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Cobra King MIM Black Wedge

Cobra King MIM Black Wedge

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The Curated Take

This wedge is great for someone looking for a softer feeling, all around great wedge. The MIM makes them feel really soft and have a larger sweet spot than most other wedges. The grinds on the bottom are also very versatile for all conditions you will find on the course.

Golf Expert Ari T
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  • Lots of spin
  • Versatile grinds on the bottom
  • Soft feel
  • Not forgiving
Golf Expert Ari T
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The MIM (Metal Injected Molded) wedge is the softest and most versatile wedge that Cobra has produced. Available in all 3 grind options.

Key Features:

  • 100% Metal Injection Molded – By injecting the metal into a mold, Cobra has reduced the grain size compared to any cast or forged wedge, creating the softest feeling wedge on the market.

  • CNC Milled Face – Every wedge is milled to produce consistent results in every wedge.

  • Progressive Grooves – Grooves in the lower lofts (50-54 degree) are narrower and deeper, while grooves in the higher lofts (56-60 degree) are wider and shallower to optimize launch and spin on all shots.

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Ari T
Ari T
Golf Expert
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The Cobra MIM King Black wedges are made with brand new MIM technology. This is a new manufacturing process that is in between casting and forging that uses powdered metal that is fused into a solid shape. These wedges are super consistent from the MIM technology manufacturing. The wedges feel great from the softer metal used. They have nice grinds on the sole for turf interaction but I wish they would offer more bounce and grind options to fit more players.

  • New technology for manufacturing
  • Great feel from softer metal
  • Durable black finish
  • Minimal options for bounce and grind
Expert Q&A
Quick, accurate answers from Curated experts to the frequently asked questions
What degree is a king cobra gap wedge?
The King Cobra MIM wedges are available in a different set of degrees. The club is offered in versatile and classic formats, and since the gap wedge is usually between 50 and 52 degrees, you can choose which one works best for you. In short you can get either the versatile classic or the widelow configuration at 50 or 52 degrees to fill your gap wedge needs.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Andrew Abbott
by Jay Graham on July 21, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Does Cobra make good wedges?
Cobra is one of the premier brands in golf. I as well as my students have used their clubs to much success over many years. They are reliably good clubs and their wedges are no exception. In short, yes, the Cobra wedges are as good as any competitors at the same price class.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Andrew Abbott
by Jay Graham on July 19, 2022 · view 1 other answer
Are Cobra MIM wedges forged?
If you are considering to buy the Cobra MIM series you may be asking yourself how they are constructed. No, they are not forged, instead they use a sintering machine which allows them to process the club through extremely high temperatures resulting in a different structure, after all, they are called Metal Injection Molded. No, the MIM clubs are not forged.
Golf Expert Jay GrahamGolf Expert Gavin LeeGolf Expert Nick sinclair
by Jay Graham on July 19, 2022 · view 2 other answers
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Cobra King MIM Black Wedge
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