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Expert: Lisa C.
Reviewer: Sajal
Lisa is extremely helpful and caring
I was looking for a bike and scanned through almost every website I could do and was still undecided. When I used this website I got linked to Lisa and Lisa helped me not only choose a good bike but also made sure I get the bike delivered to my place all assembled so I don't have to go through the hassle of assembling it myself or take to a local shop for assembling. Lisa is indeed very very helpful and caring!
Verified Review | Submitted Aug 1, 2020
Expert: Adam Scott
Reviewer: Houston H
Amazing experience
Very responsive throughout the entire process. Initially was looking for a club that was no longer in stock so he provided me with recommendations. I was able to get fitted and provided Adam with the specs. He was able to make further recommendations. I was able to test a few at a local shop and when I made my decision, he quickly found me a club at a great price. Would definitely go through Adam for my future golf needs
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 29, 2020
Reviewer: Ray
Mitch was extremely help and Patient
I鈥檝e been looking for a bike for a couple weeks getting different opinions from friends that ride. I stumbled across this Curated website and purchased my first bike since I was a teenager. And Mitch was extremely helpful patient and knowledgeable. I appreciate him a lot for walking me thru and giving me plenty of options to choose from. Can鈥檛 wait for my purchase to get here so I can get out there. Thanks Mitch 馃挭馃従馃挭馃従馃挭馃従
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 27, 2020
Reviewer: Ethan
Jeff has done an amazing job on hooking me up with some great deals. I recently broke my fly rod while chasing wild Brookies in northwestern Pennsylvania as I was hiking through the mountain laurel so I am in need of a new light WT rod. Jeff is very knowledgeable/experienced when it comes to fly fishing and I can鈥檛 thank him enough for his quick response and knowledge. I highly recommend this fly fishing guru. Thanks again brother!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 27, 2020
Expert: Kyle Emery
Reviewer: Lori
Very helpful in figuring out what to get. Highly recommend the process
Great communication out of the gate. Kyle responded so fast that I thought he might be a chat bot! Then we started a dialogue that no computer could have. Lol. Kyle listened to what I wanted. Offered suggestions. Did push -which I鈥檓 grateful for. Just a good conversation about a sport we both love and trying to find the best club in my price range and style. Thanks Kyle. Super helpful. Got i club I likely wouldn鈥檛 have considered
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 25, 2020
Expert: Kami B
Reviewer: Kieran
I have purchased a fair share of items via the internet, and my experience with other websites and their online assistants has been hit or miss. BUT, after working with Kami, I can say that my online experience has completely changed; her charismatic, engaging and helpful insight along with her outstanding customer service made for an amazing experience finding the right gear. She was thorough and so thoughtful; she asked pertinent questions, responded timely and helped me find the the right gear for the best price.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 24, 2020
Expert: Lisa C.
Reviewer: Mike
Very surprised, extremely personable n helpful!
so I can give a great deal of information I was kind of grasping at straws and what exactly I wanted but she took my information my ramblings I figured out something that I didn't even know I wanted and it was pretty much exactly what I wanted couldn't have been more helpful and actually listened to some of the details that I said extremely helpful highly recommend
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 24, 2020
Reviewer: Joe
Will knows his stuff!
Will helped me walk through the pros and cons of 4 different sets of clubs from different manufacturers until we narrowed it down to two. I went to the local PGAStore and hit shots from both sets... both were excellent but the Mavrik Max was heavenly. Whatever your game level, beginner to senior, Will can find what will improve your game. Thanks for everything Will.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 29, 2020
Reviewer: Andrea
It鈥檚 hard to buy your second tent!
Eric managed to really step inside my brain and found the exact gear I was already considering, but couldn鈥檛 seem to pull the trigger on.. he explained why he personally liked the tent for my specific need and usage. We also had a lot in common with our lifestyle which was cool to be able to really relate to the person in the other side of the texts. Thanks Eric!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020
Reviewer: Maegan
A new hobby aided by a new friend
Being a novice camper, Kael did an amazing job pointing me into the right direction of where to go! Kael was more than willing to listen to my wants and needs including my favorite color - a small but appreciated gesture. I felt like I was talking to a friend not just a support expert. I couldn鈥檛 be more excited to tackle my new hobby now that Kael has assisted me in getting what I need! I have a better idea of what I need regardless of whether I bought it this time or not!! Quick to respond, so so kind, interested in you and enthusiastic to help :)
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020