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Reviewer: Will
Helpful and experienced
I was looking for a sleeping pad that was light enough to work for backpacking but also comfortable enough to want to use for more casual camping (which is what I'm doing most often). Eric gave me a great recommendation and I loved that he had personal experience with the product he was recommending (down to the number of breaths it takes to inflate the pad ha!). Super cool and helpful.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 25, 2020
Reviewer: Eduardo V
Awesome dude
Can't say enough great things about this guy. He's a jedi level ski expert that apparently takes ridiculous photos in the summer. If I was buying some camping gear, I wouldn't hesitate to talk to him. Full disclosure: I work with Tanner.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 25, 2020
Reviewer: Alex C
awesome advice!
I'm looking for a new backpacking pack and Eric gave me tons of great options and even some recommendations for ways to lighten my weight on future trips.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 25, 2020
Reviewer: Dave H
Learned a lot
I am planning a long backpacking trip, and Eric taught me a lot about what specific hiking boots I should be considering for the specific terrain.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 27, 2020