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Golf Expert Will R.
Expert: Will R.
Reviewer: Nicholas
Will is a world of help!
Will is an exceptional golf expert! Has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of the game. He found a pair of extremely comfortable and well fitting golf pants for me. The transaction was simple and straight to the point. I look forward to working with him again. I highly recommend his professional ability’s to anyone that is looking for help with golf apparel or equipment. Thanks again Will, keep it in the short grass.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 18, 2021
Golf Expert Tim Tomlinson
Reviewer: Christian
Tim was amazing!!! (:
I’m just now starting to play golf but I’ve played enough times to know that I wanted a set of my own instead of just using my boyfriend’s. I came onto Curated just for some tips on which beginner sets would be best and to clarify some questions I had, and Tim exceeded my expectations and answered all my questions. He gave me some great recommendations that I can come back to, and after some back and forth with myself, I decided to get the half complete version of one of the sets he recommended. I can’t wait for it to come and I’m super excited to start playing more often!!! And when I’m more serious and committed and am looking to buy newer and better clubs, I’ll be reaching back out to Tim for sure if I can 😊
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 15, 2021
Golf Expert Chris Houston
Reviewer: Anthony
Hands down the best
This was my first time purchasing clubs. I’m a 18 handicapper. Told him all my info and came back with great products . He was very patient with my needs and concerns . I was a little skeptical but Chris reassured me there was no hurry and to take my time . I reviewed all the clubs Chris recommended . I did my do diligence on all clubs . I chose the Maverik Max and let me tell you I shot my best round . The ball flight and forgiveness of the Maveriks was remarkable. Definitely recommend Chris for your needs . Also will recommend the Maverik Max for any golfer.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 13, 2021
Golf Expert Mike Gormley
Expert: Mike Gormley
Reviewer: Sydney
Mike will answer all your questions and help you with your golf needs
I joined curated not knowing what to expect. I was just getting ready to buy a golf set and I wasn’t sure if this was right for me. But after having Mike as my curator, he was able to answer all my questions about golf and he was able to give me advice from what I tell him about my game. He was able to find the best deals for me and was able to explain why each club will work for me. He was also very patient, it took over a month after meeting mike before I was finally able to save up to buy the set. But mike was there to answer every question whenever I have one. He will give his honest opinion and share his knowledge about golf. It seems like he was also my golf coach throughout this process. Thanks Mike!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 12, 2021
Golf Expert Nicole Collins
Reviewer: Jacob
Told me that the golf clubs I wanted were in stock and were completely ready to ship to me. Welp that wasn’t the truth and I ended up waiting 2 months for them to ship, then when I received them, they were the wrong clubs. I ordered men’s golf clubs and I ended up getting women’s and in the wrong color. Wasn’t even close to what I had ordered. Then I asked to have my original order sent to me and for them to pick the other one up to return them and they said that my original order couldn’t be processed because they aren’t in stock. So now I asked for a refund and no one has gotten back with me so now I’m out $320.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 20, 2020
Golf Expert Chris Houston
Reviewer: Yassine
Excellent all-around
I greatly appreciated the service that the website offers and it was only made better by the interaction with Chris. He was very good pointing me in the right direction and asking questions to figure out what would best fit what I was looking for. I feel like I have my own professional golf consultant only a text away and Chris was always very quick to respond... 5 star service!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 14, 2020
Golf Expert Tristan Thomas
Reviewer: Jeff
A really unique experience
I’m one for devouring into YouTube review videos and google searches when making a purchase. This was a lot easier. I was skeptical at first, but Tristan was really friendly and made connections right away as to make it more personable. I didn’t purchase anything yet, but I am looking forward to researching the picks made and having another conversation.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 3, 2021
Golf Expert Will R.
Expert: Will R.
Reviewer: Ben P
Bought new driver and am BOMBING the ball now
I’m scratch golfer and don’t upgrade my equipment often once I find what works for me, Will identified an area of my game I could focus on upgrading my gear and recommended buying the new Cobra driver—- I’m hitting it 20-30yds further and my miss hits are STILL going further then when I hit a perfect drive with my old driver!!! He got me an amazing and affordable deal on the new toy, 10/10 would recommend using a golf expert for getting new golf gear. thank you Will !
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 9, 2020
Golf Expert Chase Kubis
Expert: Chase Kubis
Reviewer: Simon
Simon's experience with Chase
I've never golfed in my life, and it really shows when I talk about clubs, but Chase was super patient and super helpful during the whole Curated experience. We also chatted about the recent Masters a bit, which, for me, took the edge off of talking to a relative stranger. I'd recommend Chase to literally anyone and I plan on telling all my friends and family about my experience on Curated.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 3, 2020
Golf Expert Ricky Fonte
Expert: Ricky Fonte
Reviewer: Carol
Great service from Ricky
I had reached out to Curated in search of a new set of irons. I really was not 100% sure what would work best for me but after giving details about my game Ricky was able to recommend a couple of great options. He was friendly without being too pushy and really seemed concerned that I end up with the right set of clubs. After some back & forth and trying out one of the clubs he was able to get me what I wanted at a good price. The set I ordered is considered custom (because I'm a lefty!) and he was able to promise shipping much faster than expected. If you need clubs or probably anything else golf-related reach out to Ricky!
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 1, 2020