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Snowboard Expert Logan K
Expert: Logan K
Reviewer: Jessica
Logan is a huge help! Highly recommend!
Logan spent a great deal of time with me figuring out my next perfect snowboard/boots/binding set up. The ideal board was the tough find. He was patient and explained the finer points of things I didn't fully understand. Ended up settling on items that I couldn't order from this site, so sadly he couldn't even make commission, but he truly did not care, was just happy and helpful to get me the RIGHT SICK GEAR for me! Thanks a million Logan!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 18, 2021
Ski Expert Mikaela C.
Expert: Mikaela C.
Reviewer: Sabrina
She was amazing!
She was so helpful, took everything I said into consideration and understood my wants and needs as a skier. Her recommendations were detailed, informative and completely catered to me. She was so patient, kind & answered every question I had in a timely and professional manner. She even went above and beyond to help me find some places in my area that would be able to put my gear together for me. Highly recommend her!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 18, 2021
Ski Expert Jake Renner
Expert: Jake Renner
Reviewer: Brian
A really real human
Jake is actually a human, not a bot. Obviously, these guys have pre-made responses due to the sheer number of texts they have to send, but I tested him about flying to Spain and installing my dishwasher. He took it in stride! Good sense of humor, genuinely knowledgeable about his craft, and super helpful explaining what’s REALLY needed from what the industry WANTS you to “need”. Definitely recommend!!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2021
Ski Expert Aaron Bandler
Reviewer: Emily Wood
Aaron is the best!
I’ve been skiing with Aaron my whole life-since we were in PeeWeeSki together as little babes. Naturally, he was the first and only person I went to for advice on new skis. Aaron is attentive to detail and looks into personal preferences and abilities. He helped me understand the pros and cons of each type of ski and binding I was looking at. Thanks to Aaron, I just might have a chance at keeping up with him next season.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2021
Snowboard Expert Jack Sherwood
Reviewer: Joe h
everything will work out
this all hermitages on the idea that everything will work out. Jake helped me through the clams process of returning a snowboard. he confidently explained the situation and gave me advice on the board I purchased. he was the sole reason I brought another board here.he was unbelievably consistent while responding. however there is a chance that my board get denied for retuning because it was delivered so long ago. if that's the case, and I brought another board for no reason, then this was tragic.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2021
Snowboard Expert William Cameron
Reviewer: Janet
Got my needs perfectly
William was friendly and funny, and listened to my ramblings to figure out what I needed. I had a bad experience with ill-fitting rental boots which made me decide to get my own equipment. He compared rental boots to buying a used shoe - a metaphor that made me understand the situation perfectly. He understood I was a beginner and knew my budget, everything he suggested was on sale, and a great price! 10/10.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 17, 2021
Snowboard Expert Benjamin Pearson
Reviewer: Arthur
Experienced Help
He was very helpful and was able to give the right suggestions and options without overloading you with too much. He seemed very knowledgeable and had very quick responses. A very friendly attitude and gave me the best price possible on the equipment I needed on items very difficult to find elsewhere. Their retail prices beat everything I saw online and on top of that he was able to work an even lower price and kept me well within my budget. Thanks Benjamin!!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2021
Snowboard Expert Sarah Taruscio
Reviewer: Jess
Very helpful, honest, easy to work with
Sarah was very nice and asked a couple initial questions to find out more about me and how long I’ve been snowboarding and my skill level/ what style of riding I do. I just graduated from my first beginner board and now I am looking for an intermediate set up and wanted new bindings for my new board. To be honest all the bindings look the same to me and I didn’t know what would work best for me and my skill level and riding style and Sarah was super helpful in pointing out a couple good options to choose from!
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2021
Snowboard Expert Ryan Ung
Expert: Ryan Ung
Reviewer: Mason
Ryan was awesome!
Ryan was very knowledgeable about snowboarding and what gear was best for a beginner like me. If I had a question, he always had an answer, if I wanted to know about a different product he knew the pros and cons of different brands. It didn’t feel like a sales transaction and just felt like someone recommending me good gear to buy for my level. I’ll definitely be coming back.
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 16, 2021
Snowboard Expert William Cameron
Reviewer: Shane
A True Expert Devoted to Exceeding Customer Expectations
William was awesome! He checked in with me all the time but was not too aggressive. I could tell he simply wanted to help me out. I replied on Christmas Eve to a previous message he sent me thinking he’d get back to me on Monday. He answered me within 10-20 minutes. Aside from his customer service, his knowledge of equipment was spot on with what I had read elsewhere. I told him my riding style, and he knew what to recommend from snowboard to bindings, to boots as I was due for all 3 this year. There wasn’t a question he didn’t know the answer to. I would recommend him to riders of all skill levels. Thanks William!!!🙏🏻👊🏻
Verified Review | Submitted Jan 15, 2021