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Golf Expert Bobby Funkhouser
Reviewer: Lucas
Knowledge with patience
Bobby and I connected through Curated and I let him know I am looking to replace some clubs but not too sure what I wanted. He carefully walked me through some questions and was able to guide me through selecting the right club for me. I had my heart set on a specific club, but when I hit the clubs he suggested, I consistently got longer and straighter outcome. Needless to say, because of Bobby, I not only saved some money but also gotten right driver for me. Throughout the process, I let him know I wanted to feel the clubs 1st - and although they have a return policy - I felt more comfortable trying it out. Then I got Covid and was unable to get out to try the clubs. Bobby kept in contact, checking on how I was feeling and letting me know he would still be there when I am ready to go ahead. Almost a month since our first contact, and he was still willing to offer help and guidance. If he was closer, I would be buying him a bottle of whiskey for all the help he gave me.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 27, 2022
Golf Expert Bobby Funkhouser
Reviewer: Noah
Bobby is a 6 Star Legend
Let me tell ya, if you're in the market for new set of clubs, either a novice player or a veteran, a scratch golfer or weekend warrior, Bobby is the man you want to be working with. He's patient, persistent, and clearly a high admirer of the game. He knows his product and his craft well, allowing him to able to effectively communicate with players on all levels of the game, and ensuring they have the proper tools for success in their bag and at their specific requirements. Bobby worked with me for about a year on making sure I got the best set of clubs at the best rate possible and to my exact needs. We connected about this time last year, and didn't find a proper fit immediately. It took me a million questions to Bobby, him regularly checking in throughout the year, consistent answers to my questions and updates to my curations just about every time we spoke, and to finally today, when he went above and beyond in the last step of the process to make sure I was able to purchase my first new set of clubs at the best rate possible. From a year ago, to our first virtual handshake today, Bobby did everything to ensure I got the gear I needed at the absolute best fit and rate possible. At the end of the day (or year, haha), there may not have been a whole lot for Bobby to gain from this process, but he certainly earned a loyal customer from the way he prioritized my own needs as a client before his own. Hats off to Bobby, and thanks again for getting me dialed in properly. Do yourself a favor and get with him or get missin', all the way from your gear to the greens.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2022
Golf Expert Evan Massena
Expert: Evan Massena
Reviewer: Randall
MVP!!! Evan was awesome!
Evan took great care of me during the whole process. From recommending the right equipment, to personally walking me through the payment process which I was having trouble with. He took the time to reach out without being pushy, and make sure everything was going well with my search and my purchase process. I will 100% recommend Curated, and Evan specifically to friends for any future purchases they make!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2022
Golf Expert Alex Rothery
Expert: Alex Rothery
Reviewer: Mark
Alex Has Your Best Interest In Mind
I am very fortunate to have received guidance from Alex. Not once did I feel he was making thoughtless, computer-generated decisions when suggesting clubs based on my experience level. Also, he helps you spend your money wisely. For example, when I contemplated purchasing a second wedge, Alex suggested I see how my first wedge works out for me before making a second purchase.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2022
Golf Expert Bobby Funkhouser
Reviewer: Dustin
Very Helpful!
After doing some research on my own I had a few club packages in mind and Bobby recommended a few of the same right off the bat. After a few questions about my goals and gameplay I was able to pick out a great set. If you’re hesitant to pull the trigger based on your own research, he’s your guy.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 26, 2022
Golf Expert Ryan P
Expert: Ryan P
Reviewer: Linda
Ryan was awesome!
It’s hard to buy a golf club on line and only text the salesperson. I’m old fashioned. I like to talk to people. But I like the fact that it was easy and quick and I can return it if I don’t like it. Thanks Ryan. You were helpful and not pushy. Thank you. If I like it I’ll get the driver next!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 25, 2022
Golf Expert Bobby Funkhouser
Reviewer: John
Bobby was beyond great
Bobby was very responsive and eager to help. He made some excellent suggestions based on the information I gave him. I was not expecting such a great deal on the clubs I purchased which simply put this in 5 star territory. I will be contacting him again when I make my next purchase.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 25, 2022
Golf Expert Ryan P
Expert: Ryan P
Reviewer: Jeff
Personal Golf Pro
I've been looking for the perfect driver for some time and Ryan provided great feedback that I have not had in any other golf shop, even at golf club fittings. It was clear he not only plays the game but understands what he is selling and provided many options along the way to help nail down what I wanted / needed. Never pushy and patient on my timing. Great experience and very happy with this service. Thanks Ryan!
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 25, 2022
Golf Expert Michael V
Expert: Michael V
Reviewer: Adam
Answered all my questions with patience and information that proves he knows what he's talking about.
Took the time to answer my dozens of questions throughout most of Thanksgiving Day. He made the process a practical choice and bridged the gap that gave me confidence in an online purchase. I am going over the specs with my swing coach in the morning and purchasing soon after. I might even look up Michael online for swing coaching. I will absolutely use this service again.
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 25, 2022
Golf Expert Shelby Martin
Reviewer: Zeke
After purchase care is second to none!
Purchased a new driver. Shelby set me up with everything and went above and beyond to make sure I had the exact fitting for it to match myself. Club shipped super fast but the shaft broke in shipping. Texted Shelby right away and she responded within 2 minutes at 10pm at night! To notch customer service! She is making everything right and is sending out a new shaft ASAP. Definitely would highly recommend her for anything. Will be reaching out to her with any golf needs moving forward. Gained a customer for life
Verified Review | Submitted on Nov 24, 2022