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Snowboard Expert Jason Lustine
Reviewer: Adam
Saved my trip!
I ordered a new board and had ordered some bindings from another retailer. My board showed up but the bindings never did. I got an email saying I’d been refunded bc the company I ordered from couldn’t fulfill the order. So I logged back on and jason responded immediately 6 days after we’d last talked! Got me a great deal and honestly an upgrade from what I was going to go with initially. Super helpful and didn’t up-sale me! Just gave me his honest opinion and let me make the decisions. Got my recommendations to me quickly but also took my own lists into consideration and help me settle on an amazing setup!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 23, 2021
Snowboard Expert Ryan Ung
Expert: Ryan Ung
Reviewer: Patrick
Happy Customer
I was fortunate enough to be paired with Ryan as my Snowboard expert for my first time using Curated.com I knew I needed a new snowboard and had so many questions that youtube/forums just couldn't answer. Thankfully Ryan was here to listen to my concerns and personal preferences and presented me with a list of personalized options that best fit my riding style. I am so happy with my new blade and cannot recommend Ryan enough to people in the market for a new board/gear.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 22, 2021
Cycling Expert Matt Carcaterra
Reviewer: William
Stumbled on to site, Matt really knows his bikes and components!
I have just begun the journey to transform runner to mountain bike. I have a road bike which I love but not practical on Long Island roads. My mountain bike is pro older than Matt and it’s time for some suspension to help with the pending neck surgery. After a series of texts on what my goal was I’ve already received options not more than a few hrs after we spoke. I will research and surly respond . I think I got lucky stumbling on this site by accident. Looks like I got the right guy as well.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 22, 2021
Ski Expert Rob G.
Expert: Rob G.
Reviewer: Kaylynn
Best Expert!
Rob is a phenomenal expert. He is very patient with your choices and accommodates to your needs. You can feel confident in telling him you don't like an option. He is extremely knowledgable about the gear and definitely will explain why his selected sizes/choices best suit you. He is in the right profession! By talking with him, you can tell he is in this business because he genuinely enjoys his work and helping clients. I had the best ski gear experience and would highly recommend him to anyone.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 22, 2021
Ski Expert Mikaela C.
Expert: Mikaela C.
Reviewer: Kelsey
Mikaela is super knowledgeable and made buying skis fun!
Mikaela was very responsive and asked all of the right questions to curate skis that would work for me. When I wanted to change something as trivial as the color palette of the ski, she was receptive and found great alternative options (one of which I ended up purchasing!) I could not recommend Mikaela more for your ski curating experience- she answered all of my questions and was so fun to chat with.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 20, 2021
Ski Expert Rob G.
Expert: Rob G.
Reviewer: Tommy
Honest, Kind, and Knowledgeable Expert
I was in the market for new skis this season as my old ones broke on my last run. Rob helped me identify which skis were the best for my style and gave me an awesome deal on some Risso Sky 7s. Right after he recommended them I found a crazy good deal on Armada Tracer 98s and we talked about the differences and even though he wasn't selling thr Tracers he said that was a great deal and I bought those. I can tell is passionate about what he does because even though the Tracers weren't his product to sell he still recommended them. I really appreciate his honesty with me and I respect Rob a lot and will be coming to him for advice in the future. Thank you Rob, you rock!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 20, 2021
Snowboard Expert Gordon Heffern
Reviewer: Karissa
Gordon has great perspective!
Gordon was very thoughtful, and really understood exactly what I was looking for. He answered all my questions promptly and took the time to explain why he made the recommendations he did. He even included some “outside the box” suggestions I never would have thought of that I loved. He is obviously very knowledgeable and passionate about sharing his expertise.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 20, 2021
Ski Expert Robbie M
Expert: Robbie M
Reviewer: Pippa
Expert, non-judgmental advice!
Robbie is seriously an expert and made my buying process a breeze. As a beginner to intermediate skier, he approached our conversation with a very judgement-free attitude which made this experience more easy and relaxing for me! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve walked into a ski shop and felt judged for my abilities or lack of knowledge. Robbie put me at ease that I couldn’t make a bad choice with the options he provided. He provided me with the perfect options for skis and bindings and also presented alternative options that were high performance and/or on the more price conscious side. Thank you again, Robbie, for your expert advice, perfect curation, and judgment free attitude for this beginner skier!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 20, 2021
Snowboard Expert Vincent P.
Expert: Vincent P.
Reviewer: henry
Vincent is a well rounded snowboarding enthusiast who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I was helped greatly by his contribution of both knowledge and personal-preference. He made buying my first set up extremely easy and affordable! He will work diligently to give you a item that supports your skill level, aesthetic and budget. As a customer you will not be let down.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 19, 2021
Ski Expert Edward Clem
Expert: Edward Clem
Reviewer: Danielle
Line Pandora
Got the Line Pandora’s per recommendation from Edward back in December and finally got to test them out. They were awesome and exactly what I was looking for! So happy with my experience on Curated overall & especially with Edward. He was able to adjust his recommendations for me based on our conversations and was super responsive even when I would send a question in our chat late at night/early in the morning. Definitely will be coming back next time I’m in need & will keep recommending Edward to anyone I know who’s looking for new gear!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 19, 2021