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Atomic Bent 100 Skis · 2024 · 164 cm

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Ski length (cm)
164 cm
172 cm
180 cm
188 cm
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The Atomic Bent Chetler 100 skis are a versatile all-mountain option designed to excel in soft snow and off-piste conditions while still providing solid performance on groomed runs. Developed in collaboration with professional skier Chris Benchetler, these skis offer a playful and freestyle-oriented experience.

With a waist width of 100mm, the Bent 100's provide decent floatation in powder and soft snow. Their rockered tip and tail enhance their ability to maneuver and pivot while in deep snow and make them easy to initiate turns. While they are not specifically designed for carving on groomed runs, they still offer decent edge hold and stability when skiing on firmer snow conditions.

The construction of the Bent 100's features Atomic's HRZN Tech, which incorporates a horizontal rocker in the tip to provide additional floatation and maneuverability. This technology helps the skis plane on top of powder and enhances their performance in soft and variable snow conditions.

The Bent 100's have a playful and responsive feel, making them ideal for skiers who enjoy exploring the mountain, hitting natural features, and engaging in freestyle skiing. They are designed to handle jumps, spins, and tricks, providing a forgiving platform for aerial maneuvers.

While the Bent Chetler 100 skis excel in soft snow and off-piste conditions, they may not offer the same level of stability and edge hold as more traditional all-mountain skis on hardpacked or icy terrain. If your primary focus is carving on groomed runs, there may be other options better suited to those conditions.

Ideal for
  • At 100mm underfoot and full tip/tail rocker, the Bent 100 offers a good bit of floatation in fresh snow while remaining
  • Relatively light swing weight with a well balanced flex rating offers a lively, nimble, and responsive ride
  • Extremely versatile with regard to handling a wide array of terrain and snow conditions, as well as, styles of skiing
Not ideal for
  • At 100mm underfoot this ski does not offer as quick of a turn radius as a narrower ski option

The Atomic Bent 100 Skis are the ultimate do-everything freeride skis designed by ski legend Chris Benchetler and the Atomic Freeski team. These all-mountain skis are a slimmed-down version of the award-winning signature model, the Bent Chetler 120. With a versatile 100mm waist, these directional skis feature HRZN Tech in the tip and tail for increased surface area and float. The Light Woodcore and generous Powder Rocker encourage you to slash and slarve your way down any terrain from peak to park. Dura Cap Sidewalls offer controlled power transmission and commanding edge grip on harder snow.

Key Features:

  • HRZN Tech in tip and tail for increased surface area and float.
  • Light Woodcore with Powder Rocker for easy maneuverability.
  • Dura Cap Sidewalls offer controlled power transmission.
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5 /5
I had been on the same gear for over a decade, and therefore had no idea what to buy as all my gear started to fail at the same time. Henry asked me a lot of questions about my experience, terrain preferences, ski style, and gear history. Also what I was looking to do. He then made some recommendations including both his opinions about the gear, and why he thinks they're great options for me personally. To be honest, curated is a new concept to me, and I'm not quick to trust a complete stranger, so i didn't. I have a lot of buddies who are long time avid skiers, pro skiers, and gear heads. I checked Henry's recommendations with them, and they all said I was on good hands. Psyched to try out my new setup! Thanks for everything, Henry!
Scott Verified CustomerDec 11, 2023
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Elizabeth was perfect!
5 /5
I was looking for some all mountain/powder skis and bindings to add to my current collection of just park skis. Elizabeth was responsive and asked all the right questions to make me feel totally confident that what she recommended was fine tuned to my personal preferences and exactly what I needed :)
Matthew Verified CustomerDec 11, 2023
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Cooper phenomenal
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I am a newbie when it comes to snowboarding, so I didn't want to make an uninformed purchase. That's when I found curated and was linked with Mr. Cooper who has helped me pick my first setup. He gave me recommendations based on his experience. If something doesn't match your style just let him know and he will work his magic to fund you something closer to your desire.
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Leo has an amazing depth of knowledge and the patience to share it! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
5 /5
If you need someone who goes the extra mile, patiently explains all the nuances to all your family members, and then even steps in when deliveries go awry, go with Leo. Leo has helped me get the right gear for my football athlete son, fashionista daughter and me. Each of us had unique skiing needs and concerns and Leo nailed it for all of us. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️
Dutch Verified CustomerDec 10, 2023
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Amazing service!
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I had an absolutely amazing experience with Edward! Going in to buying skis I had no idea what to look for and super anxious about finding the perfect skis. He gave me great recommendations and guided me every step of the way. Super attentive and overall a great resource! If you are paired with Edward you’re in great hands! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thank you, Edward for everything! You truly made the experience amazing for me from offering recommendations, answering questions, and supporting me throughout the process! You’re the best!!!
anna Verified CustomerDec 10, 2023
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Passion and patience HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
5 /5
This guy will answer as many questions as you can throw his way- even if you ask the same question 5 different ways. NEVER felt like he got annoyed with me. Super knowledgeable and if he didn't know the exact right answer he said he'd find out and did quickly. I don't expect anyone to know everything, and I respect when someone can admit it and know where to find it. I'm still asking him questions even after my purchase lolHighly Recommended!!! Thanks Brenden.
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