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The best advice comes from years of experience and understanding each customer’s needs. It’s a recipe for success that all our experts follow. They’ve spent their lives refining their expertise in what they do—and they’re excited to share their knowledge with you.
Meet our team
We’re entrepreneurs and engineers—but we’re also explorers and adventurers. We code during the week and shred on the weekends. We love when people reach out to us for recommendations for the things that we are passionate about.
Aaron R.
Alex V.
Annabel L.
VP of Engineering
Blake V.
Expert Management, Business Development
Cecchi M.
Software Engineer
Danny W.
Software Engineer
Eduardo V.
Joe F.
Software Engineer
Kyle J.
Kyle S.
Software Engineer
Matt J.
Partnerships, Business Development
Peter O.
Qi L.
Software Engineer
Rodrigo P.
Sameer B.
Software Engineer
Spriha S.
Product, Marketing, Business Development
Tim J.
User Experience Designer