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Camping & Hiking Expert Scott Vinsel
Expert: Scott Vinsel
Reviewer: Laila
Extremely helpful!
I’m taking a couple month backpacking trip and needed all new gear that I am unfamiliar with. Scott was able to help me find everything I needed; if something did not fit my budget or was not quite right for me, he suggested different items to help me find the perfect gear. He responds quickly and always checked in to maintain communication. He’s easy to talk to and very knowledgeable. I’ll definitely be asking Scott for help again. Great all around experience.
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 1, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Kate Wilson
Expert: Kate Wilson
Reviewer: Brittney
Brittney's experience with Kate
I was nervous about selecting some of my first backpacking gear - mainly the pack, the tent, and water filtration - since I am not yet familiar with the brands or quality and did not want to purchase something I will have to replace by next season. Kate was delightful to work with and very responsive whenever I had a question or asked for her own personal recommendations. She spent time over several days helping me find just what I needed and was always quick to offer additional options if an item didn’t meet all the requirements I was looking for. I’m very thankful for all the knowledge and look forward to having Kate’s help when I need more gear in the future!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 27, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Micah D.
Expert: Micah D.
Reviewer: Anji C
Micah was so helpful !
Micah, was patient with me while I figured out that I really wanted in a knife. He gave me many of options and we found the right products for me. He didn't treat me like a number or a customer, but more like a friend. It was great to find out he had some of the same intests as me, and was knowable on the on the products I was looking for...look forward to working with him in the future.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 23, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Brittany Burrows
Reviewer: Jessica
Brittany was awesome
My current tent is an heirloom, surviving more than 20 years of camping. When I was finally time to start my search I was getting overwhelmed by all the choices. Brittany saved me the hassle of trying to figure out which tent would be the best fit for my needs. Needing a really versatile tent that could go car camping as well as something light enough to hike with was not an easy find! She made it look easy!! Thanks Brittany i hope to have this tent for another 20yrs!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 20, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Travis H.
Expert: Travis H.
Reviewer: Jeff
Really went to bat for me on price matching and finding the best quality, fit and price
I felt that Travis was really working for me. I actually found a lower price for one of my products but it had a $66 shipping fee. He was able to price match it anyway. I know "Crazy Talk" then he was able to get me a $10 discount for purchasing over $300. Travis is now my personal shopper for my future purchases.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 10, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Travis H.
Expert: Travis H.
Reviewer: Sheryl
Travis was exceptionally fantastic
Travis was available and responsive 24-7, even at 3am, an hour nobody should be awake, much less working. He recommended the best tents for me at the best prices, which I verified with other reputable sources online. I had some difficulty making the electronic payment through PayPal, and Travis was completely understanding and contacted his corporate office to see if it was something on their end. It wasn’t. Thank you Travis for going above, above, above and beyond!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 8, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Hannah K
Expert: Hannah K
Reviewer: Prateeksha
You want to have Hannah in your camp (pun intended 😉)
I was planning a 3 week long roadtrip exploring the Appalachian ranges. And of course, as I'd be spending most of my time solo hiking in the woods, I decided to check out Curated and seek the help of an expert to make sure I'm prepared. Hannah was awesome. She covered the basics, vetted my existing gear, took all sorts of random questions from me about safety, security etc, and never ever pushed a product down my throat that I did not need/want. And when we figured I couldn't get a product shipped on time for my trip, she followed up with options to expedite the shipping. And was even so honest as to recommend that I just pick it up in store, rather than risk not getting it on time. Hannah might have missed a sale for Curated in the short term, but won them a customer for lifetime with her excellent customer service.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 7, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Bradley Schools
Reviewer: Meredith
Bradley is cool!
Bradley had a lot of great information and knowledge to share! I’m a total novice when it comes to camping and he gave me lots of good info to help me get started! I’ll be slowly growing my collection of supplies over the next few months, and I’ll definitely be coming back to Bradley’s recommendations! Bradley is also from the same general area in Maryland as me, which automatically makes him cool. Old Bay gang for life!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 7, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Elizabeth H.
Expert: Elizabeth H.
Reviewer: Teresa G
Patient, reliable, knowledgeable
Elizabeth really helped me take the plunge on gear that can truly level-up my adventures in the real world. I primarily needed a solar/rechargeable power bank to take on my next road/camping trip and got so much more out the Curated experience. My young son and I now have backpacks with hydration reservoirs on the way. I have run into many unsuccessful store runs because of the limited options offered in brick & mortar; i get too overwhelmed with sites like ebay or amazon because there are too many options and not much guidance (unless you read enough reviews, which is impersonal and still a risk). She gave me options time after time, things changing as i got more specific and less shy with my questions and/or asks. This service is absolutely wonderful. I recommend Curated and Elizabeth, with no doubt. I am happy and satisfied with the overall interactions, experience and the products purchased. Also, flexible payment options like affirm and afterpay! For such an important investment, I am glad that i choose to dive deep with Curated.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 6, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Kate Wilson
Expert: Kate Wilson
Reviewer: Courtney
Kate is absolutely incredible
I have moderate experience in backpacking and needed all new gear because of my relocation. Kate took me step through step over the course of an entire day picking out everything from a tent to backpack, sleeping bag, pad, ect. She put up with all of my annoying preferences and was extremely knowledgeable on all of the options. She is a saved contact on my phone and I will be reaching out to her for more orders soon. <3
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 4, 2021