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Fishing Expert Spruce Sandstrom
Reviewer: Chad
Exceptional fly-fishing advisor
I started fly-fishing with my grandfather when I was eight years old, and after a good fifteen years and some not so good luck with thieves, I thought it was time to upgrade everything. Bruce is a fly-fishing enthusiast. I found him extremely helpful in assisting me with my selection of very high-end custom fly-fishing gear. Bruce helped me select all new equipment from files, wading socks to the jacket, mid-layers, and more. Anything and everything for nearly all seasons. If you require new gear, I am confident Bruce will help you source what you need.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 24, 2020
Fishing Expert Jeff Henderson
Reviewer: Brandon
No pressure/transparent Great dude
The first time Jeff reached out, I happened to be in the middle of dealing with a lot; sick, moving, a car accident. Instead of pressuring me, he wished me well and said he’d get back to me to check on me and see if I was ready. (Honestly I still would’ve shopped that night probably) but he did check up on me and he did wait weeks before bringing up offers. He found me the items I needed and the deals that would save me. I plan on doing all my shopping through curated now as I am newer to fly fishing. No more buying stuff just to test it. He’s got the answers
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 7, 2020
Fishing Expert Jake Gronholz
Reviewer: Christopher
Great experience and very knowledgeable
Jake was awesome to work with. There was no pressure and he gave me several options. He used his personal experience to help me out. I felt like I was chatting with one of my buddies and he just seemed like a cool guy, someone it would be cool to fish and have a beer with. I will reach back out to Jake when I’m ready to buy more gear. Thanks Jake!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 3, 2020
Fishing Expert Spruce Sandstrom
Reviewer: Cory
I can see Spruce becoming my #1 go to guy for all things fishing
It was one of the first times I didn’t feel like I was talking to a robot, I expected bated answers and links to gear I wasn’t interested in but instead I got a responsive feedback and real suggestions on what to look for! Also very friendly and seamed to be in it for the sake of the fishing community rather than just for the sake of himself. All around I appreciated his help and am excited to keep in contact for other fishing needs
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 17, 2020
Fishing Expert Tellan Lloyd
Expert: Tellan Lloyd
Reviewer: Alicia
Awesome help
Tellan was quick and knowledgeable. I bought a fly setup for my boyfriend and I have a VERY basic knowledge of regular fishing, so fly fishing is completely out of my realm. He explained why his recommendations would work for my boyfriend and gave me a few different options to choose from. I highly recommend using their help whether you are buying for yourself or a gift!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 25, 2020
Fishing Expert Tanner Druffel
Reviewer: Natalie
Best Online Experience Ever!
I was apprehensive about using Curated as most online platforms like this have impersonal employees who are pushy and don't know much. I was super surprised! Tanner was friendly, funny, and helped me even when he was offline. I'm not very knowledgeable about fly fishing but he got me set with a new spey rod set up and was willing to talk me through the process. I'd highly recommend him to experienced or new fishermen/women!
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 21, 2020
Fishing Expert Jake Gronholz
Reviewer: Joseph
All fun no push
I bantered with Jake a bit and gave him a budget on a new rod setup, the one he suggested was perfect and almost $100 under budget however I was willing to entertain something a little nicer. More of a buy once cry once deal. The pricing on curated is competitive if not lower than other places and even if you tried finding everything he suggested online separately you mix shipping tax etc and you’re not going to beat the price. So mix that with excellent service and I don’t know why I had even tried to shop elsewhere. Best thing, is it should show up before fall trout season starts! It’s looking to be an exciting season
Verified Review | Submitted Oct 2, 2020
Fishing Expert Jake Gronholz
Reviewer: Daniel
This is an excellent service
Truthfully , I went into this thinking that “Jake” was going to be a bot that only sent links to outfitters. I was pleasantly surprised when Jake turned out to be an actual human being and also a fisherman who clearly knows his shit . Most satisfying , was that there was no hard sell , he answered the specific questions that I asked and only sent product recommendations based on my answers to his questions . This went very well and I am likely to make a purchase based on Jake’s recommendations.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 25, 2020
Fishing Expert Jake Gronholz
Reviewer: Doris
Very responsive and asked great questions about my fishing level and amount of money that I wanted to spend.
Jane replied to my online inquiry within minutes. Asked me pertinent questions as to my skill level and amount of money I wanted to spend. He was fast, within minutes, on equipment suggestions. I found his suggestions about different reels and rods very helpful. Better, no A LOT BETTER, easier, and faster then going into a sporting goods store! THANK YOU Jake!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 23, 2020
Fishing Expert Clark B.
Expert: Clark B.
Reviewer: Albert
I just had a conversation with Clark and after speaking with him, he recommended three different waders for me along with wading boots. He was very easy to talk to and he spent no time helping me get what I needed. He did ask a couple of questions but they were all for the purpose of benefitting me. If I ever need any more help I will most certainly look to Clark again. He’s Amazing.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 18, 2020