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Ski Expert Jeffrey Egner
Reviewer: Ari
Jeffrey was super helpful picking out some skis for my son!
Jeffrey was great helping me find skis for my teenage son. He didn’t suggest skis that were crazy expensive knowing he might grow some which I appreciate. The options he gave were the best prices online for those particular skis/bindings (I researched some of his choices) in the sizes we needed. He listened to what kind of skier my son is and where exactly he likes to ski to make sure what he offered would be a good fit for the kid and and mountain/terrain he skis. Thanks curated!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 7, 2021
Ski Expert Todd S.
Expert: Todd S.
Reviewer: Tristan
Todd sold me on what I needed
The whole plan was originally for me to go online, scope out some new gear, and then compare it to the local shops. Somehow I ended up signing up for Curated and connected with Todd. Let me tell you, the dude is super chill and knows the space. We chatted about some good spots to chase powder and then honed in on my requirements. From there we both had to drop the convo due to real life stuff and then reconnected. Every step of the process was pleasant, well thought out, and professional. I ultimately picked a rad setup that I’m going to ski for many years with. Thanks Todd! If you find your way out to Wolf Creek let me know!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 7, 2021
Ski Expert Tess Hollister
Reviewer: matt
WOW, what an experience
First off Tess is an absolute gem of Curater. Bought skis, bindings and goggles for myself and sister. Let it be known it was on thanksgiving day. She was quick to respond from 11am to 11pm, incredible customer service to have on a holiday. Her selection for us felt as if she was a long time friend who had skied with us. Even when I was unsure of my first 10 selections, she patiently gave me more options. Not to mention they priced matched everything I wanted.
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 7, 2021
Snowboard Expert Trillium F.
Expert: Trillium F.
Reviewer: Sean
Amazing help for new person
I dont know much about snowboarding, ive rented a few times and wanted to buy my own stuff. Trillium was very friendly and gave multiple recommendations, and found others for me when I thought the price was too high. Enjoyed responding to me, even corrected my cart when I had some bad items in there lol. Idk if it says but I do plan on/will buy the items in my cart, so thank you so much!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 6, 2021
Ski Expert Austen Law
Expert: Austen Law
Reviewer: Nicole
Austen has all the answers
Austen was super friendly and responsive. He had an answer to each of my questions no matter how random it was. Im pretty new to skiing but expressed that I am determined to become an adequate skier. Austen provided me with a perfect list of recommendations that met my current and long term goals and added easy to understand explanations at to why he chose each option specifically for me. Felt like I was in the store with someone who truly cared about giving expert advice and meeting clients needs. Thanks Austen!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 6, 2021
Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
Reviewer: John
What a Guy!!!
Ryan is a Humble man. He is a joy to work with. He helped me on a variety of equipment. The man knows golf period. We have gotten to know each other on several different levels here of late. I live in a little town in northern Arizona and golf equipment is 3 hours away in any direction and this come tour front door. What a deal and what a convience. Your can't say enough Great Things about Ryan, what a Trooper. Curated you got a KEEPER. Big John in Arizona
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 6, 2021
Ski Expert Sophie Bonstrom
Reviewer: Dom
Have you ever....
... walked into a ski shop or pro-shop at a resort and just know that the ski-pros are trying to make that sale or trying to pressure you into a ski that you'll regret after a few days on the mountain... well Sophie is not that person and knows skis. After testing her capabilities and knowledge on a bizarre request for some Ski-blades (because who doesn't love a little retro feel from the 90s?), I asked for some recommendations for centermount rockers for some all mountain skiing, and the selection was exactly what i'm looking to demo / purchase in the future when I upgrade my skis! Sophie, you crushed it! Go rip it up on the mountain and stay rad!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 6, 2021
Ski Expert Lauren H.
Expert: Lauren H.
Reviewer: Jessika
Jessika's experience with Lauren
Lauren was able to answer my question faster than Google and put together a list of very relevant and appropriate purchase suggestions quite rapidly. She saved me a lot of time and headache, and also prevented a series of frustrations for my skier on the slope by advising me not to send him out with some improperly fitting used gear we happened to have around. Though I’m not ready to lock in on my purchase immediately I will absolutely come back and shop with Lauren’s help in the near future. Her responsiveness and knowledge is a god send for this strapped for time momma.
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 5, 2021
Snowboard Expert Sarah Taruscio
Reviewer: Ethan M
Extremely Knowledgeable and Helpful
I am fairly new to snowboarding and recently bought a snowboard. I wanted to find a good deal on bindings and was able to with Curated. Sarah was very helpful and answered all of my questions plus worked with me to find a discount. She also gave me a few options for different bindings that she left notes on that really helped. Very pleased with my first use of Curated and will continue to use it for future purchases.
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 5, 2021
Snowboard Expert Drew Cook
Expert: Drew Cook
Reviewer: Brianna
THE split boarding merch pro!
So many variables to consider when buying splitboarding equipment - I’m a research nut and spent hours double checking reviews and top ten lists but I could saved a ton of time if I had found Drew earlier. He considered my riding style and the compatibilities of all my current gear. Amazing. Knowledgeable, fast, funny and looked out for my best interest! I’ll be back!
Verified Review | Submitted on Dec 5, 2021