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Robin Golf Women's Competition 13-Club Golf Set (Bag + Head covers) · LH · Standard

Robin Golf Women's Competition 13-Club Golf Set (Bag + Head covers) · LH · Standard

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Product details

A set of 13 clubs for ultimate versatility on the course. Constructed with premium components and technology to provide you with maximum performance and forgiveness.


Once you get a taste of the sweet spot, there’s no turning back. An all-titanium driver, designed with the perfect level of forgiveness and power, so you can really smoke it.


A graphite wood, as sleek as it is forgiving. Play the long game you were meant to off a tee or blade of grass.


Bring in the steel reinforcements. Our graphite shaft and stainless-steel hybrid delivers the utility, versatility, and oomph to get you out of the tricky spots throughout the entire course.


Made with graphite shafts to produce longer and higher shots. Irons with the right length, touch, and forgiveness to tackle any scenario in the fairways, rough, or beyond.


A graphite shaft and forged sleek head built to burst you out of the sand or thick grass around the greens. Chip it close, make the putt. #upanddown


Nothing like the minigolf putters you’re used to. Our steel putter is milled to perfection for accuracy and control. Sink it.

Dominant hand
Left handed
Bag type
Flex type
Set Length
5'2" - 5'9
Shaft Material
Includes headcovers
Number of clubs
Clubs included
Driver, Fairway wood, Hybrid, Irons (4-9), Wedges (PW, SW, LW) and Putter
Club Type
Complete golf sets
Grip name
Robin Golf Stock Grip
Used (Y/N)
Robin Golf Women's Competition 13-Club Golf Set (Bag + Head covers) · LH · Standard
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Scott Hofsommer
Scott Hofsommer
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 8, 2023

Great 13 club setup from Robin Golf that was recently introduced to give women that next step up in their golf game! This includes a driver, 3 wood, 3 hybrid, 4 iron through 9 iron, pitching, sand, and lob wedges, plus a putter and the bag. You also get matching headcovers! Very easy to swing with the lightweight components and they feel smooth at impact. User friendly and they launch higher to improve carry distance and forgiveness!