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Mizuno T22 Blue Ion Wedges · Right handed · Steel · 56° · 10° · Blue Ion

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The Mizuno T22 Series wedges are simply great. They come in four different grinds for all types of players (S, D, C, and X). All for different types of players and range from more forgiving to more workable around the green. Along with the different grind types the T22's have a multitude of different features. First, the grooves, Mizuno has implemented "Quad Cut Grooves" along with "Hydroflow Microgrooves". The Quad cut grooves are loft specific to help generate spin with each wedge. The Hydroflow microgrooves are made to help generate spin in wet conditions. The T22's also have a weighted blade to help with the consistency of the spin.

Pros: The T22's are amazing for full shots. It is so easy to generate spin, it feel effortless. This makes control distance super easy. You are able to work the ball exactly like you want. The same applies around the green. Chip shots are the wedges specialty. You can work the ball the perfect way for each shot. And getting spin is silly easy.

Cons: The T22's seem to struggle with the 'in-between" shots. When I say that I mean the half swings from odd yardages. I find it can be tough to get a good amount of spin at that range. It can also be hard to control the spin and speed when hitting a bump and run around the green.

Ideal for
  • Great for Full Shots
  • Easily Workable Around the Green
  • Forgiving from Heel to Toe
Not ideal for
  • Hard to Generate Spin on In-between Shots
  • Not Great for Bump and Run Shots
  • Can be Hard to Stop the Ball on the In-between Shots

The Mizuno T22 Blue Ion Wedges are a must-have for any golfer looking to improve their short game. These wedges are softer than standard chrome, thanks to the copper underlay beneath the blue ion plating. The one-piece Grain Flow Forged HD Boron construction ensures a staggering feel and appearance that is unmatched in the market.

Key Features:

  • FORGED IN HIROSHIMA JAPAN: These wedges are crafted at Mizuno's iconic facility in Hiroshima, Japan, where they have been producing irons since 1968.
  • SOFT COPPER UNDERLAY: The microlayer of copper beneath Nickel Chrome provides an extra millisecond of control at impact.
  • MODIFIED TEARDROP: The slightly more compact profile with an extensively bevelled top edge creates the appearance of a thinner edge.
  • SPIN WEIGHTED BLADE DESIGN: By flaring or tapering the upper portion of the blade, these wedges create higher consistent spin and a more penetrating trajectory.
  • WET WEATHER PERFORMANCE: Mizuno's HydroFlow Micro Grooves release moisture and reduce spin drop off for optimal performance even in wet conditions.

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I have been trying to get my son interested in golf after many years away from it. He finally is interested again but being a lefty there aren’t a lot of club sets to find. Miguel’s expertise and research will result in my son falling in love with the game and it is something we can do together for years to come. So thankful Miguel could do all the hard work. Couldn’t recommend him more highly!
Russell Verified CustomerNov 28, 2023
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Bobby responded immediately and quickly provided support on any questions or concerns I had. I was not sure how this was going to go, since all my 40+ years of experience with golf was done in person. But it was well worth the time to reach out and talk through my desires and needs. Bobby was very patient and thorough in his questions in order to understand what I wanted and needed. I’m anxiously awaiting my purchases over the next week or so and can’t wait to try out the set Bobby recommended to me on the course. Being in San Diego, I get to test them out on Torrey Pines South!!! Can’t wait!!
Tom Verified CustomerNov 27, 2023
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Jason was very helpful.
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At no time did I feel Jason was trying to sell me something, even though he did. I can’t stand the pushy salesperson and he never pushed. Gave me the specs and let me make up my own mind. I even upgraded from the original driver we discussed without him trying to “up sale” me. Great experience!
James Verified CustomerNov 25, 2023
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