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Snowboard Expert Frankie V.
Expert: Frankie V.
Reviewer: Kimber L
Highly Effective
Frankie found me a sick board within 10 minutes. I have been searching online for awhile and in town too. He quickly found me a board with bindings that worked out for my style of riding and it has a killer design. He gave a me a description for all of the options he found which made it easy in selecting what I wanted. Lastly, the options were super cheap compared to what I was looking at elsewhere.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 11, 2021
Golf Expert Michael DiGennaro
Reviewer: Marc
Great experience for Curated rookie
I've been doing my own Google and YouTube research to replace my aging set of irons and was about to pull the tigger on some but saw a Curated.com ad on Facebook and decided to check it out. I'm glad I did! I was paired with Michael and the couple-day-long interaction culminated with me placing an iron set order. Michael's keen questions and obvious expertise drove me to order a set that looks to be perfect for my needs and not a brand/set that I was originally considering. The set I bought was even cheaper than those I was considering! Easy, helpful and money saving! I believe Curated and Michael just earned a future repeat customer.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 10, 2021
Ski Expert Grayson Nichols
Reviewer: Alan
Grayson was a tremendous help!!
As a first time Curated expert user, I didn't know what to expect. Not only was I more than surprised at how helpful Grayson was, I was even more impressed with the personal attention he gave to my questions, my concerns, and my preferences. I will definitely be contacting Grayson again and will be sharing my experience with all of my ski friends. It doesn't get any better! Thanks Grayson. Great job and I will stay in touch!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 9, 2021
Ski Expert Rob G.
Expert: Rob G.
Reviewer: Jennifer
What a guy!
I have to say this about Rob: If I must call him a salesman, I would have to say I have never dealt with a salesman who can be so attentive yet patient while waiting for me to make a decision. He is down-to-earth, approachable, and confident in his assessments of both equipment and client. Rob can't be much older than I, yet I felt like he was looking out for me. I expect he will have much success with future clients just because he is outstandingly good at what he does. Thanks, Rob, for your help--it was much appreciated! P.S. Btw, his language and grammar were excellent in his communications, which shows he's a learned person.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 9, 2021
Golf Expert Stan Kosinski
Reviewer: Rob
Very good recommendations
Stan stepped me through the process of buying my first set of clubs. A few quick questions to answer and within 15 minutes I had 13 different recommendations waiting for me to review. I liked the look and the descriptions about the clubs so I went with the Cleveland launcher Uhx irons and the Cleveland launcher hb driver. I have not hit the clubs but will be sure to come back and write a review on the clubs. Thanks again Stan!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 8, 2021
Golf Expert Andrew Z
Expert: Andrew Z
Reviewer: Justin
Glad I chose Curated for my clubs
Worked with Andrew about a new iron set. We must of went through at least 6 different sets before finding the right one. The clubs Andrew recommended are great. Callaway Rogue X 4H,5H,6I-PW. First time out on the course with them, I had my best game ever. Broke 85 for the first time. A lot more forgiveness and distance than my old clubs. I'm gonna be back for them I update my woods.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 8, 2021
Golf Expert Jacob Noonan
Expert: Jacob Noonan
Reviewer: Mollie
Jacob was a very patient listener.
At my age I do not speak to strangers on chat line. My golf clubs and bag were stolen. I had been dragging my feet ordering replacements. Covid lockdown practically made it impossible to try out 8 new clubs. I felt like Jacob listened to me and let me ask lots of questions. Using the online process I believe we did a good job. This will give me confidence as I unpack the clubs. We all need whatever voo doo and karma with the game of golf. I am off to a good start. Thanks Jacob.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 8, 2021
Cycling Expert Dennis C.
Expert: Dennis C.
Reviewer: Sharlette
Sharlette's experience with Dennis
Dennis is THE best. I started my search around 8pm with no plan to actually order a bike right away. But Dennis was so helpful and knowledgeable I felt confident enough to make a purchase based on his recommendations. He was so patient and easily spent an hour answering my questions and sending additional recommendations. I just ordered a bike for my husband and will order another for myself.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 8, 2021
Snowboard Expert Jeff Moore
Expert: Jeff Moore
Reviewer: Trent
Jeff the snowboard matchmaker...
Jeff knows his sh*t. Ive been snowboarding for 20 plus years, but have been out of the game a while, so I needed an update on the latest and greatest. I’m extremely picky and was looking for some very specific features and he hooked me up with exactly what I was looking. He was also very responsive during the whole process. If Jeff was in the online dating business, Tinder would go bankrupt. Thanks again, Jeff.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 7, 2021
Golf Expert Jake Kearney
Expert: Jake Kearney
Reviewer: Brad
Amazing experience!
I have been looking for clubs for months and found Curated by accident. It was really an amazing experience. Jake found the perfect clubs for me and even called me to talk me down from making an instant gratification purchase, i have to wait a little longer to get what i want but it was the right call. i will definitely recommend this site and Jake to my golfing buddie! thanks again to Jake! Brad G
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 7, 2021