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Ski Expert Kalo Armoutliev
Reviewer: Sara
Kalo was super helpful!
I was looking to upgrade my skis/bindings this year and was not sure where to start. I felt like Kalo did a great job getting to know my ski style and picked some great options for me. He didn't hesitate to jump back in and do research for me when I asked about previous models and other recs. He's also just stoked on skiing and was fun to chat with. Cant wait to get my new skis!! Cheers, thanks Kalo.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 27, 2021
Snowboard Expert Kathryn Miller
Reviewer: Hunter
Kathryn RULES!
Kathryn helped me out a ton! I havent shopped for a new board since 2012 and was having attachment issues to that old thing... I went online today simply to browse and ended up buying the perfect board thanks to her knowledgeable expertise and creating a killer recommendation list! Will definitely recommend her again to any of my friends in the market for snow gear! Thanks again Kathryn!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 26, 2021
Snowboard Expert Alex V.
Expert: Alex V.
Reviewer: Jeddy
Alex is amazing!
I first got onto Curated about a year and a half ago and got matched up with Alex. We have been talking on and off before the start of the season just as I was browsing the new lineups. I was able to purchase a board this year and am really happy with my choice. Alex was there to bounce ideas, introduce new boards, styles, etc... Was never pushy to buy anything and I just enjoyed our conversations and the resources he provided. Looking forward to using my new board this season and will be contacting Alex again in the near future.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 26, 2021
Ski Expert Alexandra Lin
Reviewer: Olive
Alexandra was thorough and detail oriented.
Alex did wonderfully at helping me think through what skis would work best for me; both in terms of my skill level and ski goals as well as being compatible with the gear I already have. There is so much to consider when buying skis and her knowledge and suggestions were incredibly helpful in guiding me to an awesome sauce ski season. Thank you Alex!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 26, 2021
Snowboard Expert Chuck Schembre
Reviewer: Charlie
Chuck was so helpful.
I haven't purchased a new snowboard in nearly 8 years. And never online. There are no good shops around here in NJ and I was a bit nervous about the idea of buying online, no test ride, no ability to touch the product. Using the information in the questionnaire Chuck made some great initial suggestions. He also listened to my aesthetic preferences, helping me find a "not so girly" women's board. We talked about how I ride vs what specs I wanted and that in turn helped him nail down the right specs. I am stoked about my new board. Can't wait to get out to CO and take it for a ride! Thanks Chuck.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 25, 2021
Snowboard Expert Sarah Taruscio
Reviewer: John
Sarah was great!
I’ve been snowboarding for about 7 years now but honestly don’t know all the features of a board. So when I was looking to upgrade I didn’t know what to look for for my riding style. Sarah jumped right in the chat, asked me all the questions about my style, where I like to go, and what my day on the mountain is like. She gave me 5 boards to look at, explained the difference, and after a short back and forth she gave me a few more boards to consider. The hardest part about buying a board online is missing the in store sales experience and advice. Sarah solved that problem and made it an easy day. Recommend you have a chat with her.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 25, 2021
Ski Expert Victoria B.
Expert: Victoria B.
Reviewer: Sarah
First time user and so impressed!
This was my first time using Curated. I’m getting back into skiing after a long hiatus and didn’t know where to start when purchasing new equipment. Victoria was super knowledgeable and responsive and gave me just the information I needed to feel good about my purchase of skis and boots. I never felt pressure - I felt like I was talking to a friend who knew just what advice to give. I’ll definitely use this site again. Victoria was amazing. Sarah
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 24, 2021
Ski Expert Christopher Seaton
Reviewer: Luke
Great experience
Christopher went into depth with everything I was looking for. I changed my mind multiple times about the what kind of setup I was looking for and throughout the day he gave me multiple great ideas and really dove into what is good for what and why. He also sent over 30 links for me to look at with his own description of them all which for a newbie like me was extremely helpful. I would highly recommend going to Chris if you’re unsure of what you are looking for in a skiing setup over going into a store being slapped with a bunch of verbal knowledge that’s impossible to pick up on in store. I was really able to weigh my options better and understand more about the sport thanks to Chris!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 24, 2021
Ski Expert Jeff Thomson
Expert: Jeff Thomson
Reviewer: Heinz
Jeff is amazing
Super impressed by Jeff Thomson. He's incredibly knowledgable about every type of ski even skis Curated doesn't typically sell (like Stockli), boot, binding, etc. He was also incredibly patient with all my questions and answered each one in detail and without ever seeming even slightly annoyed by my inquisitiveness. He clearly loves skiing and that came across in our chat, which took place over 2 days. He never pressured me and was gracious even when I found a better deal on another site. I highly recommend him. You won't get better advice from a nicer guy anywhere else!
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 24, 2021
Snowboard Expert Tyler R
Expert: Tyler R
Reviewer: Chris
Chris's experience with Tyler
As someone who has long been a proponent for in person conversations and wanting to speak with a shop tech face to face this was a sublime experience. Tyler was knowledgeable and friendly asking informative questions that extend beyond the normal “what terrain do you ride” and “how experienced are you” questions that dominate the industry. This service is amazing in offering insight without the expectation of buying from your sales representative. If you’re looking for guilt free info from experts this is a great service.
Verified Review | Submitted on Oct 24, 2021