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Fly Fishing Expert Josh H.
Expert: Josh H.
Reviewer: josh h
This Dude is the Real Deal!
I was lost…the blogs, vlogs, reviews, everyone pushing brands. I knew that most of it was compensated reviews but I wanted someone outside it all. My friend said he had used Curated. I decided to give it a try and I was connected with Josh. I will never buy recreational equipment anywhere else again. Josh laid out the differences in gear in language I understood, he was never in it to sell me on anything, just to get me set up correctly. His purpose - was my success. He went above and beyond and real time video’d with me so I could see and understand exactly what I was he was describing. I have never had customer service like this! If you want the right gear at the best price Josh is the guy to make it happen. I couldn’t be more pleased!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 22, 2021
Conventional Fishing Expert Haley Jones
Expert: Haley Jones
Reviewer: Daniel
Haley was amazing!
Haley has kept in contact with me for much longer then I would expect anyone to do. I didn't have the money for nearly a month to get the reel she picked out for me. She has kept in contact and talked fishing with me for the entire time I've been waiting to have the extra cash! Couldn't ask for better service! I hope if I use curated again that they match me with her next time as well!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 22, 2021
Fly Fishing Expert Captain Mark Freeman
Reviewer: Ace
Captain Mark Freeman was superb!
Great experience! Wanted to get set up with saltwater equipment. Did my research and spent about a week trying to wade thru the options. I frankly got tired of chasing products across the market. Mark made it all simple and easy. At no point did he try to up sell me on anything and listened to everything I had to say to make sure he understood what I was going after and what my experience level was. Could not have had a better guide and could not be happier with his recommendations. Mark, thanks so much.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2021
Fly Fishing Expert Josh H.
Expert: Josh H.
Reviewer: Dori
Fly fishing genius!
Josh was truly impressive! He exceeded my expectations and bent over backwards to assist me in finding the Sage Trout Reel 4/5/6! I am stoked about trying out the Douglas Sky G 9 ft 5 wt rigged with Scientific Anglers Amplitude Trout. It is clearly an exceptional rod based on its performance in the Yellowstone Angler’s 5 wt Shoot Out! Without Josh’s fly fishing expertise I would be undoubtedly be set up with less than the best! Go see Josh! You won’t regret it!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 23, 2021
Fly Fishing Expert Rylyn Small
Expert: Rylyn Small
Reviewer: Cindy
Rylyn- knowledgeable and approachable
If you are looking for a world class experience you can’t go wrong with Rylyn. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about helping the potential buyer without high pressure salesmanship. As I am a novice in the areas of hunting and fishing it is comforting to know there is someone available to help. Help me with my Christmas purchases.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 4, 2021
Conventional Fishing Expert Haley Jones
Expert: Haley Jones
Reviewer: Jesus
Haley is the BEST customer representative I have ever encountered online
By FAR the BEST online shopping experience I’ve EVER had. Smart,courteous,with AWESOME fishing product KNOWLEDGE. Very Attentive to my SPECIFIC NEEDS for my goal as for the type of fish species I was targeting. She suggested the best reel for my pole that I also purchased. BEST OVERALL EXPERIENCE ONLINE EVER!!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 25, 2021
Fly Fishing Expert Zachary Symm
Expert: Zachary Symm
Reviewer: shannon
Zachary was phenomenal!
I knew nothing of fly fishing and contacted Zachary for a gift in regard to my male friends birthday. He not only was extremely patient but he also gave me various options to choose from in regards to pricing and experience. Zachary made this process not only that much easier, but actually pleasant. I am very grateful that I was able to reach Zachary at this time. If you have any questions whatsoever you can fully trust his choices and recommendations. Zachary definitely knows what he’s speaking of when it comes to his products. The prices were also better than anywhere else in regard to the recommendations given.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 15, 2021
Fly Fishing Expert Cory G
Expert: Cory G
Reviewer: Dayna
Cory was super patient, helpful and knowledgeable.
I really appreciated Cory’s knowledge and willingness to allow me to explain what I wanted without the pressure to buy, or push the most expensive choices. Even though I chose to wait to buy, I saved his email and will definitely come back to him when I am ready to make a purchase. Thank you for your time Cory!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 20, 2021
Conventional Fishing Expert Matthew Watts
Reviewer: Chris Y
Matthew's super helpful
Matt walked me through different recommendations on rods, reels, line and tackle, based in where I was planning to fish and which species I was after. He explained pros and cons of those options and made it easy for me to choose what works best against my criteria. Also he suggested how to use those tackle setups and answered all my questions. Super helpful!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 22, 2021
Conventional Fishing Expert Kevin Frost
Expert: Kevin Frost
Reviewer: Leo
Wicked helpful!
Kevin helped me learn quite a bit of knowledge for a new bass fishing rig. I'm new to gear buying, more specifically reel buying, and he answered every question I had very well. He educated me on the things I needed to know about reels, showed me a few different baits I should try with the new rig, and overall put me in the right direction. Kevin is a very knowledgeable and helpful fisherman, and is a very nice person to have a conversation with!
Verified Review | Submitted on Aug 27, 2021