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Expert: Alex Dolan
Reviewer: Crystal
alex is there for you night and day
buying snowboard gear can be an overwhelming task. there are so many decisions and options to consider. and having a patient guide to accompany through your purchasing experience is so nice to have. alex, was willing to provide pros and cons on various snowboard gear that i provided. and the best part was being able to bounce ideas and thoughts while shopping online with him. the accessibility was great. he's communicative and imparts his expertise in a supportive way.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 12, 2019
Expert: Tim Newbolt
Reviewer: Mario
The most delightful and safe purchasing experience on the internet
When I first got on the app, I thought for sure it was kind of fake. But I was on the market for some new irons, and I figured what the heck. Now, I'm not new to golf, but I'm new to buying clubs, as I got my first set with my mother. So naturally I had a ton of questions. In fear of talking to a fake bot online at 2am off an add I clicked on instagram. I asked a couple of pretty silly and ridiculous questions, that to be fair, would land on the side of racy. Tim was a hoot and played along but in a very mature and professional manner. Right away, I knew 1. he's a real person, 2. I feel like I can trust him. 3. This guy is funny. Believe it or not, all three of those play a huge factor, I believe, on whether or not one makes purchases, often above $200 and even above their budget, as it was with me. I had a rock solid drop dead low budget of $300. And I have to tell you, Tim, didnt only not push for me to spend more money, he got me a discount and helped me find something that I didnt think I'd find in that budget. All set and done I went above my budget, but it felt great, knowing that I was getting an honest product. I'm excited to receive them at home. I'm excited to see what shape they're truly in. But it seems that they'll have been a great buy! Thanks so much Tim. I wish you the best, and I assure you, that when I upgrade my driver, and putter, this is the place I'll be purchasing from.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 11, 2019
Expert: Matt Curran
Reviewer: Nicholas
Matt is the BEST expert to work with!!!
Matt is super knowledgeable and quick to respond. He helped me find the perfect gear for my super low price point. He even helped me find gear in my right size that wasn't available via Curated which was HUGE for staying within my budget. Gear is so expensive and there are so many brands and models and choices but Matt really knew his stuff. The Curated.com website needs a TON of work to be usable. I'm a tech person and there are numerous bugs. The promo code I received in my email only worked when certain items from Curated or external sources were added to my cart, but not others, regardless of the cart total. When you search for an item on Curated.com, the lowest price shows but often not in the size you need with an inconsistent sort by size option that seemingly comes and goes as it wishes. The total lack of reviews for products, which is a HUGE part of online shopping, is 100% absent from this site. Experts are great, real non-sponsored peer reviews are better. That's a huge reason why Amazon reigns supreme in this realm. Support is an issue as well. The support page only allows you to write a support request once you have placed an order. Huge issue if you need support prior to making an order. The other option is a support phone line which goes immediately to voicemail, also infinitely unhelpful. There are more bugs and issues with Curated.com. Summary: concept here is good, the execution is piss-poor. - Nick
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 10, 2019
Expert: Matt Curran
Reviewer: Abby
Matt is super knowledgable and walks you through the whole process!! Awesome working with you!
I had trouble placing my purchase and Matt really helped me walk through the whole process and troublshooted all issues with me! He's very knowledgeable about gear and listened to my snowboarding needs/wants to pick me out the perfect gear, even finding custom bindings! Thanks so much for making Curated easier to navigate since the interface itself is pretty confusing!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 10, 2019
Expert: Justin Lane
Reviewer: Tanner
Knows his stuff!
Justin knows his stuff! Talking to Justin is like talking to a friend about gear. Wants to know what you ski and your past gear. He will give you a personal recommendation if your current gear is not cutting it. In my case he made a recommendation on my current gear so I can get the best out of my gear. He also made a personal recommendation on the 2019 Faction Candice 2.0 for tree skiing!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 10, 2019
Reviewer: Shaun
Amazing Service from Daryl!
So I’m new to the ski world. I have been snowboarding for 25 years and I decided to transition to Skiing because I have 2 young kids who are getting into skiing. I was completely overwhelmed with how many types of skis and boots were out there. I did a ton of research but still wasn’t sure if I was getting the best deal. THEN I MET DARYL! Let me tell you, she was Amazing! She texted back and forth with me for over 24 hours on separate sides of the country To help me get myself and my family fitted with Skis, boots, poles and helmets! All at a really good price! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND DARYL to assist anyone with ski questions from beginners to experts! Truly the definition of great customer service!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 9, 2019
Expert: Matt Cook
Reviewer: Kelci
Matt was super helpful. Got me what I needed at a great price
Matt worked with me for about a week or so with my pickiness and me not really knowing what I was looking for even. He was very patient and helpful and available whenever I had a question no matter the time of day. He gave me a lot of helpful knowledge that I wasnt even aware of. If you're not sure what you're looking for, he can help you figure it out, and if you know what you're looking for, he can find you the best price! Definitely recommend.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 6, 2019
Reviewer: Corine
Responsive and fun to work with!
I thoroughly enjoyed and trusted the feedback and advice I received from Jacob. I would recommend reaching out to him for expert advice. The initial questions in the system are set up to filter to well suited equipment but Jacob continued to hone in on what I was looking for and responded quickly to my inquiries and questions. I haven’t made my purchase yet but this seems like a good resource for winter enthusiasts like myself!!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 6, 2019
Reviewer: Ben
Victor’s the man!!!
I’m the kind of shopper who takes his time researching everything I buy down to the T. I was set on buying my first board this year and with the little knowledge I had I knew I was about to put in some hours finding the right gear - but thanks to Curated for setting me up with Victor I got the perfect gear with minimum effort. Victor absolutely crushed it. I’m extremely confident in the gear I purchased and stayed within budget. Couldn’t recommend this guy more!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 6, 2019
Reviewer: Mac
Excellent Salesman
Arlen, Quickly used my brief description of needs to toss perfect ideas offers by the site. He gave reason for each pick and they all made perfect sense. He was ready and willing to answer any question I had. He related to my situation and was very friendly. It’s apparent that Arlen not only hath a plethora of ski knowledge but a very strong background in sales and customer service. As a consumer I would say his style was perfect for me.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 4, 2019