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Lamson Litespeed M12 Reel · 12 wt · Ultramarine

Lamson Litespeed M12 Reel · 12 wt · Ultramarine

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Color: Ultramarine
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Product details

The Litespeed M Fly Reels are the flagship saltwater reels from Waterworks - Lamson. This reel is fully manufactured and assembled by Lamson in Boise, Idaho. These fully CNC machined aluminum reels are designed to be heavy-duty yet lightweight and come with a fully sealed waterproof (rated up to 100ft) drag system, and an ultra-large arbor for fast line retrieval. Additionally, there are spare spools available for the quick exchanging of line types. Lamson offers a lifetime warranty for the original owner for any defect in material or workmanship.

The Lamson Litespeed M Fly Reel comes in two colors Ultramarine or Riviera and three sizes:

  • 8+ that has a backing capacity of 250 yards (20lb) and weighs 5.50 oz
  • 10+ that has a backing capacity of 250 yards (30lb) and weighs 6.50 oz
  • 12+ that has a backing capacity of 300 yards (30lbs) and weighs 8.00 oz

Key Features:

  • Super Large Arbor – The super large arbor allows for quick fly line revival so there is always tension on the fish when they come screaming toward the angler after a long run.
  • Lightweight – The lightest weight reel in the class ensures the angler doesn't get tired of casting all day and will balance well with any rod.
  • Fully Sealed Drag – The fully IPX8 waterproof and sealed drag system will ensure that the reel stands up to the harsh conditions of saltwater fishing with minimal maintenance required.
Water type
Freshwater and Saltwater
Reel or Spool
Arbor size
Reel weight (oz)
Yards backing
300 yds 30lb
Reel diameter (in)
Fishing type
Fly line taper
Weight forward
Rod weight (oz.)
Lamson Litespeed M12 Reel · 12 wt · Ultramarine
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