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Snowboard Expert Keith L.
Expert: Keith L.
Reviewer: Jonathan
Keith was very patience & fair
Coming from someone who always rented their gear and just put on whatever board size was given to me, it was great having Keith help me get a board right for me! He was never pushy and he was always patient over the days we spent messaging back in forth over the gear I was interested in. I never felt pressured and I ordered feeling confident in my decisions based on his descriptions & my preferences. I would definitely recommend him!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 23, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Alex K.
Expert: Alex K.
Reviewer: heather
Alex is a super star!
Alex took her time looking for a package of XC skis and bindings. She also found me a pair of boots that worked with the bindings. She found me a great deal similar to what I had seen when I surfed but tailored it to my needs. I felt more confident buying them with her input. XC skis are hard to find already and selling fast. Hit her up if you are looking for a deal or just can't find it in your size!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 22, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Kelly Overbay
Reviewer: Eric
Kelly, our Tent Expert
I really liked Kelly's listening to me, what I liked, what I didn't care for. And, that I was on a budget. The tents were very close to what I was thinking about, but am not going to make a quick decision unless that price was right. If was an exceptionally nice tent, and even if was a little more, I'd go for it, but, of course, with that comes a lot of extra dollars. Thanks, Kelly for your time and expertise!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 21, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Scott Vinsel
Expert: Scott Vinsel
Reviewer: William
Scoot knows gear and people
I love and use gear regularly, so I was skeptical about getting an automated response system or a gear consultant that did not know what they were talking about. That was not the case. Scott was able to explain why his hands on experience with his gear picks were better options for my situation then some other options I was considering. He was knowledge, had hands on experience with the gear chosen, and the environments Where I plan to use them. He is an expert in the outdoor gear world. I would highly recommend contacting him before your next gear purchase. Who knows, you might end with a piece of gear that is more aligned with your needs than any of the options you are considering. It happened to me.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 19, 2021
Golf Expert Tom W
Expert: Tom W
Reviewer: Cory
On the GREEN.
I wanted to update my old clubs for something more my height and better quality. I got with Tom and he asked me what I was looking for and provided me with everything I requested. Now instead of my shots rolling on the ground or being super inconsistent I played the best round of golf in my life. Hitting most of my second shots right on the GREEN. I would recommend any of my friends or family to Tom.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 19, 2021
Golf Expert Dustin M
Expert: Dustin M
Reviewer: Sid
Dustin knows his stuff!
Before speaking with Dustin, all I knew about golf was that I liked playing & I want to continue getting better. The more consistently I play the more I want to look for ways to improve, including finding clubs that are actually fitted to my game, instead of the hand-me-down set I’ve been playing with for the last 5 years. Dustin did an amazing job not only curating a set of irons that fits my game, but was extremely thorough in explaining why he made the choices that he did to help me better understand what it was I was purchasing. I feel confident that the set I ordered is exactly what I need to take my iron play to the next level. I will 100% be coming back to Dustin for future upgrades to my clubs. Thanks again Dustin for all of your help!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 18, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Sarah Taruscio
Reviewer: Maya
Very helpful and knowledgeable!
I’m just starting to get into outdoor activities and Sarah was very helpful in in steering me in the right direction on what items I needed. She gave great options for gear that would last the longest but also alternatives that were budget friendly but still quality. She was so patience in explaining everything and always does her best to find what I want. She is extremely approachable; I never feel like bother when I need my amateur questions answered.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 17, 2021
Ski Expert Christopher Seaton
Reviewer: Nathan
Christopher made shopping for skis 20 times easier!
I am fairly new to skiing - less than a year to be exact - but I was hooked and knew I was going to continue skiing for a long time. I wanted to get my own set of skis as well as some other things. Christopher made shopping so much easier. He picked every item specifically to my skillset and needs. Almost everything was incredibly discounted and he was even able to get me the last item in stock. I am very excited to use all the stuff I ordered. Thank you Christopher!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 17, 2021
Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
Reviewer: Jon
Cameron is an Absolute Gem of a Human!
You get tired of services like this expecting some bot to have an exchange with you. Endless searches online, google, reddit, etc. what to choose? What am I even looking for? Cameron has the experience, knowledge, patience, and personality to get you on the bike you didn't even know you wanted or needed. I'm REALLY looking forward to my first REAL cycle! Even if it doesn't work out, I'll be coming back to him again and again because of his wonderful personality and knowledge on this sport and its gear. Thank you so much Cameron! They can't pay you enough! Haha! I'll be back for accessories I'm sure of it!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 16, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Dave McCaul
Expert: Dave McCaul
Reviewer: Rebecca
I've been in the market for a more robust lightweight camping set up for a long time, but I'm so indecisive I needed help. Dave stuck with me for like a month while I went through a little financial trouble before I could actually make my purchase. During this period he curated the perfect gear for me, over and over again until we found the perfect fit! Today I made my first "big" gear purchase confidently with Dave's help. I trust Dave's expertise because he uses a lot of the gear I ended up going with! THANK YOU DAVE!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 16, 2021