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Callaway Mavrik Driver

Callaway Mavrik Driver

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Product details

The Mavrik Driver provides the player with a slight draw bias and maximum forgiveness to get the most distance possible.

Key Features:

  • A.I. Designed Flash Face SS20 - The new face designed by artificial intelligence produces faster ball speeds to maximize distance across the face.

  • Jailbreak Technology - Jailbreak bars located behind the face stabilize the crown and sole to increase ball speed for more distance.

  • Cyclone Aero Shape - The new head shape improves aerodynamics as the player swings to increase swing speed and distance.

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Expert product review
Review by Curated Expert, Brock G.
This review is my own honest opinion of the driver, which I bought with my own money in January 2021.
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Callaway Mavrik Driver
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Top reviews
Want to know if a golf pro would recommend this for you?
Ryan Kern
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 28, 2021

This is Callaway's fastest driver out currently. It has all of Callaway's latest technology built in one driver, including:

  • Designed by Artificial Intelligence (used a super computer to find the best modifications for max club head speed and forgiveness)
  • Flash Face SS20 (creates faster ball speed off a larger area of the club face)
  • Jailbreak Technology (two bars connecting the crown and the sole to also promote faster ball speeds)
  • Cyclone Aero Shape (all new head shape that reduces drag allowing the head to swing faster through the ball)
  • Acoustic A.I. (helps produce a better sound off the face)
Kevin Ryals
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jun 29, 2021

Better players who strike the ball consistently and are looking to add 20 yards of distance compared to almost every other driver. A forgiving club with a neutral club head that will bomb the ball down the fairway.

Marco Karnadi
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Apr 16, 2022

The Mavrik uses AI technology that Callaway has been heavily marketing across their line of clubs, claiming increased speed and forgiveness across the club head. Having played this driver for a number of months now, it is clear that their talk has been backed up by actual evidence of their claims. Although bad shots will have bad outcomes, shots off center felt as though they did not have a significant drop off in ball speed and distance. This can be attributed to the combination of Callaway's Flash Face and Jailbreak system; the Flash Face is an aluminum face that maximizes speed on contact which is supported by Callaway's Jailbreak system which can be thought of as vertical support beams that ensure stability on the face and maintains ball speed for off center shots. Adjustable hosel system also allows for personal customization for refining ball flights and biases.

The Mavrik is the older Callaway model, but the Epic has not made huge strides in performance compared to the Mavrik. Personally I also think the aesthetics of this driver looks better than the outgoing model with the orange and black color scheme. The sound of the club is also exceptional, and is one of my personal favorite sounds I've heard from a club head in my life.

Alexander Coffey
Verified undefined
Reviewed May 27, 2021

This driver is an incredible innovation from Callaway. They used artificial intelligence in order to create one of the best, most consistent drivers on the market. Callaway's use of this technology to design the club head and face has allowed them to maximize the speed of the ball off the club. They combined this maximized ball speed with extreme forgiveness so that it is able to be controlled and powerful. It is a perfect fit for the golfer looking for a driver that will add distance to their drive, but not harm them when they do not square the ball up to perfection.

Brock G.
Verified golf expert
Reviewed Jul 28, 2021

This has some of Callaway's fastest and best drivers ever created. The A.I.-designed head shape and Flash Face maximize club head speed through the swing, increasing distance. The revolutionary Jailbreak technology connects the sole to the top of the head right behind the face, reducing warping on mishit shots. In other words, you can hit it just as far and straight, no matter where the ball contacts the face. Lastly, the adjustable hosel allows you to dial in the loft as you like it.