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Expert: Gordon Platt
Reviewer: Kate
Gordon finds the best
My experience was surprisingly amazing. I didn't know what to expect. It started with Gordon collecting details, getting my price range and then producing the best products. He was personable and easy going. I really appreciate the whole experience and his knowledge base. I would recommend this to anyone searching for the best gear. Thanks again Gordon.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 1, 2020
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: James V
Matt is great to work with.
Matt set me up with the exact bike I was looking for. The whole process was super quick and easy. I most cases I prefer to shop local, but this felt just like visiting a local bike shop. It was great to have someone to talk to and ask questions. Thanks for your help Matt! I am looking forward to getting the bike.
Verified Review | Submitted May 19, 2020
Expert: Zach Plenert
Reviewer: Scott
Frustrated with lack of follow through and slow responses.
Instead of going into all the details, I will try and sum this review. I worked with both Zach and Caleb. Both guys were very knowledgeable and I felt they knew their stuff like I could buy a bike over the phone based on how they communicated with me and gave me great options. Here is where the problem is. On several occasions prior to me purchasing the bike their response time was quite slow. When I was ready to talk or needed answers I had to wait 2-3 days for one of them to get back to me. They provided great bikes and information for me to look into and were great about selling me a bike when we did communicate. After the bike was bought. They failed even more. I would send them a text and a phone call, with no response the same day or within a timely manner. This is very frustrating when you spend so much money for something and have to wait several weeks to get the product. The lack of follow through after the sale was the worst. I regret giving them a $100.00 tip. I ended up calling Fezzari personally to get the answers I was looking for. They were VERY helpful.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 2, 2020
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Jerry P
Super Helpful
I had been looking for a bike for weeks. I looked at probably 1000 bikes and finally came across the curated cycling site. I'm very happy I did. Matt was super helpful and responsive! He answered all my questions and the site was great! Free shipping was a huge benefit! I would definitely recommend this site to others! Thanks! -Jerry
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 23, 2020
Expert: Caleb Rael
Reviewer: Matthew G
Amazing service and delightfully colloquial!
Caleb not only gave me very insightful informational to keep in mind on my journey of finding the best possible commuter bike for my everyday adventures, but he provides the most friendly and easily accessible customer service I’ve ever received! Thanks a bunch for the help! #ThicccBoyStrong
Verified Review | Submitted May 13, 2020
Expert: Caleb Rael
Reviewer: William A
Very Knowledgeable
It's been a pleasure working with Caleb.. He has been very patient and done a lot of research on my behalf.. I had very little bike knowledge and it was clear from the beginning as he steered me in the right direction.. I would not hesitate to use Caleb again in the future and I hope to have that opportunity!!!
Verified Review | Submitted May 12, 2020
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Daniel
Initially, it's a weird setup....
Once you talk to Matt, it's like talking to an old buddy - like someone you've known for a while. I peppered Matt with questions and I really wasnt sure which way to go - but he had the answers and sometimes, he was at the hardware store - or I was getting in my truck to head to a meeting. As we went through our day, I'd text him questions and then we'd talk at the end of the day. Super helpful!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 16, 2019
Reviewer: Michelle
Dean will go all out for you
I recommend you double check the specs on the bikes as the first bike had incorrect specs. Dean is very patient and will continue to search until you find something you like, even if it's on Amazon!! I showed him the bike I wanted from Amazon and he got it for me for the same price. That is excellent customer service! I'm sure contacting Dean for a question will also be much easier than contacting the bike's manufacturer. Thanks Dean, Michelle
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 8, 2019
Reviewer: Kevin
Great experience
Christian was awesome. He listened to my wants/needs, understood I had no idea what I was doing and really took my budget into account. He made some great recommendations and was very responsive. The best part was, he never made me feel dumb for my dumb questions and there was no pressure to purchase. I took about a week to finally make a decision and Christian never pressed me to purchase.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019
Expert: Matt Wood
Reviewer: Frederick
Trust this man! He won’t steer you wrong and will help every step of the way to ensure that your bike choice maximizes your stoke!
I was a pain in the ass customer. I didn’t trust the service, constantly asked questions, often early am and late pm. Matt needs to sleep more, but my questions were always answered conversationally with ridiculous speed. Since I’m a pain in the ass customer, I had to verify and double check everything, down to the location of Curated HQ, all their reviews, how the business works, how they got Matt...all the paranoid questions before buying a bike on the internet. After much to-do and with the hesitation of a first-time web user, I pulled the trigger on a dream bike. It was at my door in 5 days and I rode it all weekend until I flattened the tires, laughing like a maniac, only bummed that the bike shops were closed Sunday evening and I had to wait to get new tubes. Seriously, Matt knows his shit and is a seriously cool dude. I would recommend that anyone buy a bike from him. Thanks homie.
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 7, 2019