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Golf Expert Adam Scott
Expert: Adam Scott
Reviewer: Steve
Good Guy and Responsive!
Disappointed with original response time from Curated. Hours. But, I gave them the benefit of the doubt, it being very strange times in the summer of 2020. Once I was connected with Adam, he was VERY responsive and personable (as personable as you can be via computer chats and text messages). More than selecting clubs for me, he confirmed my choice and advised me as between two possibilities. I am happy with what I bought (Adam/Curated price matched a lower price I saw online). Also, I asked Adam if he could expedite delivery. Can't really be sure he had anything to do with it, but my clubs did arrive 8 days earlier than the original expected delivery date. Felt like we had very good rapport, almost like I had made a new friend. Good guy!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 18, 2020
Golf Expert Mackenzie Nelson
Reviewer: Peter C
Mackenzie is a superstar...couldn't be more satisfied!
I worked with Mackenzie for over a week to finally pull the trigger on custom irons, a hybrid and a 3 wood. He answered every question I had honestly and with a sincere goal to make me a satisfied customer. He never pushed me in any direction to just get a sale and was very patient with me while i did further research and then fired back multiple additional queries to ensure I came to a fully educated decision that I had complete confidence in. I also originally posted a brief review where i was satisfied, but after completing my order, I requested if being able to write an additional review or amend my fist post was an option to show how great my experience was. Mackenzie would get 10 stars if it were an option, for his patience, knowledge and a general overall approach to ensuring I walked away with exactly what i wanted. Now I just cant wait to get my new clubs and hit the links!! Thanks!!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 17, 2020
Golf Expert Mackenzie Nelson
Reviewer: Dave
What a great experience!
I have to say, it was great working with Mackenzie! His knowledge was fantastic. As 1MM+ handicap golfer, he knew just the right questions to fine tune the recommendations for my needs. Never once was he pushy about making a sale, and did not try to stop me from turning away from the most expensive items in my curation, even though the new Mavriks are very tempting! I can't wait to work with him again when it's time to replace my driver and fairway woods, which may be sooner rather than later after this experience! AND he laughed at my dad jokes. That right there makes him a winner!! Thanks Mackenzie, you are great!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 17, 2020
Golf Expert Tim Tomlinson
Reviewer: Gabriel
Tim is the MAN!!!
Haven’t played in almost 8 years, talked to Tim about my absentee in the game, gave him my height, weight and what I use to play he said no problem. He set me up with some custom sized clubs that actually work for me, and they are amazing. Got the new Callaway Big Bertha set that just came out, couldn’t have asked for more. Thanks Curated, for having knowledgeable staff like Tim on your team. I as a customer couldn’t be happier and you as a company couldn’t be luckier. God Bless!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 16, 2020
Golf Expert David Jones
Expert: David Jones
Reviewer: Vince
Golf Expert David
David gave me live updates on shipment and fielded all questions I had. He is very personable and timely with response through text or site chat. I knew what type of equipment I was looking for but not what specific item(s). David game me solid reccomendations to fit different preferences and ultimately, helped me make a decision I was happy with. Could not be happier with David as a golf expert and resource! Thanks David!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Golf Expert Luke H.
Expert: Luke H.
Reviewer: Cole
Very knowledgeable
Luke helped me figure out my size over the phone when stores are still a bit difficult to navigate because of COVID19. His help really let me know more about how my current clubs may be letting me down due to improper sizing and how properly sized clubs can provide a better feel and cleaner more explosive contact. This was definitely more helpful than your usual club fitting.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Golf Expert Adam Wilcox
Expert: Adam Wilcox
Reviewer: George
Thank you Adam!
Adam was super great. I knew I needed clubs but didn’t have a clue where to start looking. He clearly gave reasons why certain sets in my price range were being recommended. Was also quick to tell me if a set was wrong for me, regardless of price. He spent about 4 months talking with me and never rushed a purchase. Adapted with thoughts and suggestions. Great to work with! Would love to play a round with him!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Golf Expert Austin Rogers
Reviewer: Mike
Austin was a huge help!
As a former golfer getting back into the game, I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed. Austin was super helpful at getting me a great new set of clubs and making tweaks to them to account for my swing style, height, etc. I feel confident I’m getting a much better set of clubs for my golf style than I ever would have come up with myself just doing online research. Can’t wait to get my new set and to hit the course!
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Golf Expert Kyle Emery
Expert: Kyle Emery
Reviewer: Lori
Very helpful in figuring out what to get. Highly recommend the process
Great communication out of the gate. Kyle responded so fast that I thought he might be a chat bot! Then we started a dialogue that no computer could have. Lol. Kyle listened to what I wanted. Offered suggestions. Did push -which I’m grateful for. Just a good conversation about a sport we both love and trying to find the best club in my price range and style. Thanks Kyle. Super helpful. Got i club I likely wouldn’t have considered
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020
Golf Expert David Jones
Expert: David Jones
Reviewer: Bryce B
David is top notch!!!
I can’t say enough good things about David. From working with me for over a week until I finally decided what I wanted while giving me different options along the way, to finally getting me on the PERFECT set. Even following up with tracking numbers and still answering all my questions after his part is done. Above and beyond is an understatement. I’ll never buy anywhere else or from anyone else.
Verified Review | Submitted Sep 1, 2020