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Golf Expert Jim Hauser
Expert: Jim Hauser
Reviewer: Ryan
Above and beyond!
Jim is the man, not only do we share the same favorite drink but the guy is simply a golf expert! He really helped me fine tune what I want AND what I need down to the finest detail. Jim helped explain to me the feel of different shafts and types of irons and catered his insights to me and my game personally. I felt as if I was getting fitted in person without ever leaving the office. Jim actually helped me over about a week and was very responsive to my messages no matter the time which really helped a lot as well. I don't even know how I found this site or how I was so blessed to receive such an expert in helping me make my decision but one thing is for sure, I felt a LOT more confident in my online purchase thanks to Jim and Curated.com. I will definitely recommend!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 13, 2021
Golf Expert Bennett Breitenwischer
Reviewer: Patrick
Bennett is not an expert
One of the F&B managers at my club, who doesn't play a lot of golf, but wants to enjoy time with his co-workers, used this site to get recommendations on a set of beginner irons. What he got was a set of bladed Mizuno's. A beginner should not be hitting Mizuno blades! As a Golf Professional, I think he was taken advantage of by one of your sales associates. After trying it for myself, my suspicions were reinforced.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 9, 2021
Golf Expert Brad Edwards
Expert: Brad Edwards
Reviewer: Ron
Great guidance
Great questions and suggestions. Brad asked a number of questions trying to determine what I use, how I play, swing speed, other clubs I've used when traveling in other countries, distance, consistency, frustrations by club, current shafts, flex.....excellent questions, suggestions and support. I picked the clubs he recommended and have no regrets. Easy swing, distance, and back to having fun with a less rigid club based on my swing speed. Great explanations and suggestions on driver loft as well. Thank you Brad - enjoy that Jack Daniels and a Cigar.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 8, 2021
Golf Expert Bennett Breitenwischer
Reviewer: Eric
Helpful, knowledgeable, and honest
Bennett used the information I gave him about my swing speed and yardage and was able to narrow my search for irons down to a few different sets. He talked me through the pros and cons of each set and answered all the questions I had. Although I didn't end up purchasing the clubs through Curated (due to backorder), I was able to use the information that Bennett provided to make my purchase. Overall, my experience using Curated was fantastic and far exceeded my initial expectations.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 7, 2021
Golf Expert Gary Neft
Expert: Gary Neft
Reviewer: Matt
Matt's experience with Gary
Gary has been amazing, answered my many questions, helped me with getting fit for the clubs I wanted based on his knowledge. You can tell he knows exactly what he’s doing and is more than just an asset for your company. I’d recommend and use Gary for anything else I may purchase or that my friends are looking for. Thanks Gary for your help, you’re availability and honesty and it truly allowed me to make a quick decision on a product I’ve looked at in many other locations. Gary and your company get top reviews from myself. Keep up the great work and customer service!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 6, 2021
Golf Expert William Warren
Reviewer: Mike
Fast responses, easy to talk to. Doesn't pressure into buying, price conscience, knowledgeable about different swings, ability and body types
Guy is awesome. First, loved not speaking to a robot. Second, he was quick with references, could explain what you get for your money, knew the differences in clubs that he sent, could differentiate between them, and overall was intent on giving me options and what each one did for me. I am coming back after I have a decent round and am willing to fork over for the good stuff!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 2, 2021
Golf Expert Ryan Popescu
Expert: Ryan Popescu
Reviewer: Alan
Had a terrific experience working with Ryan!
Reached out quickly by text. Very quickly through questions we drilled down to right options for me, given my age, skill level and number of times I play. Recommendations were well put together, easy to access and most importantly (for someone like me) quick and easy to follow. So much easier than going to a store. Highly recommend. Alan Rockwell
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 2, 2021
Golf Expert Ryan Hernandez
Reviewer: Jester
Jester's experience with Ryan
Ryan has been nothing but patient, helpful, prompt, and most of all, completely willing to help you get what you need/want. I am a beginner at golf and wanted to get something tailored for me based on my experience and height. He was able to recommend not just a complete set, but also was able to piece together a whole set for me based on what I wanted. He was also able to pull some strings together to get me a bag that he recommended that was not available/discontinued on the curated list, but knew a way to get it. I could not have asked for someone better to help me out with my purchase and the experience was phenomenal. I would 1 million percent recommend Ryan to anyone looking to seek help with gear and knowledge as well. Thank you Ryan! I appreciate you!
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 26, 2021
Golf Expert Luke H.
Expert: Luke H.
Reviewer: Aaron
Luke Was A True Professional
Luke made the process really easy and was friendly and easy going the entire time. He layed out all his questions in a straight forward manner. He was sure to explain everything as he went and made me a much more informed customer. He is definitely an expert and not just a customer service representative. By the end I was totally confident in his reccomendations. I also really liked that he never turned into a high pressure sales person and listened really well.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 25, 2021
Golf Expert Chandler Thompson
Reviewer: Mike Putala
Mike Putala's experience with Chandler
I haven't play in 15 years and donated my clubs to someone in need as I thought my golf days were over. Played 18 with a family member who had an extra set of good clubs and got the golf fever. A friend mentioned Curated, but I was hesitant as it was online. I ended up with Chandler and he explained in detail how the technology has changed and patiently answered all my questions/concerns in a professional manner and will do business with him in the future.
Verified Review | Submitted on Sep 25, 2021