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Snowboard Expert john Arnold
Expert: john Arnold
Reviewer: Hans Peter
John helped me find a new all-mountain snowboard
I was looking for a new all-mountain snowboard that would allow me to tackle icy conditions. John reached out to me, asked some questions and provided a list of suitable options based on my needs. I will definitely come back another time when I need expertise regarding snowboarding and gear in general!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2022
Snowboard Expert Vincent P.
Expert: Vincent P.
Reviewer: Ryan
Vincent helped outfit me according to my specific needs.
I have duck feet ( wide) and for years have been twisting my knee in over length boots. Vincent had knowledgeable advice and personal experience to help narrow down some choices, then we talked through the pros and cons of the recommendations... deleted some, added some, lol. All things considered I trusted Vincent and would go through him again, and recommend him to my friends and family.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2022
Cycling Expert Frank Stec
Expert: Frank Stec
Reviewer: Julie
Frank was awesome!
I recently decided to upgrade from my high school bike to something from this century. I know very little about bikes, so having Frank to guide me in this big purchase was great! He was extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. He gave me some great picks and even gave feedback on a few that I sent him. In the end, I was able to find a great bike that I am super stoked to try out when it arrives next week! Thanks Frank!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 29, 2022
Tempt 1
Tempt 1
Ski Expert Matt G
Expert: Matt G
Reviewer: Austin J
I mostly signed up for Curated just to test what the "experts" were really like, and Matt completely crushed my expectations. I had already decided on a couple skis based on my own research, and he recommended both of them in addition to some others that I hadn't even considered. I ended up going with one of his reccs over my own picks because it fit my needs better. Matt took the time to research and give in-depth comparisons about the equipment I was considering, and I apppreciated him taking into account external reviews when considering my skiing needs. He started adjusting his recommendations as we talked to tailor things that I prioritized, whether it was an unconscious bias he picked up on or an inclination I expressed. Just an overall thoughtful and knowledgeable guy!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 28, 2022
Cycling Expert Jeremy D.
Expert: Jeremy D.
Reviewer: Jessica F
Jeremy was great!
I wanted to buy my first mountain bike. Jermey was awesome giving me really good suggestions in my price range and what I was looking for. Had good insights into what makes a good bike. Very responsive. We worked together find a sweet bike pretty quickly. Landed on an Orbea Occam H30. Can't wait to ride it!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 27, 2022
Golf Expert Brady Maag
Expert: Brady Maag
Reviewer: Jeremy
Talk about customer service....Brady killed it!!!
Sent a message late last night expecting a reply maybe today... nope Brady was up late lol... he found me what I needed/wanted at a great price and was so responsive through the whole process...couldn't have been an easier transaction... great customer service
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 27, 2022
Fly Fishing Expert Danny Salinas
Reviewer: Anthony
Great to talk with
Danny was great to chat with. I know if we ever met in person we would definitely hang out and cast some rods and jam to some good tunes. He made the experience easy for us as first time fly fishers moving to Alaska. I'm sure my girlfriend is gonna love her first fly fishing set up and her first time in alaska. We are stoked to put some fish on the table for dinner!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 26, 2022
Ski Expert Sammy Simperman
Reviewer: Michael F
My first Curated shopping experience >>> SOLD
Sammy carried on a dialogue over 3 days and curated multiple skis and bindings and answered ALL my questions promptly (even on her days off). She skied the same places I skied and knew the snow and terrain and applied that to her recommendations. And then... Sammy let me mull on it and chew-my-cud with ZERO pressure. Just like walking into a brick and mortar store and walking back out without purchasing. No stalking. No pressure. A few more questions, a few more answers and... purchased skis/bindings and I'm psyched for snow. Thanks for all your time. You rocked it.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 25, 2022
Golf Expert Aaron Lopiccolo
Reviewer: David
Great Service and Pricing
I am new to the game and Aaron took the time to give me a good look at what would give me the best results and most fun on the course. Pressure free information and advise from Aaron, and research on my own showed me that working with Aaron and Curated is the best pressure free way to go to up my game, save money and have as much fun as possible. Thank you Aaron and Curated I will be using you for my future golf purchases! David Spath
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 25, 2022
Snowboard Expert Michael Biasuzzi
Reviewer: Collin
Can’t say enough about Michael!!
Pretty much sums it up. I was super skeptical but Michael was great from the onset and I felt like he truly had my best interests at heart. I haven’t been this happy with a snowboard purchase experience since I bought my first Burton Twin (ouija) in the 90’s. Customer service is alive and well with Michael.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 24, 2022