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Reviewer: Maegan
A new hobby aided by a new friend
Being a novice camper, Kael did an amazing job pointing me into the right direction of where to go! Kael was more than willing to listen to my wants and needs including my favorite color - a small but appreciated gesture. I felt like I was talking to a friend not just a support expert. I couldn’t be more excited to tackle my new hobby now that Kael has assisted me in getting what I need! I have a better idea of what I need regardless of whether I bought it this time or not!! Quick to respond, so so kind, interested in you and enthusiastic to help :)
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 1, 2020
Reviewer: Andrea
It’s hard to buy your second tent!
Eric managed to really step inside my brain and found the exact gear I was already considering, but couldn’t seem to pull the trigger on.. he explained why he personally liked the tent for my specific need and usage. We also had a lot in common with our lifestyle which was cool to be able to really relate to the person in the other side of the texts. Thanks Eric!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Reviewer: Sean
Was like talking to an old friend by the campfire
Very approachable. I had a million questions, being somewhat still new to the hobby, and Kael answered every one of them. Sent me tents, sleeping bags, water filtration devices, and backpacking shoes. All of which were greatly priced and a range of options. Had a few laughs and talked about passed down gear from relatives. 5 star customer service for sure.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Expert: Brent Denys
Reviewer: Bijay
Learned a lot in the short span of time
It's a great platform to find the products tailored to your needs and budget. But more importantly, I loved the assistance provided by Brent. For a beginner in camping, it was helpful to know what I am buying and all the pros and cons. Brent was kind enough to walk me through all the quirks and features of the product. Alot better than just watching YouTube videos. I couldn't buy anything this time, as a student, I am always in a tight budget and have to resort to using used products. But if I ever have to buy new products, would come back here. I would suggest the developers, if possible have used items also. It would span whole demographics then.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Expert: Sam S.
Reviewer: Chris
Sam is great to work with!
Sam started by asking questions about my upcoming trip I am planning. Then we discussed my gear needs and priorities. Once understanding my needs, he shared some ideas on what would work with an explanation of why he liked this item. From there, I was able to ask questions on why he would choose one over another product to help me make my decision. Great process. Great knowledge from Sam and appreciate working with him!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Reviewer: Bailey
Extremely Knowledgable and Catered to my Specific Needs!
Eric was incredibly accommodating in helping me find the perfect gear for my future thru-hiking trips. His knowledge of the gear was extensive and he was sure to ask me important questions about my specific requirements for the gear so that he can suggest the best options. Eric responded quickly and efficiently and made the overall experience enjoyable, easy and stress free. Thanks Eric!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 15, 2020
Expert: Gregory H
Reviewer: Mike
Gregory is the King of the PNW
It really was a pleasure working with Gregory. He put together a list of 11 hiking backpacks for me, every single pack on that list met my every need and I would do well with any of them. I changed my mind about which one I wanted three times and Gregory was so patient and kind and he helped me breakdown all the pros and cons of each of my selections. In the end I went with the mystery ranch stein 62L. With Gregory’s help I’m confident I made the right choice. It was a huge bonus that Gregory and I live only about 2 hrs apart from each other. Because of this he knew several on my destinations which helped a ton. Gregory’s help was a necessity because I’m a total novice in this department. I feel like i got all the help I needed while making a new friend through this process. I recommend Gregory to be anyone’s expert on
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 11, 2020
Expert: Connor Hult
Reviewer: Vincent
Expert Knowledge on Each Product Recommended
Stumbled across this website while looking for a product that was out of stock pretty much everywhere else. Usually the support window annoys me but I'm glad I was paired with Connor. He is extremely knowledgeable and provides lots of useful information to go along with each product he recommends. Quick to respond and kind, consider yourself lucky if you are paired with him!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 11, 2020
Reviewer: Johnson
Above and beyond
Coming from a retail background of over 15 years, I am amazed at the extent this man’s patience goes!!! I have been stuck between some gear, trying to get an upgrade, he narrowed it down within minutes. Was always ready to respond, it felt like I was texting a friend on some pointers. Must come back to get more gear, will take pictures to show me and my wife using the gear!!!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 11, 2020
Reviewer: Camille
Tanner is great!
We are unsure if our trip to Glacier & Yellowstone is going to happen in August (due to COVID 19) but I wanted to start looking at hiking boots, jackets and backpacks. Tanner provided great options along with his own personal description of each item. Considering I've never "hiked" before, it was very beneficial and appreciated. In addition, Tanner is very responsive and friendly. I can't say enough good things!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 11, 2020