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Titleist TSR1 Driver · Right Handed  · Regular · 9.0°

Titleist TSR1 Driver · Right Handed · Regular · 9.0°

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Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40
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TSR1 Driver: The TSR1 driver is built for ultra-lightweight speed and distance. According to industry research, the moderate speed player accounts for roughly one-third of all golfers worldwide. The TSR1 driver provides these players the launch characteristics and speed to deliver effortless added yards to every drive.

As a maximum performance 460cc driver, TSR1 is roughly 40 grams lighter than TSR2, with weight savings coming from a lighter headweight, 40-gram shaft and lightweight grip. The elimination of excess weight, combined with improved aerodynamics and a similar “boat tail” shape to TSR2, helps golfers swing TSR1 faster through the air. Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness technology found in other TSR driver models assists in speed retention from off-center hits, while a deep CG almost perfectly centered to the face promotes higher launch and exceptional ball speed.

Ultra-Lightweight Configuration: TSR1 drivers, fairways and hybrids have been stripped of every non-essential gram of weight from head to grip to ensure the lightest possible build without sacrificing performance.

• Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness Design on TSR1 Driver: New VFT technology originally debuted in TSR2, TSR3 (Speed Ring), and TSR4 drivers and is now featured in TSR1, optimizing speed retention on off-center strikes.

Deep CG, High MOI: The center of gravity in each TSR1 model is positioned deep, raising MOI and maximizing high launch and ball speed. TSR1 drivers feature the deepest CG in a Titleist driver, now almost perfectly centered to the face, while the fairways’ open hosel construction and hybrids’ wood-type profile optimizes CG placement.

Confidence-Inspiring Shaping: Larger footprints in both TSR1 fairways and hybrids offer maximum forgiveness at impact and confidence over the ball, while the updated shaping of the TSR1 driver sits better at address and aerodynamic improvements help swing it faster through the air.

Dominant hand
Right handed
Flex type
Shaft name
Mitsubishi MMT SpeedMesh 40
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Golf Pride TV 360 Lite Gray Flat Cap
Includes headcovers
Titleist TSR1 Driver · Right Handed  · Regular · 9.0°
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Evan Massena
Evan Massena
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 6, 2023

✅ Mid-high handicap golfers

✅ Golfers who need an ultralight driver that will perform to it's maximum capabilities

✅ Golfers who need and prioritize maximum forgiveness

✅ Golfers who struggle getting the ball in the air

✅ Golfers who are looking for more distance with their driver, all while exerting the same effort

John L.
John L.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Mar 6, 2023

Titleist TSR1 Driver - Ultra-Lightweight Speed & Distance: Moderate swing speed, meet maximum performance. Titleist TSR1 Driver's incredible lightweight configuration and enhance aerodynamics make it easier to generate more speed. The new Multi-Plateau Variable Face Thickness design optimizes ball speed across the entire face.

  • Ultra-Lightweight Configuration: Every unnecessary gram, from head to grip, has been eliminated from the design of TSR1. It is strategically engineered to e as light as possible while still providing maximum launch and distance dynamics.

  • Multi-Plateau Face: This new Variable Face Thickness construction approach builds the face inward, layer by layer, to create a large sweet spot across the entire hitting surface. In other words, it produces amazing forgiveness and ball seed from every strike.

  • Face-Centered CG: The deep center of gravity in TSR1 is almost perfectly centered to the face, an improved position that promotes a higher launch and exceptional ball speed.

  • SureFit Hosel Adjustability: A driver that fits better performs better. The SureFit system gives a fitter the flexibility to perfectly match the performance of TSR1 to the needs of each individual player, helping you make purer and more consistent contact.

  • MMT SPEEDMESH Shafts: Playing at under 45g in all flex, MMT SPEEDMESH offers amazing ultra-lightweight speed, with a focused SPEEDMESH application in the tip for incredible stability and energy transfer at impact. A perfect pairing of minimal weight and high launch to pair with TSR1.