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Cycling Expert Brian F
Expert: Brian F
Reviewer: Jeffrey M
Amazing and knows his stuff
Brian was phenomenal, he was able to not only find me a bike that met my criteria and exceeded my expectations as well. He was extremely knowledgeable on some of the more recent changes to Gravel/CX bikes that I was unaware of that have changed in the last few years industry wise. He was also able to help me round out the purchase of my bike with solid recommendations for pedals and shoes as well. I am extremely grateful for his advice and recommendations!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2021
Cycling Expert Dalton C.
Expert: Dalton C.
Reviewer: F
Over the course of 4 weeks dalton took the time to answer my questions patiently and provided instantaneous responses to any and all of my concerns regarding the investment that is acquiring a bicycle worth more than the car I drive. Great experience through this platform. Dalton is knowledgeable, committed, friendly, and able to if not give them find you the sweetest of deals on what you’re looking for
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 7, 2021
Cycling Expert Matt Carcaterra
Reviewer: Billie
Bike Guru
Initially got on curated out of curiousity, and after connected with Matt loved the experience. I’ve been cycling for a couple of years, but really don’t know the first thing when it comes to bikes or components. Matt was super knowledgeable, easy to work with, and at no point did he make me feel inferior for having such a novice understanding. Would 10/10 recommend Matt and Curated to anybody on the fence.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 6, 2021
Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
Reviewer: Zach B
Helping out a first time buyer
Connected with Nathan in hopes of finding a great Mountain Bike within my budget. After many hours researching and talking to friends about what I should get, I was still unsure. After talking with Nathan, he gave me the perfect recommendation(Marin Hawk Hill). I looked into that bike and it turns out to be a great fit for my and even better for my pocket. The bike has been great after my first few rides. Nathan knows what he is talking about!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 4, 2021
Cycling Expert Brian F
Expert: Brian F
Reviewer: Lucky
Expert advice from a trusted friend!
Brian gave excellent advice from addressing my mountain bike and road bike carbon fiber questions. A had a million questions on the new Aero bikes as well. I want to say how professional, kind, and patient Brian responded back. I've never used Curated but now I am sold on it! I felt like Brian gave me the expert advice I could not get entirely from my LBS. Brian made me feel like he was a trusted friend-making sure to steer me right on every detail!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 3, 2021
Cycling Expert Mitchell Harnett
Reviewer: Sara
Mitchell is so patient
Mitchell was so patient working with me. I am a complete novice looking to get into cycling on a small budget, looking for a very small frame, during a pandemic and national bike shortage, right after Christmas. Mitchell was able to find me exactly what I was looking for and, although I am very skeptical of purchasing online, he made me feel very comfortable and confident with my purchase. I am very excited for it to come!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 2, 2021
Cycling Expert Matt Carcaterra
Reviewer: Kamal
I have built bikes from scratch
I was really interested in this platform because I thought it would offer more access to information than any other platform. I was not disappointed I found recommendations I didn’t even entirely know were available in the market currently. The expertise is quite good even for someone who knows bikes. If you don’t I’m sure they could help you and Matt specifically was very good about answering some of my pretty obscure and not specific questions.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 29, 2021
Cycling Expert Matt Carcaterra
Reviewer: Grace
Grace's experience with Matt
Matt was awesome. I’m primarily a runner with a nagging injury and was looking to buy a bike for cross training. I had a budget and Matt was super helpful and sent me a bunch of options. I ended up going with the first one he sent which was right in my price range. Matt was patient, responsive, not pushy at all, knowledgeable and was very straightforward with how curated works etc. wouldn’t hesitate to use Matt for any cycling needs moving forward!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 27, 2021
Cycling Expert Brandon M.
Expert: Brandon M.
Reviewer: Dave
Very helpful and extremely patient
I ask a ton of questions. Brandon answered them all. Even on Christmas Eve. I had spent many hours reading reviews, watching videos, trying to find bikes. Wish I had just done this first. After Brandon’s rec, one store I called about the bike referred to it as a “unicorn” and said they weren’t expecting any for another 12 months! But Brandon/curated had one. Amazing.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 24, 2020
Cycling Expert Brandon M.
Expert: Brandon M.
Reviewer: Don
Back to the Trails
After spending more time on pavement and in spandex, superhero bike shorts for the last decade, I had gone to the local shop to find a ton of new technology and only the high end options left. Not knowing where to go, I stumbled on Curated and began chatting with Brandon. He lent me his expertise and very easy going perspective to get into what I am planning to do and how I can achieve it (with a setup in my budget). While considering my options, he found this year’s model (2020) on one bike as a close out (as I was shopping 2021’s) as an upgrade to what I was going to buy. First mountain bike purchased in over 10 years and with Brandon’s help I got to check all the boxes I needed and find a great deal that was in stock (impossible feat locally due to bike popularity during COVID). Thanks to Brandon I am getting back on the trails in style and within what I wanted to invest.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 11, 2020