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Expert: Andrew Wood
Reviewer: Wesley
Andrew hooked me up! And then Garrett finished it up!
Andrew found me a board I love with crazy knowledge and personal reviews of all of the products he suggested. Super friendly and extremely helpful as well as extremely patient with me being so picky. Then Garrett came in and finished me up with a super nice set of boots and bindings to finish up my new set! Would absolutely recommend getting your advice from these two!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 23, 2019
Reviewer: Tyler
Best service ever
Johnny was there every step of the way. He found many different options based upon my preferences. Even suggest better options when I thought I was all set. I had some issues with shipping due to my location and he went out of his way to make sure I got my gear as soon as possible. Best online shopping experience I've ever had. Even better than in the store! 10/10 would recommend.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 21, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Daniel
Initially, it's a weird setup....
Once you talk to Matt, it's like talking to an old buddy - like someone you've known for a while. I peppered Matt with questions and I really wasnt sure which way to go - but he had the answers and sometimes, he was at the hardware store - or I was getting in my truck to head to a meeting. As we went through our day, I'd text him questions and then we'd talk at the end of the day. Super helpful!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 16, 2019
Expert: Alex V.
Reviewer: Andy
New Friend!
I stumbled on to Curated from a Facebook ad. Within minutes I was hooked up with Alex. A few texts and a quick call we were buds. We deal hunted together and like a great friend walked me through my own head. Alex made herself available at almost all times of the day and even went beyond expectations and found deeper deals for me. Total savings around $200+ on killer brands!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 22, 2019
Reviewer: Kemal
This is one of the best online shopping experiences i have ever had. Justin was amazing... he was helpful, knowledgable, friendly and more than anything else shopping for snowboard gear in miami requires you to be certain and he helped me make sure i made a purhase that wont cost me any of my very valuable days on the snow with bad gear. Kudos to Justin and Curated you have created a major fan here !!!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 11, 2019
Reviewer: Anthony
As good as going to the store
Shopping online always seems like more of a gamble that doing it in-person. My curator, Andrew, made me feel more like I was in the store talking to an expert. Obviously, I still got the convenience of shopping online, thus I had more options to choose from and it was easier for me to conduct some of my own research making me feel more comfortable with my purchase. Very happy with my experience thus far!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 11, 2019
Expert: Eric Agganis
Reviewer: Jerry
I feel like I improved my game and made a new friend!
Eric made this process fun and enjoyable. He stuck with me for a week as I went through different selections he provided based on aspects of my game. He created a unique pairing to help me navigate a few obstacles in my game. He felt like a friend that was truly vested in my game and wanted me to success and enjoy my game as much as I do. His love for the game shines through. Thank your Eric!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 11, 2019
Expert: Jim Hauser
Reviewer: Monte
Brand new to golf.
At 40 years of age, I decided to take up golf as a way to increase my physical activity. I’ve only swung a golf club a handful of times in my life and was apprehensive about moving into the sport. I found Jim on Curated.com and couldn’t be happier with the entire process to my introduction of golf. Jim took the time to learn about me and my experience with the game. He made a couple of recommendations on club sets and price points and paired me up with the Cobra F-Max Superlite. Jim answered every question I had with patience and diligence. Jim is very responsive, friendly, and exceptionally knowledgable. Even after my purchase, he kept in touch to make sure I was 100% satisfied. I couldn’t have been better served by anyone else. Thank you Jim!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 9, 2019
Reviewer: Michelle
Dean will go all out for you
I recommend you double check the specs on the bikes as the first bike had incorrect specs. Dean is very patient and will continue to search until you find something you like, even if it's on Amazon!! I showed him the bike I wanted from Amazon and he got it for me for the same price. That is excellent customer service! I'm sure contacting Dean for a question will also be much easier than contacting the bike's manufacturer. Thanks Dean, Michelle
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 8, 2019
Reviewer: Shin
Shin's experience with Franco
5/5 Stars. Amazing stuff. My experience with Curated was incredible. I was looking to buy a snowboard for myself with almost zero knowledge. But having a seasoned snowboarder create a specific list for me with all of the equipment I should get was so helpful. He even added notes as to why he chose these items and why they are a good fit for me! Also, being able to chat on the website/ email/ text all with the same person at my own leisure really was the cherry on top of everything. I've been telling my friends left and right about you guys. Keep it up!!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019