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Cycling Expert Craig Farnum
Expert: Craig Farnum
Reviewer: James
knows his profession no doubt!
well it started out with dreams of $500 top notch brand names being ladled into my soup bowl. But upon awakening from my state of hallucinatory hopes and wishes I realized Craig will only be able to locate bikes in my price range if heroes to another planet and they happen to sell top notch mountain bikes for little to nothing monetarily. in summation Craig found that Cannondale that im entertaining as maybe my next purchase . sonic I buy then ill onto Craig and see if he can broker the deal.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 26, 2020
Cycling Expert Eric Meza
Expert: Eric Meza
Reviewer: Don
Eric is top notch, friendly, informative, and was a HUGE help.
So I started my e bike online research about 2 weeks ago. After plowing through dozens of YouTube videos, articles from e bike reviewers and everyone else involved in the ebike world. I was left overwhelmed and lost in a world of options and choices. Then along comes Curated, I didn’t know what Curated was, or what they did at first. I simply saw a link that said get expert advice. So I clicked the link and they asked a few questions and gathered some info. Then Boom I was directly connected to a “real” person. Introduce Eric, a real live person who then took the info I provided Curated and started expanding from there. Eric then asked better questions, answered questions, provided input and helped us find “Exactly” what we were looking for. Without Eric we would still be looking at hundreds of websites, and still watching YouTube videos, trying to figure out what to buy. Eric took all the different bike options down to a small manageable list. Then further updated the list after eliminating some and adding others. In the end we found exactly what we wanted at an amazing price. Thank you to Curated for creating such a platform to connect the online buyer to a “real person” who could really “help” us find what we wanted. Thank you to Eric for being so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable on Ebikes. Eric is easy to talk to, knows his industry, and knows how to help you find what you want/need even though you don’t. Eric will narrow the world of endless choices down to a manageable list of choices then help you find one that meets your needs. Eric is top notch ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stay awesome.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 19, 2020
Cycling Expert Eric Meza
Expert: Eric Meza
Reviewer: Marlene
Eric is the man!!
My husband connected to Eric first then referred me. I’m not really very knowledgeable about bikes at all. I just knew I wanted something that would let me stay up with my husband when he goes trail riding. Eric directed me to the perfect pedal assist electric bike. I’m a matter of a day I purchased the perfect bike with a nice basket for my dog. Would use Eric’s help again for sure and refer him to everyone.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 16, 2020
Cycling Expert Eric Meza
Expert: Eric Meza
Reviewer: Larry
Great service no pressure!
Eric got me a Better bike than what I had been looking at and when I wanted it ASAP. My price point was pretty much sold out in the whole treasure Valley with a five month waiting period. Can’t wait to get my new bike! He listen to what I wanted and was patient with me with no pressure. Because I was just getting back into mountain biking and needed some education.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 15, 2020
Cycling Expert Hunter Brankamp
Reviewer: Erik
Hunter was very helpful!
I’m a newbie to biking and was looking for a good bike to get started. Hunter worked with me to find a bike that was in my price range. He is very knowledgeable and was very helpful to send several recommendations my way. I appreciated him nudging me towards bikes that were a bit more than I intended to spend, but He didn’t want me to end up with something that wouldn’t make for an enjoyable experience.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 7, 2020
Cycling Expert Eric Meza
Expert: Eric Meza
Reviewer: Allen
The Help I Needed
Eric worked long and hard. He came up with 3 really good bike buying options (and a 4th for contrast). 1) He helped me find bikes that fit me. (Buying bikes online is new to me). Also, I'd find a bike and it would be out of stock in the blink of an eye. 2) He told me once, "that bike is waaaay too small!". 3) When one of his options got away, he hung in. 4) I misunderstood shipping costs. 5) Eric found a solution to my concern. 6) He saved me some money. Thanks Eric!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 5, 2020
Cycling Expert Bob Klein
Expert: Bob Klein
Reviewer: Ryan G
Great recommendations!
I started working with Bob to get some bike ideas, but I am not ready to make that purchase yet and inventory is low. I need some other gear and he provided timely and relevant recommendations for mountain bike shoes, shorts and gloves. He is very knowledgable about the products and listened to what I was asking to provide options that worked for me. I will definitely use him again when I am ready for more gear and eventually a bike.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 2, 2020
Cycling Expert Max Fierek
Expert: Max Fierek
Reviewer: Steve
Max knows bikes
Find myself needing a ebike these days. But not knowing ANYthing about ebikes at all, I needed some expert unbiased opinions. He found me a great deal on a ebike and explained the ins outs of 3 different models. He didnt flinch when I asked him what would be the bike to pick if I stretched my budget. Ultimately I am saving up for the stretch model, hope to be on it by late fall. Thanks Max!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Cycling Expert Tyler Brown
Expert: Tyler Brown
Reviewer: Derek
Awesome Service!!! Seems too good to be true.
I was super lost in my bike research using forums, videos (YouTube), and websites, which only confused me more! I stumbled on curated.com and ended up speaking with Tyler Brown. Was super skeptical at first until we started chatting, quickly turned into a trusted advisor. It was like an inside track into an unknown world, which was amazing! Tyler pointed me in the right direction based on my needs and requirements; height, experience, budget, and style.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Cycling Expert Kelly M.
Expert: Kelly M.
Reviewer: Catherina
Beginner needing a lot of advice on bikes
Kelly was great. She listened and wanted to know about my kind of riding and expectations. Helped me with measuring g my old bike to make sure the next one I get is the perfect size. While I haven't decided yet which bike to get, she helped me feel good about the ones I narrowed it down to and once I make a decision feel good about it too with all the new knowledge I have now.
Verified Review | Submitted Aug 25, 2020