just from an AI generated bot, but Leo is definitely a real human and a knowledgeable one at that! He knew the area i ski in maine and made suggestions based off my skill level and northeast conditions. Can’t wait to take my new gear out in a few months!
Nicole Verified CustomerSep 26, 2023
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Bernard #1
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I wanted to talk about how happy I am with my experience here at Curated and with my expert Bernard. Bernard was very helpful and knowledgeable about the equipment I was looking for, and provided different ideas on how I can make my skiing experience even more enjoyable! Bernard really is an amazing Ski Expert and I will definitely buy new gear from him from now on! Thanks Bernard! - John
John Verified CustomerSep 25, 2023
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Nothing better than having your own personal expert!
5 /5
Having some experience snowboarding but never owning my own equipment, I had lots of questions and needed a lot of help. I’m so glad I found curated and Josh! He was able to educate me and guide me through the process…and made sure I got a super deal. He always responded promptly and was patient with my never ending questions. All the gear is perfect, we can’t wait to hit the mountain!
Miller Verified CustomerSep 25, 2023
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Ideal experience
5 /5
I was skeptical about buying ski gear online, but with Michael's expertise and input it worked out great. No only is Michael super knowledgeable, but he really took the time to understand our requirements and match us with the right gear. Never any pressure, always patient, helpful, and super responsive. I would definitely recommend working with him.
Eric Verified CustomerSep 24, 2023
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Helped by:
My New Go To for anything snowboarding related
5 /5
Frankie is A1, top notch and his ratings and reviews speaks for itself. I went to 3 different ski shops in my area and I was sized wrong, told certain brands were high quality when they weren’t, would have been paying to much and just put on a bad path overall. I’m glad I stumbled upon Curated. I threw so many questions at Frankie and he welcomed and answered them all. I needed a new board, boots and bindings and I got a great deal. Got a 2024 Libtech Coldbrew with Now IPO Bindings and 32 boots for less than my local ski shops offered for Never Summer, K2, etc., packages. I can’t wait to get on the mountain! Thanks again Frankie!
Sam Verified CustomerSep 23, 2023
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