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Titleist T300 Irons · Left handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW

Titleist T300 Irons · Left handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW

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With 40% more tungsten and advanced Max Impact Technology, T300 irons can improve your launch, distance and shot making while providing maximum forgiveness. All in a premium chrome head with the size and shape to give you the confidence to play your best golf.


· High-launching distance

· Enhanced forgiveness

· Improved feel

· Premium look


· 40% more tungsten (D18 density)

· Max Impact technology

· Variable face design

· Chrome plated

Muscle Under The Hood

Locked behind the T300 face lies a hidden power source. Our improved Max Impact technology now includes an enhanced polymer core that improves both the feel and mass efficiency of the club at impact, giving you more ball speed and better feedback.

Better Tungsten For Better Results

T300 irons not only feature 40% more tungsten, but denser D18 tungsten made viable by a 2000ºF brazing process applied from aerospace construction. This kind of premium production, normally reserved for Tour irons, leads to a solid-feeling, advanced design that produces the optimal balance of speed, launch and forgiveness.

Thinner Where It Counts

Proving that every detail matters, T300 now employs a variable face thickness design that is thinner towards the heel in the long and mid irons to improve performance at what is traditionally one of the least effective strike points. So even when you miss, you don’t.

Dominant hand
Left handed
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Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360
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True Temper AMT Red
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Expert product review
Golf Expert David L. Brown
Review by Curated Expert David L. Brown
The Titleist T300 Irons are a solid option for those looking to gain more distance and consistency on approach shots into the green. These irons are geared for mid to lower-tiered handicappers who want to take their game to the next level.
The Titleist T300 Irons.
The Titleist T300 Irons.
Back of a Titleist T300 Iron.
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
Are these irons good for improving distance and accuracy?
With Titleist's advanced Max Impact Technology, the T300 irons are equipped to improve launch, maximize distance, and promote shot shaping, all while providing maximum forgiveness. The T300 is suited for mid to low handicap players looking for a playable iron that still offers some level of forgiveness. As such, this iron is not necessarily in the market with improving accuracy in mind. In conclusion, the Titleist T300 irons are great for players looking to get more distance out of a club, but also also prefer an iron that is shapeable rather than goes straight with accuracy and consistency.
Golf Expert Logan ReeseGolf Expert Andrew HowardGolf Expert Jay Anderson
by Logan Reese on March 21, 2023 · view 2 other answers
How do these irons perform for a high handicapper?
These irons are a great option for a high handicapper. The T300 series is designed for high handicap players looking for a lot of game improvement. The iron set will offer max forgiveness with distance and launch help too. They are high launching, which will help poor ball strikers make better contact and launch it more like an advanced player. Plus, you get the feel of a famous Titleist iron.
Golf Expert Christopher ThompsonGolf Expert Logan ReeseGolf Expert Andrew Howard
by Christopher Thompson on March 20, 2023 · view 2 other answers
Titleist T300 Irons · Left handed · Steel · Stiff · 4-PW,GW
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Harrison C
Harrison C
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 3, 2023

Players wanting to hit the ball longer (stronger lofts), and players who need some forgiveness

Mark D.
Mark D.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 3, 2023

These irons are built to produce big distance, ideal launch and great forgiveness across the face. The T300 iron set has the Max Impact 2.0 technology that increases ball speeds for more distance with improved feel at impact. The added tungsten weighting helps increase the MOI and stability to produce straighter ball flights and won't punish you on off-center strikes.