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Expert: Jim Hauser
Reviewer: Dean
Best Golf Shopping Experience
I had such a great and easy experience in searching for a new set of clubs. Jim is so knowledgeable about golf. He was able to recommend many options that fit my game. Then, he helped narrow my search for a new set. He always responded quickly and made the process smooth and exciting. Very happy with my experience with Jim and curated. Highly recommend! Thank you Jim!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 4, 2020
Expert: Gary Neft
Reviewer: Kay
Gary was Fantastic!
I literally stumbled upon this website while trying to decide what clubs to buy. I’m a beginner at golf and have been working on lessons and was ready to buy. Gary answered all of my questions as dumb as they probably were and was so unbelievably helpful! He was even able to get me the clubs I really wanted (aesthetically wise) with what I need (legs!) even though it wasn’t the way it was packaged. I’m so excited for them to come, I cannot wait! Thanks again Gary for offering your expertise, it was so greatly appreciated!!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 3, 2020
Reviewer: Jesus
Honest and upfront
He was very helpful from the beginning and got me deals as soon as I asked for something he found me offers I couldn’t find on my own. When my own idea for what I wanted was too much he found me something a lot more within my price range that is comparable and still great quality. He was upfront about stuff he wasn’t familiar with and let me know he would do some research before giving me a recommendation. He knew the products because he’s actually used them which is nice. I will definitely be coming back here for more of my camping needs and sending all my friends this way. Wish I knew about this site years ago, probably could have saved a lot of time and money finding what I needed.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 2, 2020
Expert: David Jones
Reviewer: Matt
Great Advice
David was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to listen to me and what I was looking for in my new clubs. I never felt like he was trying to push me to buy any overpriced clubs, and he even talked me thought the pros and cons of going with the stock clubs vs. customizing them. I would highly recommend David to any friends and look forward to speaking with him again next time I need new clubs.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 1, 2020
Expert: Ike B
Reviewer: Meg
A Huge Help!
Ike was great to work with! This was my first time buy my own ski equipment and Ike gave me a couple of great options to choose from with explanations on why he selected them for me; AND he made sure to get me a fantastic deal on both my new skis and boots! I had an issue with my skis not coming in time for the my family's recent ski trip, but Ike and the whole Customer Support team were great in trying to figure out what went wrong, getting me a new pair of skis, and covering the cost of my ski rentals over my trip! I highly recommend Ike and the Curated team for helping you find the right ski gear!
Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020
Expert: Heather Nall
Reviewer: Cody
Awesome customer service!
I found this site while browsing for a board. Answered a few questions and was quickly connected to Heather for help. Heather was very quick in her responses and knew what she was talking about! Very friendly and helpful in finding boards that matched my style of riding. She was also nice enough to reccomend some good places to hit the slopes and even recommend me to Ed Clem to further discuss some local knowledge of great resorts in their area! Talk about going above and beyond! Both of these representatives were amazing. I got some great info and look forward to purchasing a board based on the recommendation! Thank you Heather and Ed for taking time out to help me out! Will definately be returning when its time to make a purchase! -Cody
Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020
Expert: Jake Parker
Reviewer: Caroline J
So thankful for Jake's guidance!
Jake was so knowledgeable about all the different skis I was considering. He helped me envision what each one would feel like on various types of terrain. I narrowed it down to a few great options but couldn't make up my mind. When I finally did, I wanted to wait until spring sale prices hit. Sure enough, the minute they went on sale, Jake was on top of it. I appreciated how helpful, responsive and patient he was!
Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020
Reviewer: Pete S
Great ski buying experience
This was a great process for me. First, not a lot of great ski shops in my immediate area. Curated and Rachel in particular was a great way to interact with a knowledgeable sales person and on my schedule. I told Rachel what I was looking for and she made a couple of spot on recommendations. I did some additional home work and the Sir Francis Bacon line ski was exactly what I was looking for. Then I got a great deal on top of all that! Thanks for everything!
Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020
Reviewer: Gladys
Quarantined but victorious!
My husband and I planned to leave for Utah after a whole season of skiing every weekend at Snowshoe, WV. Two weeks before the trip, COVID 19 shut down all Alterra resorts and forced us to pack up condo home a week too early. At that time we were still naive and hopeful about the extent of the shutdown, so I found Curated while searching online for used demo skis. After a unique online buying experience I had with my new vehicle, I had hoped to find an easier way to get educated, shop, and compare what was out there in skis. I was impressed at the service of having an expert doing my shopping for me and offer the advice I was looking for. Thomas was patient and knowledgeable and never pressured me. Each time I got close to a buying decision, something came up that made me rethink about guilty pleasures during a time of shutdowns, quarantining, and massive unemployment. Who knows if next season is even going to happen? However, I knew I would eventually need new skis. Each time I reached out to Thomas, he was super responsive no matter the time of day. He also got me to realize that I didn't have to purchase demos to meet my price point and there were highly rated 2020 skis and bindings that fit my profile. So, despite having to pay more 2020 taxes than expected and having a renovation done to parts of our home, I bit the bullet. Thomas and Curated gave that unique and efficient buying experience I needed and didn't know existed. I recommend Thomas and Curated for what they have delivered. Thomas I hope to catch up with you on the slopes of Bridger Bowl sometime in the near future! Thanks for my skis!!
Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020
Reviewer: Shayla
He helped me when I couldn't even find the right words to ask him the right way to assist me. I ask him a question and it was quite some time but I finally got a response from him a few minutes later, he apologized for the late response and said his shift had ended but he was going to continue to assist me. Wow I am amazed at how dedicated he is in helping his customers. Even when he is off the clock he is still worried about making the customer happy. I think if anyone deserves a raise Fabio does.
Verified Review | Submitted May 29, 2020