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Camping & Hiking Expert Nat Houston
Expert: Nat Houston
Reviewer: Russell
If all online companies did this
Nat made the shopping experience easy and was able to add value to doing business with curated. He took time to answer all of my questions and his directions were easy to follow. He made me feel my business was wanted and valued. His picks were spot on and exactly what I asked for. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to do business with this company.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 13, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Kami B
Expert: Kami B
Reviewer: Fabian
Straight to the point
She was very thoughtful in what was my original budget for backpacking gave me multiple price ranges that fit my budget and meet my needs as well as that she even gave me insight on what I should look for in certain items and what would best fit me for the type of hiking I was planning on doing what I really liked the most is that we together weighed out the the pros and cons of each item that way I can make the best decision in buying. Great job I would highly recommend her to one of my friends to build their custom packs for backpacking.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 11, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Reece Kothe
Expert: Reece Kothe
Reviewer: Arman
Reese was amazing at finding me EXACTLY what I was looking for, within my budget, and very QUICKLY too! I was blown away
Can’t share enough positive things about Reece. He’s truly knowledgeable, quick, helpful, and helped me find three pieces of hiking gear for my upcoming trip within my budget. He’s very friendly, very honest, very sincere, and was able to help me find just what I needed quickly. Amazing stuff Reece, keep going!! He’s amazing. Best of the best. 5/5 stars. Blown away by this service. He also found me an amazing deal on a usually expensive hiking boot. Love Curated and Reece.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 7, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Etienne Arent
Reviewer: Ruste
Chill, friendly, resourceful and ohhhh so helpful.
This dude is very personable and knowledgeable. I randomly stumbled onto this website and now I’ll never buy gear from anyone or anywhere else. There was never pressure to buy quickly and any random ass question I had.... he had a great answer. It like I could feel his smile through his responses. I’ve already referred my BFF to him and will continue to do so if other people need stuff. I love how this site uses brands that are the best and not just the well known ones. Great, great, great experience.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Wesley Bryden
Reviewer: Alex
Great recommendation & experience with Wesley
Wesley was very helpful in understanding what I was looking for and narrowing down my search to a few select options that provided me with the ability to make an informed decision. The research would have taken me several hours and I likely would have overlooked a few options. I had a great experience and will definitely be back for my next gear purchase.
Verified Review | Submitted Aug 25, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Kami B
Expert: Kami B
Reviewer: DJ
First Time With Curated
This was my first time using curated and I was lucky enough to be linked with Kami for a hiking backpack. I knew very little about hiking bags but Kami got me exactly what I needed around my price range. Not only did I get an amazing hiking backpack but I recieved it within one day of ordering it. That’s just amazing. I will be purchasing more through curated and for anyone paired with Kami, you’re in good hands!
Verified Review | Submitted Aug 25, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Kami B
Expert: Kami B
Reviewer: Kieran
I have purchased a fair share of items via the internet, and my experience with other websites and their online assistants has been hit or miss. BUT, after working with Kami, I can say that my online experience has completely changed; her charismatic, engaging and helpful insight along with her outstanding customer service made for an amazing experience finding the right gear. She was thorough and so thoughtful; she asked pertinent questions, responded timely and helped me find the the right gear for the best price.
Verified Review | Submitted Aug 25, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Danny G.
Expert: Danny G.
Reviewer: Angel
Danny killed it!
I needed to upgrade some of my gear but did not like what I was finding on other sites. Danny asked a few questions and was completely honest about everything. I told him about the water filter I was using and although he didn’t know the brand I had, he was honest, looked it up, and provided excellent feedback on what he was using and why. Overall, a great experience.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 2, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Kaley W.
Expert: Kaley W.
Reviewer: Daniel
sickest sleeping bag and backpack
Kaley was a joy to work with and bounce ideas off of and she would answer every question And AS A TEACHER I loved that when she didn't know the answer she researched it and found it. She helped me Immensely!!@ I never push companies on friends but this was so helpful I sent her/ your information to many of my hunting and hiking and fishing friends
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 3, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Eric Bergdoll
Reviewer: Andrea
It’s hard to buy your second tent!
Eric managed to really step inside my brain and found the exact gear I was already considering, but couldn’t seem to pull the trigger on.. he explained why he personally liked the tent for my specific need and usage. We also had a lot in common with our lifestyle which was cool to be able to really relate to the person in the other side of the texts. Thanks Eric!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020