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Fishing Expert Jeff Henderson
Reviewer: Ethan
Jeff has done an amazing job on hooking me up with some great deals. I recently broke my fly rod while chasing wild Brookies in northwestern Pennsylvania as I was hiking through the mountain laurel so I am in need of a new light WT rod. Jeff is very knowledgeable/experienced when it comes to fly fishing and I can’t thank him enough for his quick response and knowledge. I highly recommend this fly fishing guru. Thanks again brother!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 27, 2020
Fishing Expert Logan L
Expert: Logan L
Reviewer: Jinx
He made my day and left me grinning!
He credibly breezed through my muck of confusion about what i needed and brought me clarity and understanding . . . as well as products that met my needs, my budget, and my sense of asthetics! Wow. When does that ever happen? (Including pink wading/hiking boots!) ( I'm an old girl, 70, trying a new thing: fly fishing in rough terrain.) Thankyou Logan, thankyou, thankyou!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020
Fishing Expert Jeff Henderson
Reviewer: Dan
Great Advice and very responsive!!
Easy to work with, super knowledgeable, and did a fantastic job helping me put together a kit that met my expectations both for performance and price. Learned a lot through the process as i was able to ask any question i wanted about equipment, techniques, and just general fly fishing knowledge. Will absolutely reach out to Jeff in the future and enjoyed the shopping experience the curated model provided.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020
Fishing Expert Karl Schwartz
Reviewer: Thomas
If your going to invest your time in, “Curated”, I STRONGLY Recommend Aubrey and Karl.
Working with the people at Curated was ultimately very smooth. In the start there was confusion, but they got me connected with an expert within the first 2 days and gave me amazing knowledge and help that I would have never been able to do on my own. Aubrey was smart enough to connect me with an expert on my level of consciousness and state of mind and Karl helped me with EVERYTHING. If you need advice on anything having to do with fishing, I suggest speaking to a Curated expert. I can assure if they don’t get to you in 2 days that they will try their very best to contact you again and make sure you walk away satisfied with everything you are looking for. That’s exactly what Aubrey and Karl did for me. They are the E in EXPERTs. Just plainly excellent. Thank you for taking a minute to watch this.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020
Fishing Expert Chris Sanchez
Reviewer: John
Chris is an exceptional curator
I was in the market for some fly fishing accessories and waders. He communicated with me fully, effectively, and was always engaged. I loved his options that he picked for each alternative. The options were all quality while maintaining a medium level price. His practical experience definitely came through in our conversations and definitely gave him the ability to suggest products based on his own experiences. He was super helpful!
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 22, 2020
Fishing Expert Jesi Scott
Expert: Jesi Scott
Reviewer: Bryson
Great, friendly, and knowledgeable service
Jesi is fantastic. I used to be a Corporate Trainer for Cabela's, and this is EXACTLY the kind of service standard that I would train for a new store. It's rare to find great service nowadays. Jesi is amazing! If I were to walk into a specialty store like Bass Pro or Cabela's and I saw Jesi, I'd wait in line to get her help. Thanks for your help!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Fishing Expert Jake Gronholz
Reviewer: Michael
Easiest shopping experience I have ever had
Jake was awesome. Responded in less than a minute anytime I had a question, made great recommendations based on what I was in the market for, and genuinely loves helping fly fisherman navigate the sport and gear up with what they need to catch fish. Will be recommending all my friends & family to shop with Jake!
Verified Review | Submitted Aug 4, 2020
Fishing Expert Tanner Druffel
Reviewer: Zane L
Tanner is The Best
I was sitting on the fence about getting into the sport, but Tanner provided me with excellent feedback, advise, and recommendations. He also helped me with my biggest reserve which was pricing. He found me a deal sweeter than grandma’s sweet tea! I’m looking forward to ordering my gear and joining the fly fishing community. And it’s all thanks to Tanner!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 7, 2020
Fishing Expert Logan L
Expert: Logan L
Reviewer: Caleb
Top tier service!
I knew after a few minutes of chatting with Logan that I wanted to give him/curated my business. He raised the bar on customer service. We worked through my personal preferences to get a sweet package set up. I'll be learning fly fishing with top tier gear. I'll definitely be back. I absolutely love this business idea.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 14, 2020
Fishing Expert Chris Sanchez
Reviewer: Steve
Great advice - experienced, knowledgeable and responsive
Enjoyed my experience with Chris; he listened to my situation and recommended a great product set at a reasonable price. He didn’t try to upset (which I appreciated) and had personal experience that I used for my own purchase. Excellent and would recommend him to anyone.
Verified Review | Submitted Jul 31, 2020