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Ski Expert Connor Wilkins
Reviewer: Jake
Best service
Alright so I’m someone who asks a million questions before I buy anything... to the point where it’s almost annoying (maybe it is annoying). Connor answered every single question and was more than happy to help me pick out ski gear over the past few weeks. I never felt like he was trying to sell me a more expensive product and always gave me a few options in my price range. Thanks again Connor!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 27, 2020
Ski Expert Ethan Scherer
Reviewer: alexander
Some of the best customer experience I’ve ever had
I started chatting with Ethan online about finding some good products and deals. We ended up chatting and he went out of his way to call me up and ask me more personalized questions than the site to help me find the perfect gear. He threw a few options in front of me in all different price points and recommends the right products, not the most expensive products. Will def be requesting him again when Im looking in the future.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 27, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Amy B
Expert: Amy B
Reviewer: HEATHER M
beyond my expectations.
I wasn't sure what the experience was going to be. It was a game changer. I had already done some research on my own... not that I count have proceeded, I wanted to be sure I was picking the right product and getting the best deal. Amy was super responsive. Soooo knowledgable. It felt like she was sitting right beside me as a personal shopper. She was patient with my decisions and just friendly... like an ol pal!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 27, 2020
Snowboard Expert Gordon Heffern
Reviewer: Matt
He's Patient
I understand that these guys gotta sell stuff, and sometimes they throw stuff at ya that's to pricey for your taste, but Gordon was actually a delight to work with while looking for my board, bindings, and boots! He got me some good discounts, referred me to a board that fits my ride style and even has a sick print on it, and got me some bindings that according to some others are excellent for the price. I'm also indecisive as hell, but he stuck around for the long-haul! I would tip more but I'm a broke college student. Guy knows what he is doing!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 27, 2020
Golf Expert Andrew L
Expert: Andrew L
Reviewer: Jonathon
Andrew is great
Knowledgeable Patient Attentive & Responsive Was not pushy and let me take the time I needed to find a product that made me confront-able and happy. Very approachable, over great and friendly to have a conversation with. Extreme knowledge and understanding of the game at all levels, from novice to expert. Keep up the good works Andrew, they should be giving you a black or award for your service hahaha
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 27, 2020
Snowboard Expert Matt Cook
Expert: Matt Cook
Reviewer: Amy
All star helper!
I have no experience in buying boards, and searched all over google on tips for what boards I should buy. I had no luck until I came onto this website and started speaking to this expert Mike. He was so very helpful and he recommended boards and bindings fit to my liking and height. I definitely recommend Mike for any first time buyers or anyone with general snowboard questions!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 27, 2020
Snowboard Expert Logan Chapman
Reviewer: Jake
Extremely Helpful and Knowledgeable
Kids awesome, I already had some knowledge about what I wanted and Logan smashed it out of the park, he brought me right to boards that I’m interested in and bindings as well and not only does he suggest decks and bindings performance wise but he also just makes your set up look IMMACULATE, the color combos are almost just as important to me as performance and he brought be both with EASE, thanks Logan, you’re a homie! 10 outta 10 recommend, ladies and gents
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 26, 2020
Cycling Expert Dalton C.
Expert: Dalton C.
Reviewer: Sharif
On time Dalton
Man, where do I begin with this review! Being a beginner and searching high and low for the best price and products, I don't know where Curated and Dalton come from but I'm super happy it popped up on my phone. Dalton was super nice. He knew his stuff. He found me what I was looking for as well as the price point. He even steered me to a better roadie as well as accessories! Dalton is the man. Super funny, super patient, super knowledgeable and from my short 3 day experience with him just an all around SUPER GUY!! Thank you Curated and a special and SUPER Thank you to Dalton for hooking me up! Can't wait for my shipment and to get out there on the road!!!! Contact Dalton for great customer service... No pressure!!!!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 26, 2020
Snowboard Expert Arielle B
Expert: Arielle B
Reviewer: Glorianna
The most helpful sales rep, ever
Put simply, I have a very tall and athletic build which makes finding nicely fitting clothes quite difficult, and yet on top of that, I want to be dressed like it’s Aspen Fashion week. And did I mention that I was a Floridian? So not only do I want to find nicely fitting clothes that are flattering, but I need to be and stay VERY warm. Arielle LISTENED to every wish I had and was extremely thorough in investigating and finding something tailored to what I would love. (She even compared sleeve lengths in jackets for me for goodness sake!!). If you have a chance to work with Arielle in finding your gear, consider yourself very lucky, and for sure, in good hands. She will take care of you
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 25, 2020
Snowboard Expert Colby Henderson
Reviewer: Meg
So helpful!
Colby is a real person who knows what he's talking about and is not a robot! When I first found Curated I thought it would be a computer generated list of snowboards but it wasn't. I've spent all day bugging him with questions that most people probably know the answer to but he laid it all out in a way I could understand. He is super encouraging and patient. I'm much more confident in what I ordered on his recommendation than I would be if I hadn't had his advice. I definitely went for a nicer setup than I would have if I was left to my own research. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, I would recommend him all day long! I'm so excited for everything to arrive (including snow ;)!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 25, 2020