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Golf Expert John DelBono
Expert: John DelBono
Reviewer: Tyler
What a guy let me tell you
Never ever have i felt so comfortable buying some clubs. Bought 2 new wedges that I have needed for a while. And i wanted to switch it up but his knowledge and the way he handled the situation... it was a no brainer. Why change something when I know how to use the clubs i got now. Great man, great knowledge, and very respectful to your ideas. Doesn't push any nonsense on you. Approved!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 21, 2021
Golf Expert Andrew Cemprola
Reviewer: Victor
Andrew is your golf go to guy-
Andrew assisted me in choosing my first set of golf clubs. He asked various questions to determine my level of play, reseached numerous products, came up with a list for me to compare products, gave sound advice on his choice for me, ( everyone is different). I decided on A set of Taylor Made RBZ 13 piece set. I would highly recommend using Andrew, he is knowledgeable, patient, & continues to follow up w me to make sure my experience purchasing my golf set is a success.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 21, 2021
Golf Expert Alvaro Guillen III
Reviewer: David
Alvaro Is great at what he does! he has walked me through all the stages of getting new clubs we talked about what i have and how i play and has picked a great set for me to begin my new golf game with. Hopefully i can get the 15 strokes off that i need, LOL! Alvaro has been there making sure im aware of what is out there and also has given advice on multiple other clubs that could fit my needs and pocket book. .
I like that fact that we can joke around a little talk golf and just kinda discuss what my needs are. Alvaro is easy going and good to work with.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 21, 2021
Tennis Expert Levi Jerome
Expert: Levi Jerome
Reviewer: Abby S
Best customer service experience ever!
After taking Levi’s whole afternoon to answer questions and still sitting on the fence by the end of it, Levi was nothing but helpful and understanding when I told him I wanted to think on it. Absolutely no pressure applied. Then later that day, he told me he saw the racquet I was eyeing while he was watching the tennis channel with different strings which totally changed the appearance of it (which was the only reason I was on the fence) and sent a screenshot over to me. It totally sold me on the racquet and I couldn’t believe the thoughtful customer service he provided. And that was all before he quoted Matthew McConaughey to me. 👌🏼
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 20, 2021
Ski Expert Jake Renner
Expert: Jake Renner
Reviewer: Tyler
Incredibly smooth experience! Don’t look anywhere else for your gear
This was my first time using Curated and to be honest, I was a little skeptical coming in. But the level of service exceeded anything I could have imagined. When my order was getting a little more complex, Jake called me to give me some education on things I should be considering and helped me make the perfect choice of gear. The price was absolutely right as well — going forward, I won’t look to anyone besides Jake for recommendations when I’m the market for new equipment. Thanks for everything man!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 20, 2021
Golf Expert Jerod Bates
Expert: Jerod Bates
Reviewer: David S
David S's experience with Jerod
This spring, I was looking to replace old golf clubs. Jerod, an expert caddie from Idaho was very helpful and made correct suggestions with Callaway Big. Bertha B21 irons and hybrids. He had recommended a Taylor Made SIM driver, but I returned it after finding that the new driver did not change my trajectory. After that, everything went south as shipments of the remaining Callaway clubs went awry: delayed and mis-delivered when the irons were “bundled” with the hybrids into a shipment and not in the delivery in mid May. Then, the irons were then supposed to ship on June 2 but arrived unannounced on my door step on May 27…Add to that the owner of a Curated reached out to give a pat on the back to my original order on May 1 and offered a $25 off my next purchase of $250 or more before he left for his honeymoon. I never heard back from him nor anyone from Curated to see if they’re was anything else they could help with since May 27. I am very disappointed and would not recommend Curated to anyone else. In short, I should have bought my clubs off the shelf from a major sporting goods store instead of being put thru the ringer with this group.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 20, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Elizabeth H.
Expert: Elizabeth H.
Reviewer: Teresa
Patient, reliable, knowledgeable
Elizabeth really helped me take the plunge on gear that can truly level-up my adventures in the real world. I primarily needed a solar/rechargeable power bank to take on my next road/camping trip and got so much more out the Curated experience. My young son and I now have backpacks with hydration reservoirs on the way. I have run into many unsuccessful store runs because of the limited options offered in brick & mortar; i get too overwhelmed with sites like ebay or amazon because there are too many options and not much guidance (unless you read enough reviews, which is impersonal and still a risk). She gave me options time after time, things changing as i got more specific and less shy with my questions and/or asks. This service is absolutely wonderful. I recommend Curated and Elizabeth, with no doubt. I am happy and satisfied with the overall interactions, experience and the products purchased. Also, flexible payment options like affirm and afterpay! For such an important investment, I am glad that i choose to dive deep with Curated.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 18, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert David Shull
Expert: David Shull
Reviewer: Pierce S
Beyond my expectations
I found myself shopping for gear with absolutely no clue where to look and what to look for. David made my experience phenomenally easy. I told him what I needed, who I needed it for, and some of the local climate challenges I face being in Louisiana. He gave great recommendations, and I’m confident in my purchases more than I ever could be buying from a big box store shelf. Being my first time using curated I wasn’t sure what to expect, but for anyone considering trying it out and just needs a little push over the edge. Don’t just take this review as a nudge. It’s me with a blood alcohol level of 4.9 sitting side saddle on a bulldozer coming straight for you. And brother that cliff ain’t getting any further. 10/10, give him a try.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 18, 2021
Golf Expert Vincent Provenzano
Reviewer: Russell
Vincent Is Amazing! Great Help to a Novice Golfer
Vincent made great suggestions and then was quick to assist with my many questions. I have played with the same clubs for over 10 years and I was unsure of what to purchase exactly. Vincent was patient and answered all of ,y questions thoroughly. In addition to my questions Vincent worked with my budget and offered a very fair deal for the entire set of clubs we had customized for me. I will definitely recommend Vincent to my friends and work with him again in the future.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 18, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Stephanie Miller
Reviewer: Peggy
Peggy's experience with Stephanie
Stephanie Miller was so helpful. I'm an inexperienced camper and needed several things for camping, but especially for emergency evacuation. I live in the woods and the fire danger is super high this summer. Fire season has already started. I was packing my car today for an emergency evacuation drill and realized I needed more compact gear. Many thanks to Stephanie. I'll be back for the tent later!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 18, 2021