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Fantech HERO HS300 Whole House HEPA Filtration System Commercial Air Purifier

Fantech HERO HS300 Whole House HEPA Filtration System Commercial Air Purifier

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Product details

The HERO HS300 whole-house HEPA filtration system provides full-spectrum air cleaning by removing pollutants and allergens from the air circulating within your home.

  • • 2-stage filtration: pre-filter with carbon, HEPA filter
  • • Captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and large
  • • Variable speed operation (200 or 300 cfm)
  • • Voice control via Amazon Smart Plug and Alexa-enabled devices
  • • No adverse effect on your forced-air system
  • • Fully insulated cabinet
  • • Recommended for houses of up to 3000 sq.ft.

The HERO HS300 is equipped with two specialty types of media air filters that remove pollutants, allergens, odors, and viruses from the air.

The pre-filter with carbon will collect up to 90% particles between 3-10 microns in size, such as pollen, dust, lint, dust mites, pet dander. The activated carbon filters out odor-causing particles from the air, such as cooking odors and smoke. The HEPA filter arrests up to 99.97% particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, such as bacteria, legionella, combustion smoke, milled flour, mold spores.

The HERO HS300 is designed to install directly on the return air plenum of the forced air heating/cooling system. If you choose this type of installation, it is recommended that you run the fan on your forced air system continuously (Fan On mode) to maximize the cleaning effect.

Alternatively, the HERO HS300 can be installed using 8 inch round collars for application requiring ducting, included with every system, two 8" round collars, two mounting brackets for wall, installation guide and fasteners.

While installed onto the existing duct plenum, the HERO HS300 does not restrict the HVAC system's airflow thanks to a built-in fan and bypass technology. Up to 300 cfm of air is drawn from the return air duct, filtered and returned upstream.

With normal usage, it is recommended to change the pre-filter with carbon (#463046) every 3-6 months and the HEPA filter (463048) once a year. It ensures your ventilation system runs smoothly, and you get the clean indoor air you deserve.

Number of fan speeds
Room size
3000 Sq. Ft.
Maximum CFM
Recommended for
Mold, Virus / Bacteria
Number of replaceable filters
Pre-filter type
Activated Carbon Pre-Filter
CADR smoke score
CADR pollen score
CADR dust score
Product height (in)
Product length (in)
Product width (in)
Weight (lb.)
28 lbs.
Fantech HERO HS300 Whole House HEPA Filtration System Commercial Air Purifier
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