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Cycling Expert Jeremy D.
Expert: Jeremy D.
Reviewer: Logan
Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable
Getting into mountain biking, I was looking for a someone to speak with that not only would help break it down easily for me to understand but was also easy to talk to and very responsive. Jeremy went above and beyond anything I’ve seen customer service wise and was responsive anytime of the day I had questions. He made the bike shopping experience easy and fun and always had good reasons as to why a specific bike might suit my needs and at the end of the day helped me narrow down from 11 bikes to one or two that would be best for me. I can’t thank him enough and the curated team for making a scary process like jumping into a sport you don’t know much about so easy and fun to learn about and proving reps that help make that jump easier. At the end of the day you want to talk to a subject matter expert and Jeremy is the guy to go to. You will be very happy you did!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 27, 2021
Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
Reviewer: Luke
Nathan is da man!
Really knowledgeable and responsive. Nathan was able to find a couple of options for me based off of my information, and in only a matter of minutes. I am not quite ready to buy yet as I have a bike to sell first, and Nathan understood my circumstance and didn't push me at all to do something I wasn't ready to do. Would highly recommend working with Nathan and will be happy to go back to him when i'm ready to buy.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 27, 2021
Cycling Expert Chris Snider
Expert: Chris Snider
Reviewer: John
Chris made this purchase feel like a no brainer
Dealing with curated and Chris was unique, no pressure but always there to answer and guide. Didn’t overstep or make you feel like an idiot for your questions. Chatting with chris was like talking to a trusted friend about an unfamiliar subject. He obviously new what he was talking about especially since it’s his passion and hobby but made you understand in the process. Great experience didn’t even threat over texting at 10 pm on Sunday night immediately responded . Awesome overall!! Will follow up with product review.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 27, 2021
Cycling Expert Nathan Hopkins
Reviewer: Jeff
Kept waiting for the catch!
Nathan was awesome! Expert advice. Very friendly and down to earth. I kept thinking “what was the catch?” Turns out there was none. Just a guy that knows the sport and very helpful in finding the perfect bike that fit me. Obviously they get a commission from wherever you end up buying from, but so does my insurance agent. Great business model! And hiring real experts is what makes this experience exceptional.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 25, 2021
Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
Reviewer: Luciano
Cameron knew exactly what I needed!
After quite some time of searching for a new bike, I came across Cameron and told him exactly what I was looking for and could not find (seemingly) anywhere! Cameron was patient, asked many pertinent questions to find the bike that suited me best! We went through a few bikes before I found the one I wanted and the brand I wanted! I’ll definitely be referring him to others looking for great help with their cycling needs!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 24, 2021
Cycling Expert Cameron Quick
Reviewer: Kyle
Cameron was fantastic - really patient and knowledgeable!!
Cameron was top notch! Very patient with me as we worked through the options to find a great new ride for my wife (maybe me too!). I appreciated his knowledge and humor, making the search process an enjoyable process without pressure or judgement. It was like having a friend accompanying you to a virtual bike shop! I would definitely recommend his services. 👍🙌
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 23, 2021
Cycling Expert Brandon M.
Expert: Brandon M.
Reviewer: Joseph
Professional extremely knowledgeable
Even though I was not able to make a purchase through curated Brandon picked all the bikes I was looking at in my size He was very professional and friendly I enjoyed talking with him he definitely knows his stuff I am currently waiting for one of the bikes he picked out for me he specialized Enduro as I only had cash I will be fixing that so I can order my next bike from Curated thank you Joseph
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 17, 2021
Cycling Expert Rob G.
Expert: Rob G.
Reviewer: Carl
Carl's experience with Rob
I really had a very positive experience with Rob. He was genuine and cared deeply about cycling. He was keen to help not just buy the right bike but also wanted to help me develop a good cycling lifestyle. He was very enthusiastic and knowledgable, more importantly he didn't try to push more expensive or higher-end bikes. I totally trust his judgement and would recommend him to future customers.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 13, 2021
Cycling Expert Michael Pirotta
Reviewer: Roger
So helpful!
Michael was incredibly knowledgable and helpful in my search for a new bike! In the past, I've just searched the internet to try and find what I needed. However, with curated, Michael was able to provide me answers for questions I didn't even know I had and help me to determine which bike (down to the smallest details) would be perfect for me. I can certainly say that I learned more and will end up with bike different (and better) than I otherwise would have. Thanks!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 10, 2021
Cycling Expert Jared Fontaine
Reviewer: Joe
Knows his stuff!!
Jared simplified the process of choosing the perfect bike because of experience as a rider himself. After doing research of the products/bike he recommended, I knew that he selected the best most affordable gear that's available in the market. He didn't try to over sale additional products and made the process extremely fun. He is extremely funny and will make the shopping process enjoyable.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 7, 2021