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Cobra Aerojet Driver · Right Handed · Regular · 9

Cobra Aerojet Driver · Right Handed · Regular · 9

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Dominant hand
Left handed
Right handed
Flex type
Extra stiff
Loft degrees
Shaft name
UST Helium Nanocore 4F2
MCA Kai'li Blue 60
MCA Kai'li White 60
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Product details

The Aerojet driver combines a faster aerodynamic shapewith extreme forgiveness.


A seamless aerodynamic design is adapted to deliver faster clubhead speed for maximized distance.


An innovative suspended bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forward to unleash faster ball speed.


A forged PWRSHELL face insert maximizes flexibility for faster ball speed and higher launch. A H.O.T Face design uses artificial intelligence to create a variable thickness pattern that delivers more efficient speed and spin across the face.


A carbon fiber crown and sole create a lighter and stronger chassis


An adjustable loft sleeve offers fine tuning of trajectory and spin. Each loft is adjustable up to +/- 1.5 from the printed loft on the head.

Dominant hand
Right handed
Flex type
Loft degrees
Shaft name
MCA Kai'li Blue 60
Club Type
Used (Y/N)
Shaft launch
Shaft spin
Shaft weight
Adjustability tool
Shaft Material
Model year
Club length
Grip name
Lamkin Crossline (58R)
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Is the Cobra Aerojet Driver suitable for golfers of all skill levels, or is it better suited for advanced golfers?
The Cobra Aerojet Driver is a unique driver that is great for golfers of all skill levels. It offers a solid combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness for each golfers. However, the lower spin quality of this driver may not fit all golfers and a custom shaft option would be important to cocktail this for other golfers. All the technology in this club will help you to achieve higher ball speeds even on mishits because of the larger sweet spot that has been built into the face. The hosel will also give you adjustability for spin and loft +1.5 or 1.5. To summarize, this club is suitable for all golfers with mixture of forgiveness, distance and accuracy that it brings. Just be sure to talk to a Curated expert to talk about what shaft might be best for you.
Andrew Howard
by Andrew Howard on April 1, 2023
Cobra Aerojet Driver · Right Handed · Regular · 9
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John L.
John L.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 4, 2023

The versatile Cobra Aeroject driver is designed for Tour as well as amateurs who seek a fast, low spin head with the added benefit of high launch and forgiveness.

  • Faster By Design: Seamlessly aerodynamic, boldly designed. Cobra Aerojet enables new levels of speed that were not believe to be possible until now.
  • Swing Your Fastest: Validated by the fastest players in the world, the Aerojet drivers features a raised skirt, symmetrical shaping, and streamlined edges to give you the most speed possible.
  • Higher Launch, Optimized Spin: Proven PWRSHELL L-cup technology maximizes launch and distance, while an A.I. designed H.O.T. Face delivers more speed and efficient spin across the entire clubface.
  • Unlock Faster Ball Speed: Forward positioning of the fully suspended PWR-BRIDGE weight allows for maximum energy transfer to unleash faster ball speeds through unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole.
  • Carbon Crown and Sole: A carbon fiber crown and sole create a lighter and stronger chassis and allow more weight to be positioned low in the clubhead for added stability.