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Winix HR900 Console Air Purifier

Winix HR900 Console Air Purifier

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  • †AHAM Verifide® at 300 sq ft. : Also cleans rooms up to 1,450 sq ft in 1 hour (725 sq ft in 30 minutes, 480 sq ft in 20 minutes, 363 sq ft in 15 minutes)

  • Ultimate Pet Pre-Filter: First line of defense against pet hair, dander, and visible particles

  • Washable Fine Mesh Pre-Filter: The first line of defense against the largest airborne particles found indoors

  • Activated Carbon Filter which reduces VOCs and odors from cooking, pets, and smoke. It also helps prolong the True HEPA Filter lifespan.

  • Winix True HEPA Captures : 99.99%* of airborne allergens including pollen, dust, smoke, pet dander, and other ultrafine particles as small as 0.003 microns.

  • PlasmaWave® Air Cleaning Technology

Number of fan speeds
Room size
300 Sq. Ft.
Maximum CFM
Maximum noise level (dB)
Recommended for
Allergies, Asthma, General Air Quality, Residential, Mold
CADR smoke score
CADR pollen score
Programmable Timer, Sleep Mode, Auto Mode, Filter Change Indicator
Winix HR900 Console Air Purifier
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Gunnar O
Gunnar O
Verified filtration & air quality expert
Reviewed Nov 4, 2022

The Winix HR900 is the ultimate air purifier for pet owners! It offers five-stage filtration with a true HEPA filter and is AHAM verified at 300 sq ft but can filter 1450 sq ft in 1 hour. The first line of defense in this purifier is the Ultimate Pet Pre-Filter which filters out pet hair, dander, and visible particles. This filter is easy to change and will keep your filter running at maximum efficiency! Next, your air passes through a washable pre-filter that captures the largest airborne molecules. Next up, the washable AOC carbon filter reduces odors and captures airborne VOCs. After that, the True HEPA filter filters out the finest molecules, such as dust, smoke, and remaining pet dander. Finally, PlasmaWave technology removes the rest of the airborne particulates by creating charged ions to latch onto the contaminants. Triple smart sensors plus an auto mode keep your filtration running at the optimal speed throughout the day and a sleep mode keeps it quiet during the night. Energy Star certification means you can always prioritize your air quality without worrying about your electric bill