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Golf Expert Spencer Cray
Expert: Spencer Cray
Reviewer: Steve
Spencer: calm, cool collected!
Still chatting with Spencer, but I can say, he's the patience of a saint! I am the quintessential horrible golfer with really old equipment and little knowledge of the game. I told him I'm trying to get "better" so I can play golf with my sons. He has make suggestions and offered advice that sound perfect! He's taking his time and asking questions... he has a love of the game from talking to him that I hope to enjoy one day myself!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 8, 2021
Golf Expert Konnor Malott
Reviewer: Brandon Chan
Konnor is my Lord and Savior
There is no better man, golfer, human being, and salesman than Konnor. Not only did he rescue my dog out of a burning building, he also sold me a driver that will allow me to hit hellacious bombs. Shopping with him was a whirlwind of emotions and a non stop thrill ride. This man could sell the COVID vaccine to a high strung antivax mom. Trust me, buying from this man is better than sex. Never had sex, but I'm sure it is.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 8, 2021
Ski Expert Shannon W.
Expert: Shannon W.
Reviewer: Jessie
If you get matched with Shannon, you’re lucky!
I’m new to Colorado, and after an amazing first winter season on rentals, I knew I wanted to buy my own equipment. Initially I was hesitant to buy online, but Shannon changed the game for me. She was responsive, patient, and thorough in her recommendations. She took the time to listen to what I wanted and placed 0 pressure on me to make a decision. She was friendly and supportive and got me some smoking deals on great equipment. I can’t sing her praises enough. Thank you so much Shannon!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 6, 2021
Fly Fishing Expert Danny Salinas
Reviewer: Amylyn
Saved so much time and worry!!
I’ve never used a curator service before so I was skeptic at first but he seemed very knowledgeable and was able to recommend the right sizes and brands for what I would be doing and completely understood what I was looking for with budget and quality! This saved me so much time and second guessing I would have spent trying to find everything I needed by myself. I was prepared to just get my feet in the door on what I could expect but now I’m completely ready to go after just a short amount of time!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 6, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Wesley Bryden
Reviewer: Susan
I can’t believe how lucky I am to find somebody who understands what I’m looking for!
I can’t believe how lucky I am to find somebody who understands what I’m looking for! Wesley paid attention and really look for gear that would work for me. I like that I have the time to look over the details and then get back to him to really dial listen. I am very excited and confident that he is going to help me find the right gear.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 6, 2021
Golf Expert Dustin M
Expert: Dustin M
Reviewer: Mason
Dustin is the cool dad at the BBQ
Y’all know that one guy that seems to know everybody and is loved by all. Yeah that’s Dustin, dude is outstanding and went above and beyond to assist me with everything. Felt more like a friendship than a business encounter. Please do yourself a favor and give Dustin your time. Hell guide you to what you need, take your dog out, let you borrow his lambo for that special date you got on Saturday. This is the type of guy that if you bumped into him he would say sorry to you. Seriously, a stand up guy that’s invested in what he does.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 5, 2021
Golf Expert Vincent Provenzano
Reviewer: James
Improve your game with Vincent.
This is my first year returning to golf after being away from it for years. When I started to look for new clubs I couldn't believe all the changes in the sport. After working with Vincent, not only was he able to provide me with lots of great options he helped me find the perfect clubs and made it a super comfortable transaction. He provided me with all the data and made it easy to comprehend! If you have questions about new golf gear, Vincent is the man for you!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 4, 2021
Golf Expert Matt Wilkins
Expert: Matt Wilkins
Reviewer: Melissa
Matt is fantastic - highly recommend him!
I’m new to golf and was paired on your site with Matt while checking out some new clubs. I’ve been playing for almost two months now and absolutely love it. I’m a 50 year old mother of a college freshman who recently told me she also wants to learn to play. I originally bought a beginner boxed set with bag from top flite (men’s because I’m over 5’9”) at a local sporting goods store for around $250. I have decided to give these to my daughter and upgrade to better clubs since I’m committing to lessons. Matt has been fantastic. He has made excellent recommendations that take into consideration my budget, skill set, and goals. He’s helped me with my issues being a taller female golfer who is also a leftie. I’m actually right handed but learned very quickly that I play golf left handed. I felt like Matt was truly interested in helping me find the best clubs for me. I ended up purchasing a Stix set and can’t wait to try them! Matt has been professional, courteous and incredibly helpful. He is literally the reason I bought the clubs from curated.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 4, 2021
Golf Expert Tom W
Expert: Tom W
Reviewer: Ari
Tom was super friendly and helpful!
Overall great experience and help from someone who knows their stuff with clubs. Tom was very friendly, and made the experience more personable than I could've imagined. He was quick to get be started with a few options, with so much detail to go along with each recommended set. He didn't dive so far into the details that a beginner like me couldn't comprehend, while also providing enough info for me to make an informed decision. Thanks a lot Tom!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 4, 2021
Conventional Fishing Expert Christian Nelson
Reviewer: Suzanne
Christian to the Rescue!
Christian was extremely helpful and personable. He made my shopping very easy and comfortable. I was a bit confused and overwhelmed from my internet looking over the pst few days. Finding your website and then Christian was tremendous! He made a great product suggestion based on what I was initially looking at and our conversation. He sought out a specific product to recommend which led to another after some more conversation. His personal experience & feedback with this product, to me, is way better than all of the internet reviews I got lost in. I am sure my husband is going to LOVE the Humminbird Helix 7 thanks to Christian!!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 3, 2021