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Expert: Andrew L
Reviewer: Michael Peterson
Wonderful Experience
Andrew was very professional and knowledgeable, especially considering I threw a lot of questions at him, some I was sure were going to seem dumb to someone of his caliber, HE DID NOT MAKE ME FEEL THAT WAY AT ALL!!! He took all my questions and was VERY helpful in making the right decisions for ME. Would DEFINITELY recommend the services provided through Curated and Andrew. AAA+ from me!!!
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 1, 2020
Reviewer: Jack
Nicole was really knowledgeable !
Nicole was excellent in guiding me to get the clubs that fit me. Answering all my questions from shaft stiffness and shaft weight, loft angle, new technology to swing weight. Even questioning my selection choices due to my handicap and age. In other words Nicole did not try to push me in to something to make a sale. Nicole was conscientious and made sure I was making the right choices !
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 27, 2020
Reviewer: Brad
So never used this website before but was having trouble finding what I “thought” I wanted. After speaking with Nicole, and sneaking in some ambiguous questions, her knowledge was honest and true. Very honest and helpful. Her recommendations and reasoning was more than enough to sway me from what I thought I wanted to what I believe I needed to improve my game just a little bit more. Thank you Nicole for all your help
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 26, 2020
Reviewer: Brian
One of the best customer service experiences I've had
I decided this was going to be the year I made a big investment in my golf game, and I am so glad I went with Curated and got paired up with Dave. He's an absolute gem. I got fitted locally, I was able to give him my specs, and he found me exactly what I needed at the best price available out there, PLUS the 10% discount on my first Curated purchase. Big purchase, big savings. Dave goes above and beyond -- he was working nights and weekends to put together recommendations and alternate options for me, was always available to message me back when I had a question, never pressured me in the least to make a purchase, and on top of that, is a funny, down to earth guy who's a pleasure to work with. I can't imagine making another custom club purchase anywhere else now. Last thing: my new irons and driver came quicker than expected, and my bag is tight AF now. Thanks Dave!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 18, 2020
Reviewer: Aaron
Great recommendations and insights
Michael helped me navigate through the decision process on some golf clubs and was very knowledgeable, personable and insightful! On my own, I’d pretty well narrowed my choices down to Titleist 718AP1’s or Titleist T300’s. Michael helped me to choose the T300’s with his personal insights and his being a self confessed Titleist golf club guy. I’m itching to get my hands on them to try them out! I think I’m going to love them!
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 28, 2020
Reviewer: James B
Quick, easy, honest and knowledgeable...
So I finally bit the bullet and bought a new set of golf clubs including Irons Woods and a new bag after 10 years. I got the cobra king F9’s. Ordered last week just arrived yesterday. They are amazing. Perfect weighting to each club, visually stunning, and wow am I excited to golf this year! Robert was quick and easy to work with, as is the Curated site. Robert was extremely knowledgeable and knew the type/fit of clubs I needed. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend Robert and Curated!
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 19, 2020
Reviewer: William
Great experience
I have to admit that I was very hesitant about buying clubs online. What if I get them and don't like them, or they don't feel right. Nicole's vast knowledge put my mind at ease about making an online purchase. I truly feel that my new fairway woods will be a great asset to my game. Thanks again for spending time with me Nicole. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Verified Review | Submitted Feb 17, 2020
Expert: Britt O.
Reviewer: Duell
Need I say more??? She was helpful and knowledgeable all the way down to a golf ball recommendation. She would steer me away from options that weren’t quite right for me that were in fact more expensive. I messaged her about random things that were on my mind about different facets of the game and she always had a great response. IF YOU DON’T USE CURATED AND BRITT THEN YOU ARE DOING ‘YOURSELF’ YOUR GOLF GAME AND YOUR WALLET A DISSERVICE. Thank you Britt. I will be back in the future!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2020
Reviewer: rich s
Awesome experience dealing with David.
David is totally courteous and professional. Not one of those high pressure sales jerks. He did all the research and found the best fit for me. I'm new to golfing and suck, but getting better. Needed some irons that are forgiving on my miss hits. David located the clubs and was patient and understanding with my other shortcomings, hahaha I'm a plumber and not real savvy with the online stuff. Thanks alot David.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 11, 2020
Expert: Gary Neft
Reviewer: Zachary
Shopper to Buyer
I never thought I was going to buy clubs last night, but Gary never pressured me and gave me exactly what I was looking for. If anyone is even remotely thinking about buying clubs Gary will find the best deal with the best clubs. Basically it was an offer I couldn’t refuse and now I’m extremely happy to change from my 10 year old clubs to something about 3 years old. Thanks Gary I truly appreciated the honesty, expertise and non sales approach. Note to all buyers once you are done talking with your expert give them a Tip for helping you!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 10, 2020