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Ski Expert Mark B.
Expert: Mark B.
Reviewer: Greg
Makes shopping for gear easy
After years of renting ski's and getting an idea of what I want (and don't want) Mark quickly found a great set of ski's and bindings for my ability and style. He was knowledgeable, informative, and used my input to narrow down options while trying to keep the price as low as I could find anywhere else. He also educated me about the equipment. I will come back to him for future purchases.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 24, 2021
Golf Expert Michael Sparks
Reviewer: Jared T
I came, I saw, I bought
Mike helped me get the clubs I have been looking for. It didn’t take long, and he had explained what may be wrong in not only my golf game, but in my clubs. I knew they were old, and the tech wasn’t in them to really benefit today’s type of golf. I have upgraded and just can’t wait to get on the course and see the improvements. Thanks Mike! Such an amazing, easy, buying experience. Give this dude a raise!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 23, 2021
Golf Expert Andrew Bradley
Reviewer: Michael
Andrew was awesome!!!!!!!
This guy was great, helped for about 45 mins answering all kinds of questions (even my dumb ones) .... he was very knowledgeable about clubs and specs of the clubs, he's obviously been around game... it's great to get someone with knowledge but it's a bonus when they treat you like a valued customer, (I work for southwest airlines and I value customer service)...
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 23, 2021
Golf Expert Liam Kealy
Expert: Liam Kealy
Reviewer: Shane
Liam was very helpful
I went through almost every club question you could ask and Liam patiently answered every question. I found a local shop that was able to make a better offer so I ended up going local instead. Liam was very understanding and even after that he was still helpful when I had further questions. Because of this, I ended up making another purchase from Liam because he deserved it. I will definitely purchase from Liam again in the future when it's my wife's turn to upgrade her set.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 22, 2021
Golf Expert Marc Gelbke
Expert: Marc Gelbke
Reviewer: Rob
Marc is a true professional
I am completely new to golf other than going with friends and borrowing clubs. I knew nothing of what I should get, what is quality, and what is not. Marc was patient, understanding, and offered suggestions that were incredibly helpful. In addition, he told me why he would suggest it so I would gain knowledge to help me make good decisions in the future when purchasing. Marc was dedicated to getting me the right equipment and not selling me expensive stuff I didn't need. I appreciated his input, professionalism, and patience every step of the way. Highly recommend!!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 22, 2021
Golf Expert Niko Pagkanlungan
Reviewer: Elizah
Niko is such a pleasure to work with!
Niko went above and beyond my expectations of helping me find a good golf shirt. I told him what I wanted, and he immediately sent me what I was looking for. He responded quickly and was very approachable— plus he gave me a quality option that wasn’t extremely expensive which I appreciated. If you’re looking for new golf apparel or clubs, Niko is very knowledgeable and your guy to go to! You won’t be disappointed
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 22, 2021
Cycling Expert Adam L.
Expert: Adam L.
Reviewer: Mike O
Mike O's experience with Adam
Pretty awesome experience, in an environment that is rife with supply chain, distribution, and communication challenges, Adam L was the Expert with Curated who made a real difference in a first-time purchase!!! Educational at all times and instructive when necessary, his support and intelligence throughout was a pleasure to deal with and he CERTAINLY made the sale a successful event on both sides! THANKS ADAM!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 22, 2021
Golf Expert John DelBono
Expert: John DelBono
Reviewer: Tyler
What a guy let me tell you
Never ever have i felt so comfortable buying some clubs. Bought 2 new wedges that I have needed for a while. And i wanted to switch it up but his knowledge and the way he handled the situation... it was a no brainer. Why change something when I know how to use the clubs i got now. Great man, great knowledge, and very respectful to your ideas. Doesn't push any nonsense on you. Approved!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 21, 2021
Golf Expert Andrew Cemprola
Reviewer: Victor
Andrew is your golf go to guy-
Andrew assisted me in choosing my first set of golf clubs. He asked various questions to determine my level of play, reseached numerous products, came up with a list for me to compare products, gave sound advice on his choice for me, ( everyone is different). I decided on A set of Taylor Made RBZ 13 piece set. I would highly recommend using Andrew, he is knowledgeable, patient, & continues to follow up w me to make sure my experience purchasing my golf set is a success.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 21, 2021
Golf Expert Alvaro Guillen III
Reviewer: David
Alvaro Is great at what he does! he has walked me through all the stages of getting new clubs we talked about what i have and how i play and has picked a great set for me to begin my new golf game with. Hopefully i can get the 15 strokes off that i need, LOL! Alvaro has been there making sure im aware of what is out there and also has given advice on multiple other clubs that could fit my needs and pocket book. .
I like that fact that we can joke around a little talk golf and just kinda discuss what my needs are. Alvaro is easy going and good to work with.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 21, 2021