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Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge

Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge

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The Curated Take

The ultimate wedge for those lacking confidence around the greens. Whether you have 100 yards or a green side chip this wedge inspires confidence through a technology-filled clubhead and clean looks. Overall anyone lacking the mental confidence to go at the green from 120 yards and in needs this in the bag. With various loft options and a very moderate/high bounce, it will fit most golfers right off the shelf.

Golf Expert Daniel D.Golf Expert Michael V
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Overall ratings
(4.9/5) 3 Expert reviews
  • Plenty of bounce to help eliminate heavy shots.
  • Clubhead size promotes confidence on full shots.
  • Sole and overall profile provide easy interaction
  • Visually offers a bit of offet compared to other options.
  • Stock shaft is lightweight so some players may need to be fitted properly for the right shaft.
Golf Expert Daniel D.Golf Expert Michael V
The info displayed here is the aggregated value of our collective expert reviews for this product.
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Product details

The Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge delivers mid to high-handicap players a forgiving and soft feeling wedge that matches their iron set's forgiveness and launch capabilities. The soles of each wedge complement the loft options along with sharp grooves that optimize spin performance for profound shot control around the greens.

Key Features:

  • Hollow Cavity Design – Engineered with added weight in the toe and a hollow chamber near the heel delivers players a balanced wedge that focuses on forgiveness from impacts across the face.
  • ZipCore – Designed with a lightweight and low-density core which provides an ideal center of gravity position for enhanced stability, and reduces unwanted vibrations.
  • UltiZip Grooves – For efficient channeling of debris off the hitting area, two extra sharp and deep grooves are etched into the clubface for more contact points and maximized spin on the golf ball.
  • Dynamic Sole – Changing with the lofts of the wedges, V-, C-, and S- Shaped soles deliver the greenside performance players need from every optional wedge.
  • Gelback – Constructed with a TPU insert that softens the feel and absorbs vibrations producing a buttery smooth feel from impacts across any point on the face.
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Daniel D.
Daniel D.
Golf Expert
3,890 customers helped
Daniel D. tested this product

This product is great for the average golfer looking to up their game and upgrade their wedges to provide newer technology and performance. Perfect for the 10-20 handicap with older wedges that has not upgraded in quite some time. The CBX Zipcore wedges provide great feedback in feel and sound and also great forgiveness on miss-hits with either the full swing or around the greens

  • The feel and sound are exceptional
  • great control and forgiveness on full swings
  • dialed-in spin control around the greens
  • Workability is minimal since it is a low spin wedge
  • game improvement wedge with a little more bulk and cavity back to it
Michael V
Michael V
Golf Expert
4,523 customers helped
Michael V owns this product

Cleveland's CBX Zipcore Wedge is a great option for any golfer looking to gain forgiveness and spin control around the greens. Roger Cleveland helps every major manufacturer with their wedge designs. Offering a quality built wedge for mid to high handicappers. Better ball strikers will want to stick with the original Zipcore.

  • Great feel for a cavity back wedge
  • Ultimate forgiveness and spin control combo
  • Quality design
  • Not as slim of a wedge as some would prefer
  • Not designed for better ball strikers
  • Can be too forgiving
Cleveland CBX Zipcore Wedge
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