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Reviewer: Mike
Austin was a huge help!
As a former golfer getting back into the game, I didn’t really know what I wanted or needed. Austin was super helpful at getting me a great new set of clubs and making tweaks to them to account for my swing style, height, etc. I feel confident I’m getting a much better set of clubs for my golf style than I ever would have come up with myself just doing online research. Can’t wait to get my new set and to hit the course!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Reviewer: Terence
Nice Job
Michael worked hard and found what I wanted at the bes price. I didn't give him a 5 star rating because he didn't acurately report the available discount and the fact that taxes were not included in the final price. Like me, he had a tough time working with the CURATED website, which is not very user friendly. For that reason, it took nearly 4 hours to complete my credit card purchase.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 30, 2020
Expert: Adam Wilcox
Reviewer: George
Thank you Adam!
Adam was super great. I knew I needed clubs but didn’t have a clue where to start looking. He clearly gave reasons why certain sets in my price range were being recommended. Was also quick to tell me if a set was wrong for me, regardless of price. He spent about 4 months talking with me and never rushed a purchase. Adapted with thoughts and suggestions. Great to work with! Would love to play a round with him!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 19, 2020
Expert: Luke H.
Reviewer: Cole
Very knowledgeable
Luke helped me figure out my size over the phone when stores are still a bit difficult to navigate because of COVID19. His help really let me know more about how my current clubs may be letting me down due to improper sizing and how properly sized clubs can provide a better feel and cleaner more explosive contact. This was definitely more helpful than your usual club fitting.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 16, 2020
Expert: David Jones
Reviewer: Vince
Golf Expert David
David gave me live updates on shipment and fielded all questions I had. He is very personable and timely with response through text or site chat. I knew what type of equipment I was looking for but not what specific item(s). David game me solid reccomendations to fit different preferences and ultimately, helped me make a decision I was happy with. Could not be happier with David as a golf expert and resource! Thanks David!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 13, 2020
Expert: Michael C
Reviewer: Kimberly
Michael was extremely helpful
I have little golf experience and wanted to surprise my husband with a set of clubs. Due to my lack of golf knowledge I really didn't know where to start. With that info and a targeted price range, Michael was able to help me find the perfect set with tees, balls, and a glove. He answered all my questions (even the goofy ones) and responded quickly. Great service and a great price.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 11, 2020
Expert: Jim Hauser
Reviewer: Stephen F
Fantastic experience
I am always somewhat skeptical with online purchases simply because there is no interaction with anybody on the other end to ask questions . Not the case with Curated. I was looking for a set of golf clubs and Jim was the expert assigned to me. I could not have felt more comfortable with my purchase. He was very knowledgeable, professional and not the least bit pushy. I will be sure to recommend Jim and Curated to my friends and family.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 11, 2020
Reviewer: Shanda
Great customer service.
Has solid knowledge and did a price match. I know it’s his job but still refreshing to get good customer service in the digital age. This type of service will be the downfall of the chain box store. I received better service via chat than going to a chain box, because they never have it in stock and want to order online anyway. So I skipped the in person and just ordered online.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 5, 2020
Reviewer: Jim
David Was Great To Work With
David took all of my questions and inputs and quickly matched me up with multiple options. While I neither picked the cheapest nor the most expensive, I ultimately settled on the best value. From the time I first was presented with the offer until I was ready to buy, there was a price reduction on a different website and David matched it instantly. I will definitely recommend both CURATED and David to anyone I know who is looking for golf clubs!!
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 5, 2020
Expert: David Jones
Reviewer: Matt
Great Advice
David was a pleasure to work with. He took the time to listen to me and what I was looking for in my new clubs. I never felt like he was trying to push me to buy any overpriced clubs, and he even talked me thought the pros and cons of going with the stock clubs vs. customizing them. I would highly recommend David to any friends and look forward to speaking with him again next time I need new clubs.
Verified Review | Submitted Jun 5, 2020