Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons · Right handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW

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Dominant hand
Right handed
Shaft flex
Set Makeup
Shaft Material
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Clayton Rushing, Golf Expert
Ryan Wegner, Golf Expert
Jasper Price, Golf Expert
By the Expert Community

Ideal for low handicap players looking for exceptional feel and workability.

Great for
  • FeelProvides a buttery soft feel at impact
  • WorkabilityCompact design allows for precise shot shaping
Good for
  • LaunchReduced offset for straighter shots
Avoid for
  • ForgivenessUnforgiving when hit poorly, not designed for high handicap
  • DistanceWeaker lofts may result in lesser distance
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Curated, Golf Expert
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The Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons are the perfect choice for golfers who demand precision and feel from their irons. These irons are consistently Mizuno's most-played model in professional golf, and they are still one-piece Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima Japan. The JPX923 Tour adds a copper underlay for an even smoother sensation at impact, making it one of the most comfortable irons to hit on the market. The narrower top line and sole, along with a more rounded trailing edge, provide cleaner turf interaction.

Key Features:

  • One-piece Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select mild carbon steel at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan.
  • A microlayer of copper between the base Nickel and outer Chrome for legendary feel.
  • Engineered via Mizuno's 'Harmonic Impact Technology' project to create 'muscleback' type vibrations and feel from a cavity design.
  • A generously rolled trailing edge enables versatility and immaculate turf interaction.
  • Noticeably shorter blade length and more compact from 6 iron to GW for precision where most needed.
Curated, Golf Expert
Zac P., Golf Expert
Michael Schmitz, Golf Expert
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4.96 average rating

Dominant handRight handed
Shaft flexStiff
Shaft MaterialSteel
Iron Set TypeIron Set
Player typePlayers distance
Shaft launchMid
Shaft spinMid
Shaft weight120g
Grip nameGolf Pride MCC Teams Black/Gray
Used (Y/N)No
Club TypeIrons
Shaft nameDynamic Gold 120
Model year2023
Set Makeup4-PW,GW
Number of clubs8
Age GroupAdult
ItemClub lengthLie angleLoft degrees

Clayton Rushing tested this product
These are some of the best irons that I have hit this year, they have it all; looks, feel, and playability. For a low handicap player you cant go wrong with these. While hitting these I was constantly reminded that they were Mizunos by all of the things that they did right, from the slim top line to the simple... Read more
Ideal for
  • These Irons are made with low handicap players in mind, they are the perfect blend of looks, feel, and control
  • These irons live up to their name "Tour" as these are exactly what the best players are looking for
  • These are some of the best feeling irons out there
Not ideal for
  • The weaker lofts in these irons means that most players will see a decrease in their distance
  • As tour irons they have very little forgiveness and off center hits will be drastically shorter in distance
Reviewed by:
Clayton Rushing
Golf Expert
Jasper Price owns this product
I received the Mizuno JPX 923 Tour irons (4-GW) in early February. I was fit using the Mizuno's Shaft Optimizer where I took 3 swing with the optimizer and the Tour heads which were used to recommend me a shaft, which was a soft-stepped Dynamic Gold X100. I've now been playing with these clubs for the last 4 months and... Read more
Ideal for
  • Thin, blade like top-line
  • Amazing workability, with true lofts
  • Tons of feel with more forgiveness than a true blade
Not ideal for
  • Unforgiving when hit poorly
  • Not for slow swing speeds
  • Not for mid-high handicappers
Reviewed by:
Jasper Price
Golf Expert
Ryan Wegner owns this product
The Mizuno JPX Tour irons are a high-end set of golf clubs that cater to skilled and experienced players looking to take their game to the next level. These irons boast a compact muscle-back design, which enables players to have greater control over their shots and better shaping ability. The reduced offset of these irons makes it easier for experienced... Read more
Ideal for
  • Compact design allows for precise shot shaping and reduced offset for straighter shots.
  • For golfers who prioritize excellent feel in their irons
  • Mizuno offers a wide range of customization options for the JPX Tour irons
Not ideal for
  • Requires high level of skill due to lack of forgiveness
Reviewed by:
Ryan Wegner
Golf Expert

Popular questions (7)

Why did you choose this product?I chose the JPX 923 Tour iron because it was slightly easier to hit compared to the 221 while still...read more
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What was your favorite moment with this gear?I was sitting in the trees on a par 4 blocked out by a branch and needed to hit a...read more
Jasper Price
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What is the value for the money versus other options?Mizuno irons are a work of art with a true attention to detail in their single-grain dual forging process that...read more
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Golf Expert
How forgiving are the Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons, and will they help me hit straighter shots?The Mizuno JPX 923 Tour irons are and advanced iron made for a low handicapper. Because of the smaller club...read more
Christopher Thompson
Golf Expert
How does the feel and feedback of the Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons compare to other irons on the market?The feel and feedback from the Mizuno JPX 923 Tour irons compare to other high level players irons. It sacrifices...read more
Christopher Thompson
Golf Expert
Are the Mizuno JPX923 Tour Irons suitable for golfers of all skill levels, or are they better suited for advanced golfers?This iron set from the JPX 923 line is intended for better ball strikers with a mid to low handicap...read more
Jeremy Brown
Golf Expert

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I am sure there are many other golfers like me that are looking for ways to improve our game. I have been golfing for the last 30 plus years. I am self taught and never had any lessons but I am an avid student of the game. I purchased my first expensive set of Callaway clubs around 12 years ago. I figured for what I was spending, these would last me a lifetime. I was wrong. Now these clubs are still in great shape but as I grow older, my swing speed is slower and my distance has decreased. I started to analyze my game and I came to the conclusion that maybe I needed a new set of clubs. I was looking online and searching for answers. I thought I knew what I needed but I was not sure. I found curated through a website and the site said to enter your contact info and an expert would contact me. I was hesitant to do this because I thought this was just another scam. I left my information and within 30 minutes Robert contacted me. I really liked the questions that he asked. These questions were specific and direct. He never once tried to push anything on me. He asked questions about me, my game, my abilities and what I wanted to achieve. Robert told me up front that he was going to ask me some questions and then after we were done, he would make some recommendations for me. Robert recommended STIX. I never heard of them before and to be honest I was stuck on Callaway. Robert reviewed these clubs with me and answered all of my questions. He recommended these clubs because he felt that they would fit my current needs and abilities. He was spot on. After much hesitation, I ordered the clubs. I was Leary but excited at the same time. Could it really be this easy? Trust me, I tried to get advice from many people but no one really wanted to know about me and my abilities, they just wanted to sell me some high dollar clubs. This experience was the total opposite. I purchased these clubs because I believed in what Robert was telling me. I trusted him and I took his advice. I even had a 30 day warranty he said. If you don’t like them, send them back for full credit. I placed my order and I received the clubs in 5 business days. These clubs are high quality at a much lower price. I used these new clubs the very next day and I was blown away on how they felt and performed. I was sold the first time I saw them. I could tell immediately that these were the clubs I was looking for. Well done Robert. Here is the highlight of this review. I searched the web over and over looking for answers and I could not find anything. Anyone who has done the same knows what I mean. There was no one to talk to until I found Curated. Robert helped me through every step of this process. He was always available and the videos he sent me eased my mind. He did not try to sell me high dollar clubs. He recommended clubs that were suited to my abilities. No pressure, no gimmicks, he was sincere and he listened. How often does that happen in todays world. Long story short. These clubs are fantastic, the experience was fantastic and Robert is awesome. I have told many people about this experience and I have recommended Curated and Robert to others. I will not hesitate to buy again if the need arises. Thank you Robert. Keep up the great work. Ken
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Quickly addressed my question and led to my new driver!
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Asked Andrew a question regarding an article he wrote, he quickly got back to me and guided me to a significantly better choice than I was going to make for myself. Definitely recommend Andrew and the other curated guys for your decision making process.
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