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Coffee & Espresso Expert Jordan L.
Expert: Jordan L.
Reviewer: Dulcinea
Jordan was Amazing, and Super Helpful!
I'm new to the specialty coffee game, but am eager to start! I just needed some expert advice to help get me started. Luckily, Jordan helped me every step of the way; any question I had, Jordan answered within a few hours. What kind of boiler configuration, heat exchanger or double boiler, PID, vibratory pump or rotary, even things like what looked cooler. (which, btw, is always important to keep in mind!) Overall, I'm so grateful to Jordan for helping me every step of the way. Highly recommend Curated to anyone looking to find an expert's opinion!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 30, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Isaiah Richards
Reviewer: Sara
Approachable coffee aficionado
Isaiah matches expertise without the stuffy pressure of being sold something. He asked all the right questions to find me the right machine and answered all of my questions about them. He is knowledgeable about what is available in the coffee marketplace and showed me a great option to look into. Really down to earth and clear.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 28, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert John Child
Expert: John Child
Reviewer: John
Knows his stuff, super-friendly and responsive
I've been a coffee snob forever and was impressed to find someone through who is arguably a BIGGER coffee snob than I am. As mentioned in the headline, he was super-friendly, super-responsive, super-knowledgeable and a no BS guy. I'd be hard-pressed to say this was anything other than a great experience from start to finish.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 16, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Michael Stumpfig
Reviewer: Fatima
Absolutely amazing.
I’ve been a barista for almost two years now and I thought I knew what I should be looking for in espresso machines but I found out that I really didn’t. Michael, the knowledgeable, kind, and sophisticated man that he is, provided me multiple options with different budgets. Prices and quality matter of course, so he made sure to provide a fair chance for all the machines he chose out for me. He was so friendly and very patient and is the absolute best person to help you out while choosing an espresso machine. He truly made this shopping experience a memorable one. Thank you so much Michael!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 14, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Zach T.
Expert: Zach T.
Reviewer: Amy
The best experience possible!
I was set up with my Curator, Zach. From day 1, he surpassed all expectations. He was responsive, incredibly knowledgeable, communicative, and wonderfully friendly. He quickly spun my shopping adventure from a daunting task to an extremely enjoyable experience! My machine will be delivered today, and I’m so excited!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 8, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Michael Stumpfig
Reviewer: Haylie W
Haylie W's experience with Michael
Amazing! Michael Stumpfig has not only been an expert, but also kind, and fun to talk to, and made what is usually a scary buying experience, something that I look forward to doing again. Thank you for all the professional advice, for preparing us for our first espresso machine, and now I have an AMAZING gift for my fiance's birthday and our engagement party! Truly appreciate Michael's help.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 29, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Matthew W.
Expert: Matthew W.
Reviewer: Del
We couldn't have done it without Matthew!
My boyfriend and I wanted to get our friends the best coffee maker we could for their wedding gift, but there were so many options at all different price points it was overwhelming. Somehow I found Curated and luckily got connected with Matthew. Matthew was extremely patient with me and responded to all my questions quickly, and explained the differences clearly. We purchased what we believe to be the perfect machine with precisely what our friends need and love, thanks to Matthew. We appreciate how much time and energy he saved us and are grateful we had him to guide us throughout the process. Matthew went above and beyond, and we will refer him to our friends and family!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 25, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Zach T.
Expert: Zach T.
Reviewer: Abbie
Zach was so helpful!
I was pretty lost about which machine to buy as this is a new hobby I want to get into. I plan on purchasing an expresso machine as my first big “non necessity” purchase. He was super fast in responding and helped me narrow down my options while being very genuine. He answered a lot of questions for me! Would definitely recommend him to assist others and I can’t wait to make my purchase once I graduate!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 20, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert Luke Waite
Expert: Luke Waite
Reviewer: Chris
Luke was great and I couldn't have ask for any better experience.
Luke had to educate me on a number things about coffee machines. We have a Kuerigs (4 to be exact). I wanted something that could do more but was still user friendly that all I had to do is push a button in the morning and have a great coffee drink. He was so very helpful, professional, and friendly. He truly listened to what I had to say and made great recommendations. He took the time to help educate me about coffees so I could Identify what I wanted so I could pick the right machine for me.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 15, 2023
Coffee & Espresso Expert John Child
Expert: John Child
Reviewer: Chris
Chris's experience with John
Great service and great recommendations! The only thing going against curated is the shipping. I could have driven to the Sur La Table a couple miles away from me and purchased the same machine for the same price and had it same day vs waiting a week for it to be shipped. Love supporting you guys though!
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 13, 2023