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Camping & Hiking Expert Hannah K
Expert: Hannah K
Reviewer: Daniel
She hemmed and hawed back and forth with me happily for multiple weeks while I picked apart everything she came at me with. She made sure I had the best deal, met all my needs, and make sure I was happy at the end of the experience. Probably some of the best customer service I've had in my lifetime. I really appreciate it. Will definitely be coming back to her for more help with other products.
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 5, 2021
Camping & Hiking Expert Hannah K
Expert: Hannah K
Reviewer: Ethan
Probably the most helpful person on the planet
I had no idea what this experience would be like. I just saw an Instagram ad and clicked on it. Even though it was 11:15 et, Hannah still answered the call. She even reached back out to me the following day. Here list was very well put together and well thought-out. She was super friendly and genuine. Hannah's Boss, if you're reading this, please give her a raise!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 18, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Robert MC
Expert: Robert MC
Reviewer: Vanessa
Gear perfectly curated.
I was a little cynical about what my first Curated experience would be like. But, I will use them for all my specialized outdoor retail purchases going forward. I basically needed to buy new hiking footwear for 4 people as well as a few extras for an outdoor trip in the Southwest. Robert was respectful of my budget and tailored his recommendations to features I highlighted. For example, I usually have to return / exchange shoes I purchase for my husband / children if they are not wide enough. I mentioned that to Robert and he made sure to recommend items that fit out of the box and wouldn't be uncomfortable to break in. He was also conscientious about how the weather and personal preferences would affect his recommendations (for example, this great sleeping bag I also purchased). I never felt like I was being up-sold or condescended to. I feel like we are prepared for the trip and most importantly, that I saved a few days of time and heartburn herding everyone to multiple stores--esp. since shopping IRL now is just not fun.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 16, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Amy B
Expert: Amy B
Reviewer: Heather M
beyond my expectations.
I wasn't sure what the experience was going to be. It was a game changer. I had already done some research on my own... not that I count have proceeded, I wanted to be sure I was picking the right product and getting the best deal. Amy was super responsive. Soooo knowledgable. It felt like she was sitting right beside me as a personal shopper. She was patient with my decisions and just friendly... like an ol pal!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 1, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Amy B
Expert: Amy B
Reviewer: David
Never met someone so patient and passionate about helping
I've been hiking and living the outdoor life for years but im in the planning and preparing stages of my 1st complete thru hike...a 2190 mile trek...and as you can imagine I have a million and a half questions about the gear im gonna need to undergo such a task and Amy has been so patient and kind throughout the entire process answering any questions I may have no matter how dumb they may seem...she has went above and beyond her job to make me confident about the trip and the gear im packing in to complete such a trek...I could not suggest anyone better to assist you with your hiking needs...I suggest yal give her a try...you will not be sorry you did
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 1, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Scott M.
Expert: Scott M.
Reviewer: Amanda
Scott Just Gets Me
The nice thing about working with Scott was how quickly he saw my needs and adjusted accordingly. Sometimes when you work with experts and salespeople, they try to convince you to buy THEIR favorites or what would work best for them. Instead, Scott focused on synthesizing the criteria I’d given him into several products that would best suit my needs. This seems like the true meaning of “curated” to me! Scott is friendly but not pushy, he gives you the space and time to make your decision without leaving you hanging.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 30, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Reece Kothe
Expert: Reece Kothe
Reviewer: ash
First time gear buyer
Reece was so quick to help it was amazing. I’ve been stumbling around for weeks trying to figure out what in the world I wanted to get and he had some pretty awesome choices for me in literally the time it took me to explain what I wanted to do. He stayed right with my budget. So if you’re doubting, for sure choose him. Because hands down he’s the friendliest and to the point person I’ve met. It’s a good feeling knowing you have someone with ACTUAL trail experience helping you.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 23, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Wesley Bryden
Reviewer: Hana
Helpful recommendations and very personable!!
I had spent about two hours researching shoes and jackets for winter hiking. While I've always had an interest, my gear was not always great. I finally had means to purchase something and Wesley did a fantastic job narrowing down options for me. The recommendations were so helpful. When I couldn't decide between two jackets, he even talked through the features with me, explaining in detail what it meant. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and patience he showed. I look forward to trying everything on as well. I certainly intend to ask for his recommendations again.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 27, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Gregg Mason
Expert: Gregg Mason
Reviewer: Jennifer
Responsive and knowledgeable
I enjoyed working with Gregg very much. He asked great questions about my needs and what I was looking for and he answered all of my questions. He didn’t push to make a sale at all. I just felt like I was talking to a really interesting and knowledgeable guy about camping and gear. His laid back and informed interaction with me helped me to feel confident that he wanted me to be satisfied with whatever I bought, even if I needed some extra time to think about it.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 26, 2020
Camping & Hiking Expert Aaron G.
Expert: Aaron G.
Reviewer: Maddie
Aaron is the real mvp
Aaron is the best guy to go to. (As a student) He knows what it's like to be on a budget and how to get the best equipment for your specific needs at the best price. Hes super honest and real about what you need, dont need, what to splurge on and what to save on. He answered every question I had and never made me feel silly for asking certain questions or for asking the same questions. If you're looking for gear, give aaron a call because he really is the best.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 21, 2020