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Snowboard Expert Vincent P.
Expert: Vincent P.
Reviewer: Aaron
Amazing service!
Vincent done did it again! Had a friend refer me and boy was it the best decision ever. Vincent was very knowledgeable and definitely catered to my needs. He didn’t send the most expensive bindings and hoped for the best. I told what I was looking for and delivered. Not one or two options but many options. I definitely recommend him as your expert!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2023
Golf Expert Ryan P
Expert: Ryan P
Reviewer: Tommy
Tommy's experience with Ryan
Fantastic experience with Ryan. I have drug out this purchase for probably 6 months. Ryan always responded immediately and was not pushy toward anything. He offered several different options that would work best for me personally. It was tempting to walk in the store and buy clubs, but after he’s worked with me for so long he truly earned my business. For today and going forward. Thank you again Ryan
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2023
Snowboard Expert Jonny S.
Expert: Jonny S.
Reviewer: Caitlynn
Caitlynn's experience with Jonny
My family enjoy snowboarding but haven’t purchased new decks for AWHILE so not up on new and improved equipment. Johnny S was very helpful and asked great questions that made me comfortable in taking his advice. Purchased decks ad a gift for the kids but will recommend they come back and get advice from Johnny S on bindings and other items.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2023
Snowboard Expert Kyle Kendall
Expert: Kyle Kendall
Reviewer: Mubarak
Kyle gave me one of the best online shopping experiences I've ever had! Will highly recommend
Kyle was extremely helpful and patient in guiding me through the shopping experience. He sent me multiple videos reviewing snowboards, boots, and bindings based on my needs. He was open to feedback and questions, and ensured that I made the best choice for my needs. I'd highly recommend Kyle for anyone looking for a friendly expert to guide them through buying their snow gear!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2023
Snowboard Expert Andrew Joseph
Reviewer: Paul
I messaged him at 4 AM PST
I had insomnia that night and found the Curated for the first time. I was curious about contacting an expert who turned out to be Andrew at 4 AM PST. I expected to get an answer a few hours later since it was in the middle of the night. I turned off my computer and went into bed he responded a few minutes later. Hopefully, I didn't wake him up, or maybe he's on EST time but either way, he's on his game.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 30, 2023
Golf Expert Harrison C
Expert: Harrison C
Reviewer: Mike
Fantastic experience
He took me seriously, provided upgrades at the shaft positions, after practically fitting me for new clubs online after answering 3 or 4 questions, added a half inch to the club plus 2° of loft. I was skeptical at first then I went out side to the practice net and the rest is history. He was very responsive, and fitting my set to my needs with ease. We shared some woes about our fantasy football team between waiting on taylormade and followed up after it was delivered. Yall need to give this man a raise.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2023
Kitchen Expert Elizabeth H.
Expert: Elizabeth H.
Reviewer: Tommie
Informative, not pushy
I had a great experience with Elizabeth. I decided it was time for new cookware and found Curated when I was searching and very skeptically decided to give it a try . Elizabeth kept my needs and price point in mind when recommending cookware sets to me. I felt confident to trust her decision in making my final decision.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Eric T
Expert: Eric T
Reviewer: Lois
Lois's experience with Eric
Eric provided an exceptional level of assistance. His patience was truly commendable as I posed question after question. Throughout our interaction, he consistently displayed remarkable politeness and never applied any pressure. Dealing with him was an absolute pleasure, and his demeanor truly exemplified what excellent customer service should be.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2023
Golf Expert Robert Humphreys
Reviewer: Kevin
Bob knows his stuff!
He was very understanding of my wants in a set of clubs for a beginner like myself and offered three personalized sets based on my price range and height. He gave me three different options each with their own pros and cons but all of them were greatly appreciated! Knowledgeable person who made purchasing my first set of clubs seamless!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 28, 2023
Snowboard Expert Ryan Taleb
Expert: Ryan Taleb
Reviewer: David
Very Helpful and Knowledgeable
I had many questions, and after a few days we finally got stuff figured out. Throughout the whole process he was very helpful and knowledgeable which is defiantly better then going to facebook marketplace. I tried that, but the information from an expert just helps much more. I would defiantly recommend Ryan to other customers.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 28, 2023