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Wine Expert Briana Pope-Pettis
Reviewer: Alexa
Briana is THE BEST
So like most people, I clicked on a link and wasn’t sure what to expect. With a move coming up and a pressing need to restock my cellar after, Briana answered the call. Of the initial wines she chose for me, absolutely spot on. The first one I saw got me all excited and as I scrolled further, I saw one of my all-time favorites on the list! So excited and she absolutely nailed it!!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 9, 2021
Wine Expert Lehshel Kolter
Reviewer: Sienna
Friendly and Knowledgeable!
Lehshel took the time to ask questions about me that weren't just related to wine. She is very kind and friendly. I'm looking forward to trying her wine suggestions. It is clear she has a lot of knowledge when it comes to wine. She gave me recommendations for red, rose, and sparkling wine. Her recommendations seem appealing and approachable and fit into an every day budget. I also have enjoyed the conversations we've had so far. She genuinely wants to take the time to get to know me and find the right matches for me!
Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 21, 2021
Wine Expert Pierre Moglen
Reviewer: Shaniya
Perfection for the novice and the well rounded
As an occasional dabbler in the divine arts of wine drinking, I would say that my experiences with purchasing wine can be daunting and disappointing. With Pierre’s help, this experience has been very uncomplicated, relaxing, and an overall positive experience that will hopefully broaden my wine palette. Cheers! -From the very grapeful customer
Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 14, 2021
Wine Expert Chadd Engel
Expert: Chadd Engel
Reviewer: Chaeyeon S
I recommend Chadd to complete your wine collection!
Chadd is very knowledgeable and friendly. He has a wide variety of collections from daily go-to to luxury. The recommendation was unique and well sought out. He also considered ways to get the least shipping fees, which enabled me to buy one more bottle instead of getting chared. I strongly recommend Chadd!
Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 18, 2021
Wine Expert Kristen Hollowaty
Reviewer: JP
Kristen, Wine Expert doesn’t quite cover it.
It was a comprehensive, expert consultation by a friendly, approachable person. Kristen reminded me of some of my best students (That’s saying a lot as I was an IB Chemistry teacher and students had to apply and compete to get in). Friendly, knowledgeable and professional - rare combination!
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 24, 2021
Wine Expert Pierre Moglen
Reviewer: Nikki
Pierre was just wonderful!
Pierre asked pertinent questions to get insight into what I liked and gave me such great recommendations. He was understanding of my limited experience and super helpful, plus he had such enthusiasm for his work! I’m so looking forward to trying every last bottle he recommended!
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 28, 2021
Wine Expert Lehshel Kolter
Reviewer: Nanci
Informative Without Pressure
So nice to "chat" with an informed wine connoisseur about wine...what like and don't like...without feeling silly. Also, had the option to consider several viable options without high sales pressure. Will definitely purchase soon, but just purchased two cases of wine last week.
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 7, 2021
Wine Expert Pierre Moglen
Reviewer: Jen
My new BFF!
I had so much fun chatting with Pierre! He was friendly and seemed to really get my preferences. The chat was relaxed and no pressure. The recommendations appear to be spot on! Now my only challenge will be deciding which bottles to order now and which to come back and order later 🤔
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 31, 2021
Wine Expert Pierre Moglen
Reviewer: John D
Pierre had it all
Pierre was responsive, easy to talk to, listened to my boring stories, and most importantly, had a line on some wonderful French Pinot noirs that my wife and I are very much looking forward to! I’ve never bought wine online before, but Pierre is now my go to for advice
Verified Review | Submitted on Feb 15, 2021
Wine Expert Pierre Moglen
Reviewer: Judith
I am very impressed with his selections for me!
I liked his questions, but I really liked the selections he chose for me. Baked apple flavors I want to try. Heard very good ratings about most of wines he chose. Thank you for the wine experience! Judith
Verified Review | Submitted on Mar 23, 2021