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Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 701 Putter

Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 701 Putter

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The Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 701 Putter is an "Extreme M.O.I." design, meaning the clubhead is engineered to fight any twisting motion generated by off-center hits. The Wingman 701 is the largest mallet in the Wingman line and has a moderate toe hang, for those who have a slight arc to their putting stroke. About 1/3 of the stainless steel was removed from the sole of the putter and replaced with carbon fiber. This allowed the saved weight to be moved to the perimeters of the club, to produce the high M.O.I. (moment of inertia) effect. The clubhead also features interchangeable weights, to dial in feel. The "Lock On" alignment lines on the head have been made wider, to frame the ball and help the eyes assure the clubhead is sitting flat on the ground. Lastly, the soft T.P.U. face insert of the club features micro grooves to help get the ball rolling end-over-end more quickly and reduce skidding.

Key Features:

  • Extreme M.O.I. Design – The carbon fiber sole and weighted perimeter "wings" provide massive resistance to clubhead twisting on off center hits.
  • Improved "Lock On" Visual Alignment Lines – The visual alignment lines have been made wider, to help assure proper alignment and assist the eyes in confirming the sole sits flat on the ground.
  • Micro Groove Face – The face grooves on the soft T.P.U. insert help to assure the ball gets rolling more immediately.
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Tour Edge Exotics Wingman 701 Putter
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