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Reviewer: Emily
So knowledgeable and fun!
I worked with Stephanie over several days to come up with the best options for my husband’s birthday presents! She was so knowledgeable about gear and she asked all the right questions to come up with great options that met all of our specifications. I can’t wait til next snowboard season to see him try out his new gear! And I’m going to ask my husband to work with her to come up with my birthday present because I need some new ski boots! Stephanie is someone that I’d love to meet up with and ski with and just so relatable! I’m really thankful for her help. I absolutely adore this website and will be recommending to anyone that I can.
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 3, 2020
Reviewer: Aurelie
Amazing experience, knowledge and price!!!
Daryl selected a couple of backcountry skis and bindings after identifying my ski level and goals. She gave me the pros and cons of each selected gear and why they would fit my skills and help me get to my goals! On top of that, her prices were unbeatable!! I am so glad I went with Daryl and Curated to buy my new equipment. Shipping time was very reasonable with UPS. Would recommend to anyone!
Verified Review | Submitted Apr 3, 2020
Expert: Andrew Wood
Reviewer: John
Last review may or may not have gone through, so worth it, i'm writing it twice. Andrew Wood needs a raise and a company vehicle. This man has curated DREAMS for me and materialized them in reality. Last year this man locked down the last of a board for me after a warranty issue, and this year he has pulled off his magic yet again by solidifying the last 156 jones splitty for me. Im so serious about giving this man a raise and a company car. The stories of how i obtain my boards are unique, and he is a part of 2 of them so far, he is a LEGEND in my parts and where i tell the tales. I almost raced to curated when i remembered the site. Andrew is timely, kind, and experienced, and one day i would like to buy this guy's lift ticket and shreddy spaghetti with him. LEGEND i tell ya. LEGEND
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 30, 2020
Reviewer: Seth
Relatable and fun ski advice
Daryl made recommendations based on my inputs, yes, but it was all the chatting back and forth about little details needed to make the right choice for skis. She helped me think through sizing, underfoot, and what I would get or give up performance based on my choices all stemming from her on the hill experience using the equipment. She was really the reason I purchased what I did!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 30, 2020
Reviewer: Danny
Super knowledgable snowboarder!!
Greg was super knowledgeable and helped me pick out my snowboard! I was toying around with the idea of adding a new board to my quiver and connected with Greg. He gave me a ton of recommendations but we narrowed it down to the top 3 and then finally made the jump to purchase the one that was right for me. I felt that he understood what I want to accomplish, provided great insight into the boards in multiple ranges, and also gave recommendations to those that I could benefit from long term. His responsiveness, ability to connect with fellow riders, and understanding of the sport, allowed me to make the decision that prompted my purchase. He even helped with choosing a few bindings that I could use with the boards too!! He definitely knows his stuff and would recommend him if you're looking for advice for snowboards, gear, and riding. Thanks Greg!!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 28, 2020
Reviewer: Stan
very patient and helpful
I am a long-time telemark skier who reverted to alpine a few years ago, and was now looking for a BC setup. I knew that Casey worked for an on-line ski outfit, and asked her for her help picking out skis and touring bindings that would suit the way I ski. It took several days of guided research and a number of zigs and zags on my part, but we finally arrived at a combination that made sense to both of us. Casey initially pointed me in what she thought was the right direction and was patient with me as I worked my way through the decision making process and ultimately realized that her initial recommendations were pretty much on the money! Thanks for all your help, Casey!!!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 27, 2020
Expert: Patrick Bean
Reviewer: Tiffany
Best decision ever!
So happy I came across curated website. I was so confused and frustrated trying to find the right board for myself. No one wants to spend money just to realize after a season their board isn't fit for them. Which is exactly what happened to me and led me to Patrick from curated. Within just a few minutes Patrick was able to narrow down my search to a few boards. I was so relieved because i really needed an experts help. I've always purchases my previous boards in shops and asked all kinds of questions and no fault of these previous places .. but they just are not experts! I will stick with curated from here on out for all my gear needs thanks to Patrick. Be was so fast to respond, answered all my questions, and I actually love that I wasn't in a store environment being pressured or feeling like I was taking up too much of the dates person time. Also not having other customers fighting for attention. It really was the best experience I've had even not being able to physically check out the boards. Maybe as I get better and more seasoned I'll trust my own research but right now curated is the way to go.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 26, 2020
Reviewer: Najla
Super Knowledgable
Nicholas helped me add a pair of powder skis to my collection! I have been interested for a while but found the decision to be super overwhelming until I chatted with Nicholas! He broke things down super well for me, was very responsive, and answered all of the questions I had to make the decision. I’m so stoked to try these new skis out! Chat with Nicholas if you’re looking for a super friendly and knowledgable person to help you find new gear!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 24, 2020
Expert: Sabrina D
Reviewer: Catherine P
Catherine P's experience with Sabrina
Curated equipment just for my needs is exactly what I got! Sabrina was an amazing expert that provided me with a lot of guidance but wasn't pushing for a sale in any way which was amazing. It was very obvious that she loves and knows a lot about ski equipment; she would provide her knowledge and feedback while letting me make the best decision for myself. I loved her help and would absolutely buy from her again! The only suggestion I have for the site is to update the way you can filter for products to make it a little easier; clothing was especially difficult.
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 23, 2020
Reviewer: Katrina
Awesome to work with Daryl!
Daryl took the stress out of buying new skis and bindings. She asked the right questions and was able to provide all of her expertise to help me find the right skis for my type of skiing and the terrain that I will see. I genuinely enjoyed working with her. It was so so easy to communicate back and forth with her. I will definitely work with her again for my next purchase!
Verified Review | Submitted Mar 21, 2020