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Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Duell
Need I say more??? She was helpful and knowledgeable all the way down to a golf ball recommendation. She would steer me away from options that weren’t quite right for me that were in fact more expensive. I messaged her about random things that were on my mind about different facets of the game and she always had a great response. IF YOU DON’T USE CURATED AND BRITT THEN YOU ARE DOING ‘YOURSELF’ YOUR GOLF GAME AND YOUR WALLET A DISSERVICE. Thank you Britt. I will be back in the future!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2020
Reviewer: rich
Awesome experience dealing with David.
David is totally courteous and professional. Not one of those high pressure sales jerks. He did all the research and found the best fit for me. I'm new to golfing and suck, but getting better. Needed some irons that are forgiving on my miss hits. David located the clubs and was patient and understanding with my other shortcomings, hahaha I'm a plumber and not real savvy with the online stuff. Thanks alot David.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 11, 2020
Expert: Gary Neft
Reviewer: Zachary
Shopper to Buyer
I never thought I was going to buy clubs last night, but Gary never pressured me and gave me exactly what I was looking for. If anyone is even remotely thinking about buying clubs Gary will find the best deal with the best clubs. Basically it was an offer I couldn’t refuse and now I’m extremely happy to change from my 10 year old clubs to something about 3 years old. Thanks Gary I truly appreciated the honesty, expertise and non sales approach. Note to all buyers once you are done talking with your expert give them a Tip for helping you!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 10, 2020
Expert: David Espin
Reviewer: Davis
Top Notch Online Purchasing Experience.
Dare I say second to none? I do the majority of my shopping online and this was easily the most pleasant experience I have ever had. Never did I feel any type of pressure to buy. Regular touch points were made after the original club recommendation was given to see how my search was going. I was even given help on where to price my old clubs based on the market. Highly recommend Curated.
Verified Review | Submitted Dec 17, 2019
Reviewer: Marco
Before I got my clubs I visited all major retailers and one thing was missing , that personal touch , asking the right questions “driving” me to the right choice (which were many) . Never felt rushed, he provided me all the detailed answers for all my questions and needs and on the end found me a great deal. Was like I had my personal consultation with a great professional. Highly recommended.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 28, 2019
Expert: David Jones
Reviewer: Ricky
Ricky's experience with David
David was very helpful, and knowledgeable with all of my questions reguarding new irons. I went and tried a few of the options he recommended and he was spot on. Not only was he very knowledgeable and suggested the perfect set of irons for me, but he did it on thanksgiving day and was quick to respond to all of my questions. I will definitely be using David when I’m ready for a new driver!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 30, 2019
Reviewer: Phia
Christian is 5 stars
Well, the best way I believe I can say this is that, although announced as an expert, he allowed me to chose the clubs for myself, instead of making that decision for me. Christian was able to get the right feel for how I think of my game right now and how I'd like to improve my game with great questions and then teach me on a great list of options that he feels can help me improve. Experts arent only knowledgeable but also a great teacher, and that's how Christian is. Thanks Christian.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 25, 2019
Expert: Jim Hauser
Reviewer: Mike
Can't find any negatives
Jim was amazing! I was thinking of buying a set of Rogue X irons, and without telling Jim that information, those were the exact clubs he recommended once I gave him some insight into my game. But above that, he explained the reasons behind his choice and in a short time I really learned a lot. It was almost as if I was getting a golf lesson. I'M SOLD!!! I think this will be the only way I'll purchase clubs in the future. Didn't just get new clubs at a great price but also great service and some incredible advice.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 24, 2019
Reviewer: Mathew
Still getting there!
I started shopping for a new set of irons over a month ago. I have now purchased a set for my son, while I am still trying to figure out exactly what I want. Nicole has been very helpful and never pushy, making sure that when I make my choice, that it is the right club for me. She is very knowledgeable and has been extremely professional, even while dealing with an old codger like me. She ain't done yet cause I am still testing iron. Can't wait for Nicole to help me figure out my next set!
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 21, 2019
Reviewer: Martin
Will genuinely wanted to help me buy a set that would help me as opposed to the most expensive set. He listened to my concerns and answered every question I had no matter how small. I appreciated his demeanor and I never felt pressured to purchase anything which was nice. I would definitely come to him if I need anything else. Will was great and I would recommend him to anyone.
Verified Review | Submitted Nov 29, 2019