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Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Irons · Right handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW

Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Irons · Right handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW

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Introducing Nickel Chromoly – A new material with so much additional ball speed, our engineers switched their focus to feel and stopping power. At 35% stronger than our original Hot Metal material, 4335 Nickel Chromoly enables a high-energy 8% thinner clubface. Combined with Mizuno’s vibration-controlling V-Chassis and deep CG design, the JPX923 Hot Metal irons are as enjoyable and controllable as they are long. Compact, with minimal offset for confident ball-strikers seeking maximum ball speed.

FASTER NICKEL CHROMOLY: New 4335 Nickel Chromoly is 35% stronger than our original Chromoly, for an 8% thinner, high ball speed clubface.

V-CHASSIS FOR MORE SOLID FEEL: Mizuno’s new V-Chassis delivers a more solid satisfying vibration pattern, even though the clubface is 8% thinner.

INCREASED STOPPING POWER: Seamless cup face construction delivers the deep centre of gravity needed for a high launch and controllable landing angle.

CONSISTENT BALL SPEEDS ACROSS THE FACE: The thinnest part of the sole is extended 18% wider, creating a wider high-energy area.

WHITE-SATIN BRUSH: Non-reflective, Chrome plated finish to reduce bright light glare.

Dominant hand
Right handed
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Shaft weight
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Golf Grip MCC Plus4 Teams Black/Gray
Used (Y/N)
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Dynamic Gold 105
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Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
What's the difference between these and the regular Hot Metal Irons?
The Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Pro Irons and the Mizuno JPX 923 Hot Metal Irons have their differences. The regular Hot Metal Irons will provide the most forgiveness, highest launch and most speed out of any iron offering from Mizuno. This will cater toward the mid-high handicap group due to these characteristics in addition to a thicker topline and a touch more offset to keep more shots in the fairway and green. The Hot Metal Pro Irons are a players iron that will produce a lot of forgiveness and distance in a more compact head versus the larger more forgiving regular Hot Metal Irons. The Hot Metal Pro irons are built with minimal offset and are geared toward the low-mid handicap golfers. It will give the more traditional iron look while having great workability to move the ball in both directions. To sum things up if you are are looking for the most forgiving iron possible, with lots of speed and easy to hit characteristics you will want to go with the regular Hot Metal irons. On the contrary, if you are a low to mid handicap golfer that wants to hit fades and draws with ease with a more traditional iron your best choice would be the Hot Metal Pro Irons.
Golf Expert Andrew HowardGolf Expert Christopher Thompson
by Andrew Howard on March 24, 2023 · view 1 other answer
Are these irons more suitable for low handicappers?
No, these irons are the most suitable for a high handicapper. Players who struggle with consistent contact are provided with a lot of forgiveness to help return better results on mishits. A more suitable option in the Mizuno iron family for a low handicapper would be the JPX 923 Tour irons.
Golf Expert Christopher ThompsonGolf Expert Grant EllisonGolf Expert Andrew Howard
by Christopher Thompson on March 20, 2023 · view 2 other answers
Mizuno JPX923 Hot Metal Pro Irons · Right handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW
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Bobby Funkhouser
Bobby Funkhouser
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 3, 2023

Perfect fit for your game, and perfect combination of feel, playability, and control. Offers the absolute best directional forgiveness and ball speeds, optimizing your carry distance per iron and minimizes your miss window. By adding nickel to the Mizuno Hot Metal casting formula, it created a material that is 35% stronger than the previous versions. This allowed the face to be lighter and thinner and the face to flex more efficiently at impact across a larger area of the face and more ball speed.

Evan Massena
Evan Massena
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 3, 2023

✅ Players looking for a game improvement iron. ✅ Players looking for a very nice set of irons that will last them anywhere from 5-15 years.

✅ Players looking for an iron thats not too thick, something between a blade and a game improvement iron. ✅ Players looking for an iron that will maximize forgiveness. ✅ Players looking for an iron that is designed to increase accuracy. ✅ Players looking for an iron that will increase distance. ✅ Players that shoot 75-100 on average.

Mark D.
Mark D.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 3, 2023

Feel, Playability and control. Mid to low handicaps will love the less offset from the hot metal and still have some of the same forgiveness, and ball speed tech. Thin face and lighter, stronger Nickel Chromaly. mis-hits will still travel and your feel and feedback is top notch Mizuno. Nippon shaft and we can make custom with lie angles, loft, or grip adjustments. The perfect balance between playability and forgiveness...offering a great mid-cap iron set.