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Snowboard Expert Mike Leighton
Reviewer: lane
Mike is a D1 legend!
I work in tech support and so I know how taxing it can get to provide comprehensive, thorough answers to folks online. With Mike, though, it's easy so see how much the guy enjoys his job - from responding within minutes, to answering my dumb questions, to connecting over other stuff - he's a great resource to have. This was my first introduction to Curated, and if they have more folks like Mike on the team, the influx of new customers will be consistent and long-lasting! Can't recommend Mike & this site enough
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 30, 2021
Snowboard Expert Sarah Taruscio
Reviewer: Bobby
Sarah was amazing to work with in finding a snowboard. She is super knowledgeable and can easily break down the shapes cambers and other factors of snowboards to make them easy to understand. She always made me feel like I could ask anything I wanted. Her recommendations were all so great that at first they all seemed perfect. She helped me to narrow it down and I feel really good about my new purchase. Sarah was 100% on my team when it came to making a decision. It doesn't hurt that we came in under budget also! What a great deal!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 28, 2021
Snowboard Expert Frankie V.
Expert: Frankie V.
Reviewer: Bartosz
Bartosz's experience with Frankie
Frankie was such a great help. He answered all of my questions and I had a lot of them. He knows his stuff and I will always ask his advice before buying any merchandise. He makes it custom to your needs and gets you the right equipment at the best price. I have managed a sales staff for many years and I would love to have Frankie on my team. Curated and clients are lucky to have him. Thanks again Frankie, till next time. Bartosz
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 22, 2021
Snowboard Expert Logan Chapman
Reviewer: Patrick
Just what I needed
Logan was amazing! He asked me what I was looking for in a snowboard setup, asked some clarifying questions pertaining to how I typically ride, and then made recommendations based off of what I wanted. He explained his recommendations is detail, and answered every question I could come up with. He never once tried to push a product on me, and gave me honest and stellar advice. I went in skeptical of the experience, but am walking away a satisfied customer ready to sing Curated.com (and Logan's!) praises.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 20, 2021
Snowboard Expert Jack S.
Expert: Jack S.
Reviewer: Max
Max's experience with Jack
Pretty good but you should have a way to more easily compare boards and get information. After the expert suggested them I had to go to evo.com to get all of the different specifications. If you did not have the board I wanted for cheaper I probably would never use this service. Also you should add a section that says what size boards that you already ride. We had a board all picked out that had a waist width that was too small for me, because the expert wasn't aware I ride wide boards. He also argued with me saying that the board would be fine not being wide, despite me citing the waist width being even smaller than an old board I had issues with.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 20, 2021
Snowboard Expert Jack S.
Expert: Jack S.
Reviewer: Angela C
Thank you Jack!
I don’t know where to start because I’m so excited to get my gear in, and it’s only July!! Jack was so helpful! I learned a lot about board styles and what is best for me, along with boots, goggles, helmets, etc. He spent a lot of time answering all of my questions and going through the selections. I feel super confident about my purchase and pumped to get it! I’ll definitely use this for all my adventure needs! Thank you!!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 10, 2021
Ski Expert Christopher Seaton
Reviewer: Dianne R
Christopher was wonderful!!
Charming, very knowledgeable, patient, excellent communication, fantastic breadth of knowledge and expertise in a large variety of vendors, ski types/lengths/edge to edge responsiveness/width.. Etc based on my skiing level, where I ski primarily, my anticipated performance, height /weight.. Etc. He also was knowledgeable about the benefits of one binding over another, even nuances of feel under foot, considerate of me as a skier.really really impressed!! Clearly communicated the pros and cons of each facet and clearly explained the differences between the items I was considering. So happy I found this site and that Christopher is my contact/advisor/sales person
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 7, 2021
Ski Expert Jake Renner
Expert: Jake Renner
Reviewer: Tyler
Incredibly smooth experience! Don’t look anywhere else for your gear
This was my first time using Curated and to be honest, I was a little skeptical coming in. But the level of service exceeded anything I could have imagined. When my order was getting a little more complex, Jake called me to give me some education on things I should be considering and helped me make the perfect choice of gear. The price was absolutely right as well — going forward, I won’t look to anyone besides Jake for recommendations when I’m the market for new equipment. Thanks for everything man!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 6, 2021
Ski Expert Mark B.
Expert: Mark B.
Reviewer: Greg
Makes shopping for gear easy
After years of renting ski's and getting an idea of what I want (and don't want) Mark quickly found a great set of ski's and bindings for my ability and style. He was knowledgeable, informative, and used my input to narrow down options while trying to keep the price as low as I could find anywhere else. He also educated me about the equipment. I will come back to him for future purchases.
Verified Review | Submitted on Jul 6, 2021
Snowboard Expert Jake Brossard
Reviewer: Benjamin
Jake is fantastic!
I came to Jake looking for an affordable all-mountain snowboard. After explaining to him everything I was looking for out of a board, he presented several options for me. He was able to find several board that fit what I want, but we both narrowed it down to what seems like the perfect fit — a board I would never have been able to find on my own. On top of all that, he was able to hook me up with a massive $200 discount! 10 outta 10 recommend! Will definitely be coming back if I ever need any more advice. Jake is the man!
Verified Review | Submitted on Jun 30, 2021