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Cycling Expert Dennis C.
Expert: Dennis C.
Reviewer: Sharlette
Sharlette's experience with Dennis
Dennis is THE best. I started my search around 8pm with no plan to actually order a bike right away. But Dennis was so helpful and knowledgeable I felt confident enough to make a purchase based on his recommendations. He was so patient and easily spent an hour answering my questions and sending additional recommendations. I just ordered a bike for my husband and will order another for myself.
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 8, 2021
Cycling Expert Rutledge S
Expert: Rutledge S
Reviewer: Cornelius
Rutledge was super awesome!!!! This is the way Mandalorians
Rutledge is very knowledgeable, friendly and pleasant to deal with. He found me the perfect bike and he helped me to narrow down my choices for my children and myself. I was all I over the place about what I wanted and needed. This the way.....to shop for a bike...especially in these times....looking forward to make more pitches I. The upcoming weeks thru Rutledge....try him out, it costs nothing extra and you save a lot and the experience is absolutely wonderful!!! And the guidance and support before and after the purchase priceless!!! Whatcha ironic because it doesn’t cost a anything extra
Verified Review | Submitted on Apr 2, 2021
Cycling Expert Brandon M.
Expert: Brandon M.
Reviewer: Daniel
Daniel's experience with Brandon
My shopping experience with curated was amazing. I had already done some research about bikes prior to visiting here. I came to this website to try to order a bike but ended up chatting with an expert. The expert was incredibly useful and patient with me. I wasn’t too quick to respond sometimes but Brandon was always responding within seconds. The expert I had was awesome and highly recommend him. The shopping experience was easy as Brandon was able to teach me more about bikes and select some for me. I’m most likely going to shop from here again for future gear.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 25, 2021
Cycling Expert Dan Lenahan
Expert: Dan Lenahan
Reviewer: Jim
Jack is trying
The thing is I can find a Schwinn for that price or lower at my local Walmart I need to see does it have quick shift click not twist does it at least have an entry-level Shimano like a torney double-walled rims I need a higher weight capacity not that I weigh that much but for safety 300 350 lb no shocks doesn't have to have lots of Gears as long as it has seven or more keep trying thank you from Jim
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 22, 2021
Cycling Expert Allen Stone
Expert: Allen Stone
Reviewer: Jed
Allen, and the Curated system knocked it out of the park.
After 40 plus years in the Health Care Service Industry, I must say that this buying experience was incredible. I have owned and operated medical distribution companies all over the United States. When you step back and analyse what has taken place as a result of a devastating global event, those who have adapted to the new business landscape will be the ones who are there in the end. I believe that you are experiencing a new way of buying. You won't need to wonder the isles of a store, or try to make head or tails out of a sales data sheet. You will be employing a specialist, who has the specific knowledge necessary to provide you the best suited results. I find this business model intriguing and powerfully productive, for all the supplier, distributor, and the consumer. I just wish I had thought of it. Keep up the exploration in new business relationships Curated. And Allen, thank you so much for staying in your lane and finding the best suited E-Bike for my needs.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 21, 2021
Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
Reviewer: Carrie
It's all he said it would be!
Nathan showed me the exact bike I wanted. It WAS at the top of my price range, but it was absolutely beautiful. He also showed me some less expensive alternatives, but I ended up going to the fancy one. The bike arrived in a week! I have taken her out for 2 teat rides. She powers up hills, rides smooth, and did i mention she's beautiful 😍 Thanks so much Nathan!
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 22, 2021
Cycling Expert Brandon M.
Expert: Brandon M.
Reviewer: Dan
Complete fail
I placed an order for an Orbea bike Brandon recommended. Charged in full right away. Then was told the first supplier had sold it that day. So we had to source it elsewhere. Waited a few days for a shipping update. Instead got a message from Curated that they couldn’t get the bike for my son after all. Never heard back from Brandon to explain or apologize. Even after requesting a refund of my generous tip, since the deal fell through. Very disappointing. Curated is JV.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 18, 2021
Cycling Expert Nathan Silver
Reviewer: Rick F
Patient, knowledgable, and easy to work with
Working with Nathan was fantastic. It's a big decision buying a new mtb and Nathan was super responsive and helpful during the whole process. I had lots of questions and needed to take my time to eventually pull the trigger. After doing a little of my own research I saw that what Nathan was recommending was in fact a great fit for my riding style and budget. Highly recommend him.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 17, 2021
Cycling Expert Adam L.
Expert: Adam L.
Reviewer: Phil
Adam knows his stuff. If you’re confused or overwhelmed by options/features, he’ll patiently clarify and guide you through your purchase. He responds quickly, and really sets you up for a smooth experience. Not only is he patient & knowledgable, but he’s a stand up guy with some character. We had some great conversation and fun along the way. Thanks for making my birthday great, Adam!
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 16, 2021
Cycling Expert Adam L.
Expert: Adam L.
Reviewer: VICKI H
Adam is easy to communicate with
I loved all the picks Adam referred to me. I am very insecure about ordering a bike online and riding a bike again due to the many surgeries I've had. Adam has been extremely patient and helpful. He referred exactly what I was asking for. He was quick to respond to all questions I had and there were several. I'm looking forward to riding the bike once I have it assembled. I really can't wait. Give my thanks to him.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 12, 2021