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Napoleon 500 Series Built-in Gas Grill

Napoleon 500 Series Built-in Gas Grill

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Fuel type
Natural Gas
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Product details
Official manufacturer description

The Built-In 500 Series 32-inch Gas Grill is easy to build seamlessly into your ideal outdoor kitchen. The marine-grade stainless construction ensures stylish longevity and unparalleled performance. Thick cooking grids, 7.5 mm of stainless steel, are virtually maintenance-free, providing the iconic WAVE™ sear marks that Napoleon is famous for. Precise temperature control and the ACCU-PROBE™ temperature gauge ensure that you're searing, smoking, roasting, rotisserizing and baking with ease. Instantly light the burners with the failsafe JETFIRE™ ignition system lights burners quickly with a jet of flame. Four burners provide the perfect amount of heat for any meal you want to create. The Built-In 500 Series 32-inch Gas Grill has been designed specifically for ease of installation with integrated trim and longer electrical wiring for no design and functionality restrictions on install.

Burger count
Commercial-grade multi-user
Cooking grate material
Stainless Steel
Cooking grid dimension
29.50 x 18 in.
Cutout depth
19.4 in.
Cutout height
10.75 in.
Cutout width
30 in.
27.6 in.
Exterior material
Stainless Steel
Exterior stainless grade
Flame tamer material
Stainless Steel
Flash tubes
Grill lights
Grilling Surface BTUs
Heat zone separators
24 in.
Hose included
Ignition type
Flame Thrower
Includes smoker box
Infrared main burner
Not Available
Made in USA
Main burner material
Main grilling area
Marine grade
Number of main burners
Rotisserie kit
Secondary grilling area
261 sq. in.
M (27 - 33 in.)
Spring assisted hood
Total grilling area
786 sq. in.
160 lbs.
WiFi/Bluetooth enabled
33.5 in.
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
Are Napoleon built in grills good?
Napoleon is a brand that focuses on quality first and foremost. Whether it be high BTU count, (48,000 in prestige 500) or fine tuned features like the easy starting jetfire ignition system making grilling safer and more user friendly the Napoleon series is a well though out grill for a higher-end built in system. Also, the Prestige 500 comes equipped with a 18,000 (prestige 500) BTU system for roasting and rotiserrie style cooking. When it comes time to sear a steak, roast a chicken or get a nice char on the outside of a chicken breast the Napoleon is a top contender. Plenty of grilling space for a mid size family with 500 square inches of surface in this superior outdoor cooking machine.
Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert Ethan SchererGrill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert David W
by Ethan Scherer on September 16, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Why do Napoleon grills have curved grates?
Napoleon has Curved grill grates? Having issues with grill grates buckling and falling apart due to extreme heat? The Napoleon line has many unique features - one of them being curved grill grates. There are two main reasons for this - To keep your grill cleaner by preventing food to fall through and to minimize the influence that heat and cold have on the grill grates. The curved shape allows for better expansion and contraction in the grill grate iteself and allows the metal to last longer. Just one of the many little things Napoleon does the give their product a step above the competition in the gas grill arena. Napoleon is a brand that stands for longevity and with their curved grates you can expect a longer lasting grate itself and minimal cleanup after a hearty cook or grill.
Grill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert Ethan SchererGrill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert David WGrill & Outdoor Kitchen Expert Travis Hill
by Ethan Scherer on September 15, 2022 · view 2 other answers
Napoleon 500 Series Built-in Gas Grill
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