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The faces behind Curated
We’re entrepreneurs and engineers — but we’re also explorers and adventurers. We code during the week and shred on the weekends. We love design, technology, barbecue, dogs, and exploring the great outdoors. See what makes us smile.
Curated employees at a team events
Aaron R., Product
Aaron R., Globetrotting Artist
Aaron R.
Alex V., CTO
Alex V., Chief Trouble Maker
Alex V.
Alex C., General Manager of Experiences
Alex C., Above the Tree Line
Alex C.
General Manager of Experiences
Alexa C., General Manager of Products
Alexa C., Trail Blazer
Alexa C.
General Manager of Products
Annabel L., VP of Engineering
Annabel L., Kitchen Chemist
Annabel L.
VP of Engineering
Bella M., Content Manager
Bella M., Professional Public Napper
Bella M.
Content Manager
Blake V., Expert Management, Business Development
Blake V., Dependable Goofball
Blake V.
Expert Management, Business Development
Cecchi M., Software Engineer
Cecchi M., Spider-Man 🧗‍♂️
Cecchi M.
Software Engineer
Cindy C., Software Engineer
Cindy C., Fake Hiker
Cindy C.
Software Engineer
Danny W., Software Engineer
Danny W., Fantasy Football Coach
Danny W.
Software Engineer
Dave H., Software Engineer
Dave H., Bad Golfer
Dave H.
Software Engineer
Eduardo V., CEO
Eduardo V., Declined X-Games Applicant
Eduardo V.
Jeff D., Software Engineer
Jeff D., Fighter of Gravity
Jeff D.
Software Engineer
John D., Product
John D., Mer man
John D.
John K., Growth Product Manager
John K., Bogey Golfer
John K.
Growth Product Manager
Joe F., Software Engineer
Joe F., Occasional Thrill Seeker
Joe F.
Software Engineer
Kiet T., Fulfillment & Support
Kiet T., Dog Whisperer
Kiet T.
Fulfillment & Support
Kyle J., Marketing
Kyle J., SF Bay Sailor
Kyle J.
Kyle S., Software Engineer
Kyle S., Jeep Enthusiast
Kyle S.
Software Engineer
Lea V., Expert Ops
Lea V., Crazy Plant Lady
Lea V.
Expert Ops
Leighann C., Customer Service & Operations Manager
Leighann C., Reel Fun
Leighann C.
Customer Service & Operations Manager
Matt J., Partnerships, Business Development
Matt J., Fun Guy
Matt J.
Partnerships, Business Development
Pa T., Data Analyst
Pa T., River Otter
Pa T.
Data Analyst
Peter O., COO
Peter O., Steep and Deep
Peter O.
Q S., Operations
Q S., Sports Enthusiast
Q S.
Qi L., Software Engineer
Qi L., Cloud Chaser
Qi L.
Software Engineer
Rodrigo P., Designer
Rodrigo P., Gamer
Rodrigo P.
Sameer B., Software Engineer
Sameer B., I TRI therefore I am
Sameer B.
Software Engineer
Sameer B., Post Sales Operations, Business Development
Sameer B., Basketballer
Sameer B.
Post Sales Operations, Business Development
Shreya O., Product
Shreya O., Night's Watch
Shreya O.
Tim J., User Experience & User Research
Tim J., Pro Chuffer
Tim J.
User Experience & User Research
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