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Reviewer: Kristen G
Great advice!
Casey helped me find the right all-mountain skis and bindings for my son, who is a ski racer. We fully understand the race ski world, but all-mountain skis are a different beast. Casey asked me a ton of questions to best understand my son and his needs and his ability as a skier. She is SO knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I couldn’t recommend her more highly and truly trust her professional opinion in finding anyone what they need on the mountain. A+ customer service experience.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 13, 2019
Reviewer: Srdan
Charles is amazingly patient & in-depth knowledgable
Amazing ski buying experience with Charles. This young guy (20s) was so nice and knowledgable. I can't praise enough how nicely and smoothly he helped me shape my decision, towards best possible ski equipment for my level (Advanced) and where i would ski (East Coast). I ended up getting Salomon XDR 80 Ti (2019 all mountain), Tyrolia Attack GW 13 (lime yellow :P), Dalbello 120 ID Pantera (all mountain) and beautifully functional and designed Faction ski poles (Candide edition). Charles was able to recommend, based on height, style and my design wishes (visual artist here hello). Even when i would stir myself into direction he thought might not be best for me, even tho pricier, he kept me on point to get exactly what i need and be satisfied. I used to do sales in MTB and sport equipment. I am not sure i would have that much patience and knowledge like he did back then. Bravo Charles. I hope you study to do some sort of Sales in life, cause you are natural born talent. They have amazing option at the checkout, where you can leave TIP in % or of your liking. I never ever seen that, or such service as i witnessed here on Curated. Either offline or online.. Truly remarkable discovery. If everyone is like Charles, this website will be nothing short of 5* reviews.. Serg Brooklyn, NY (European / Pro-Photographer)
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 12, 2019
Reviewer: Gabe
I was confused at first on how they could offer such good service...
Honestly, I am not a bot, and I was no payed for writing this review. But, when I first saw the ad for Curated I expected it to be a sub-par service because I thought it was impossible for them to offer such one on one advice. However, once I completed the quiz I was matched with Colby and he quickly talked me through good options for me, was super helpful, easy to talk to, and offered me a very competitive deal!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 11, 2019
Reviewer: Kari
Extremely knowledgeable and friendly!
I'm a complete ski newbie. I clicked on the Curated ad I saw on Facebook (because I've been searching for all kinds of ski gear) and didn't even know I would be getting into such an easy and great experience. Based on my limited ski experience and what I plan to do, Quinn was able to recommend a great boot that will allow me to grow for a while. I'm currently getting into several new winter sports since I moved to the north east a few months ago and it has all really added up. Quinn completely understood and helped me find quality boots within my budget. I was so impressed with the candid advice I was given that I also asked for recommendations on boots for my husband as well. I never felt pressured to buy something completely out of my budget. I am looking forward to receiving my purchase, but I'm very impressed with the level of customer service I got by chatting with Quinn!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 8, 2019
Reviewer: Caleb
Mind blowing service
Wether you’re a seasoned snowboarder or just starting out this is your guy. Not only is his knowledge of the equipment excellent, but he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Need suggestions on gear? He’s got you. Have questions on how to set it up? He’s got you. Wanna talk about the best way to learn a new style? He’s got you. He’s genuinely a friend and just wants to help everyone get the perfect set up for their shredding experience. 15/10 service. Thank man!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 7, 2019
Reviewer: Dallas
Amazing Experience
Colby was phenomenal. He answered all of my questions and made it feel like answering my questions and concerns, were the most important thing in the world to him at that time. Hopefully he's still around next time I find myself shopping for a board because I will absolutely be going through him again! I only wish I was in a better place financially so I could have tipped him more, honestly! Thanks again, Colby!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 6, 2019
Expert: Matt Cook
Reviewer: Shane
Listens and creates choices based on you
Matt is awesome! Very responsive and did not give the same recommendation to me as he did other people. Very knowledgeable about the products and wants to share the passion. Matt is really easy to talk to and is not a pushy salesman at all and is willing to work with you no matter financial situation. I did not feel like I was shopping more like having a conversation with someone and being included in the process not just that I was another sale. Highly recommend
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 6, 2019
Expert: Jon Kunkler
Reviewer: Allan
Treats you like a pal
I came to curated not really knowing what to expect. I was a little skeptical about the quality of service this platform could provide but decided to try it out anyways. From the moment I started chatting with Jon, I felt like I was in good company. He was so friendly out of the gates it felt like I was chatting with someone I've know for ages. He asked great questions to get to know what my goals were for the upcoming season and sent me videos on gear to consider. Within a day Jon got back to me with a great selection of gear with clear descriptions as to why each item was a good fit for me. While I wasn't able to purchase any gear (no shipping to Canada) I felt much more informed as to what gear would be right for the type of riding I do. I'm completely impressed with the help Jon provided and totally recommend reaching out to him for help!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 5, 2019
Reviewer: Greg
Spencer has the knowledge!!
Spencer has the experience and knowledge to get you into some good products. Went in looking for new jacket and pants for skiing, like I do every year. Which is the reason why I need new gear every year! I spent a few bucks more then I thought I would, not by much. Spencer made me aware of the worth of my purchase versus the cheap pair. Good dude! Willing to research to get you what you want.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 5, 2019
Reviewer: Martin
Colby Is the best
Colby was the best thing that has happened to my snowboard experience. He asked questions about what type of rider I am what type of environment I ride in and have me multiple options to choose from that is best suited for you. And after that like me most people have trouble picking the options because they are soo good and he narrows it down for you. Just have to say give this man a raise because he deserves it. Passionate about what he does and that what everyone looks for. Again thank you Colby for helping me pick out the sickest setup I couldn’t of been more appreciative.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 4, 2019