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Snowboard Expert Sarah Caldwell
Reviewer: Joao
Best Online Shopping Experience!!
Sarah was the best! She helped me with every question that I had. Super knowledgeable about the subject and super helpful. I've been going back and forth trying to decide what to buy for months. Sarah helped me make an informed decision that I felt 100% sure of. I would definitely work with her and Curated again. Already planning on it for my next purchase haha.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 20, 2024
Snowboard Expert Alex Dolan
Expert: Alex Dolan
Reviewer: Tristen
Alex was awesome!
Alex was absolutely amazing with helping my find the right setup. When I was ready to purchase everything was sold out unfortunately! When I texted and asked to see if I could get a new setup Alex wasn’t available at the moment so Johnny S. Helped me out and found me a fire setup that I am getting today!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 21, 2024
Ski Expert Tyler H
Expert: Tyler H
Reviewer: Nick
If you are looking for gear and need something knowledgeable and patient, Tyler’s the guy
I haven’t skied in 15 years. Tyler helped me understand the new technology and products available. He knew I wasn’t in the market to buy too much equipment but still steered me towards gear that would work best for me to rent.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 19, 2024
Snowboard Expert Spencer I
Expert: Spencer I
Reviewer: Cody
Unbeatable experience
Spencer helped me throughout the whole process of getting my perfect setup. Not only did he help me pick exactly what would best suit me, but also helped me understand the differences in gear and why he picked these options for me. I could not have had a better experience and could not have asked for someone better to help me. Thanks a lot Spencer.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 18, 2024
Ski Expert Nate Greason
Expert: Nate Greason
Reviewer: Brian
Great experience with Nate
Went through my first Curated purchase process, and was really surprised about how helpful Nate was in helping me select my new gear. He was friendly, asked the right questions, and and answered everything from me. He knew all the products he recommended, and let me know about some important differences in equipment that I needed to know before making my purchase. He also kept me under budget, which was extra awesome.
Verified Review | Submitted on May 18, 2024
Snowboard Expert Gregory H
Expert: Gregory H
Reviewer: Maryam
Gregory’s knowledge was clutch
I really appreciated Gregory’s help. I would’ve been flying somewhat blind on my own. He probably saved me countless hours in internet research. I really appreciate his thoughtful recommendations, patience, and guidance through the process. I feel great about the choices I made and can’t wait to shred with my new gear 🏂
Verified Review | Submitted on May 17, 2024
Ski Expert Brett R.
Expert: Brett R.
Reviewer: Holly
Great first experience!
Brett was able to quickly put together a few ski selections for me within just a couple of minutes. It was difficult to pick one because they were all great suggestions! He has tons of knowledge and even has personal experience with a lot of the gear he recommends. He's also mindful about budget and I didn't feel pressured to fork out tons of money for something I didn't think I could afford. Awesome curator!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 17, 2024
Snowboard Expert Spencer I
Expert: Spencer I
Reviewer: Alyssa
Huge Thank You Spencer! 1000/10
Spencer was super responsive and patient while I was trying to work from home but also purchased new snowboard gear. I had a lot of specifics I wanted to see with a new snowboard, bindings, and boots. Spencer was extremely knowledgeable and created a video to help me work through my available choices. Thank you for your honesty and experience. I can’t wait to go riding!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 16, 2024
Ski Expert Mark Freytag
Expert: Mark Freytag
Reviewer: Aaron
Mark won't steer you wrong!
This is the second year in a row I've come to curated to recommend me a pair of skis. Last year, I submitted for all mountain skis with a focus on carving and Mark recommended me a pair of Atomic Maverick 95ti 172. I've absolutely loved them. Mark nailed it on the head with these as I was easily able to accomplish my carving goals for that season. He/She/They provided quick responses, detailed technical explanations when asked, and an overwhelmingly pleasant experience. This year, I submitted for a freestyle ski and they paired me with Mark again! I'm not sure if curated does that by design but it was very convenient as I had access to our chat history from last year to look at the previous discussions we had. This time, Mark recommended a pair of Armada ARV 94 171. Once again, he/she/they provided quick feedback and solid technical advice about ski length and binding mounting positions. I have purchased these skis for next season so I have yet to try them, but many other reviews seem to agree with Mark's recommendation. I will return by the end to next season to document my experience, but I have full confidence in Mark's recommendation of these skis. Mark won't steer you wrong!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 15, 2024
Ski Expert Kyle Pearson
Expert: Kyle Pearson
Reviewer: Austin
Austin's experience with Kyle
Even though I went into the conversation with a plan already formed, I was still unsure. Kyle took his time to listen to everything I had to say and he made me feel much better about my purchase. The thing I appreciated the most was that he spoke to me about the skis I was already planning on and agreed they were the way to go, but he gave me another equally good option as something to compare them against. He was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful, and I feel as though I walked away confident in my purchase, which is exactly the way I wish every transaction I have would feel like. Thanks Kyle!
Verified Review | Submitted on May 13, 2024